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5/4/12 8:31 A

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THank you guys for the help. Things have been going a bit better. I tried the treat idea and it worked like a charm! emoticon Thank you for that idea, this little guy will do anything for a treat. I thought at first it wouldn't work, or I shouldn't do it without the clicker, but I find he does just fine. I have been using a leash like Houndlover1 was talking about, but there is a way to lock it in place to make a short leash. I only unlock it for him when we get to a field. It's so nice to enjoy walks together ^_^.

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5/4/12 1:14 A

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The size of a dog does not make too much difference in their ability to exercise. Conditioning is much more important. Another issue is to gradually let them build up calluses on their pads to handle rough surfaces, but most dogs can do at least 2 miles without problems. I know a dog under 20 lbs. that runs ultra-marathons with the owner. I'm not saying I would recommend that but most of it is an issue of training, maintaining normal weight (hourglass shape when seen from above) and to feed a good quality food to allow their body to rebuild, just like any human athlete.
I use a Flexi-Leash where the dog can get away from me further and run and sniff when in quiet areas without traffic and a short leash, keeping the dogs close to me in heel position when there is a lot of traffic and/or other dogs or people.

Enjoy your walks together,


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5/3/12 5:14 P

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My little 5 lb teacup Poodle can go a mile in no time so I am thinking that you dog can go a couple of miles.

Also, if you will keep the dog short leashed, in other words, cloth leash, kept wound around your hand tightly by your side, you will be able to train him about healing just by stopping and saying heal in a loud firm voice. the leash should be tight enough that he has no choice but to stop too. when he stops and settles, reach down and give him a treat. do this every so often on your walk. If you have problems with barking, you can stop that the same way. just stop.


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5/3/12 4:19 P

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I'm not sure about safe distances with that size dog. I have a cocker spaniel and she goes really fast at the beginning of our walks (she wears a harness so the leash won't "strangle" her) and then will slow down toward the end (we usually go about 2 to 2.5 miles). I notice in the summer when it's hot she will take breaks and lay down and rest. She is a very sweet dog with people but hates other animals; someone told me they think she is being protective of me. It is still disturbing because some people in our neighborhood let their dogs outside without tethering and I have had to pick my dog up and run to get away from them.

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5/2/12 12:46 P

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Good questions. I have issues with an adopted pomeranian/chihuahua mix as well. It got so bad and frustrating that I just won't take him on walks. The only dog I've ever had that I can't take out with me because he just won't stop barking, at everything. We have a large fenced in yard and that seems to be good enough for him. He'd get tired after about 15 minutes anyhow and require being picked up and carried. Even in my arms he would still bark at everything =( So I just take my lab/chow mix who is an absolute angel. We got her from the humane society, but she was only 10 weeks old so I've trained her. The other little dog is 10-12 years old and is a very cranky old dog and fortunately doesn't have a ton of energy.

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5/2/12 12:31 P

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Alright, maybe I shouldn't say new, today is my 10th day walking my dog (in a row, new record, woohoo). I do have a few things I could use some help with if anyone has the time.

My first concern is one I never thought I would have. We adopted a new dog about 6 months ago. The group who we adopted him from said they think he is a 8 year old pomeranian/chihuahua mix. Before we got Charlie, the new dog, we always had medium to large dogs (usually lab mixes), and since they were so large, the more they got out and walked/ran the better. This dog is so small.....just how far is it safe to walk with him? One of the main reasons we got him was because we were told he was low energy. Until about 5 days ago, the most he walked was down the street and back (maybe .4 miles). Today I hit 1.8 miles and I'm starting to worry I'm pushing him to hard. Should I be worried?

My second concern is that, well, he's just not that well behaved. He likes to stop and pee on everyone new thing he sees, and he won't listen to me when I tell him to heel. Before this, all our dogs already knew how to heel (we have always adopted, and never had a puppy, so never really had to do much training) and I'm not sure where to even start with this one. I know that they do need to stop every now and again, and lucky we have quiet a few fields in the area that I stop at for him, I just don't want him to pee on other people's yard, it seems rude. I thought about trying to clicker train him while we're out, but I'm worried I won't be able to hold the leash, click, and give him a treat when he is good, it seems I need another hand. Has anyone had this problem before?

And lastly, like above, I'm just not sure on the proper manners when it comes to other people. Our area has alot of animals (charlie met his first horse yesterday) and some of the dogs in the area aren't on leashes. I haven't ran into a problem as far as dog fights go, but he does like to stop and say hi, and once or twice he has snapped at them (still don't know what caused it, it's happened twice out about 20 dogs he's met). Is it alright to do this? Or should I be trying to get him away from the other dog's yard as soon as possible?

Thanks for any help you guys can give

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