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2/18/09 12:42 P

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Lady Dice, I am sorry you are going through that. It's a real sad situation when you find out you can't trust someone you are close to. I hope teaching her a lesson will get her to notice her actions. Good luck.

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It maybe too late to go back and make a new start, but it's not too late to make a new ending.

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2/18/09 7:06 A

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WOW! Tough choice, but actions that have to be taken. I hope it works out for you, and for your DH, and that your SD gets whatever help she needs to change her life-path. When she finally faces the consequences of her actions, she'll probably try to guilt you both into backing off and giving her another chance; but you know there has to be a line that cannot be crossed, and she has definitely crossed it. Rarely will people doing these kinds of things change if given another (or a hundred more) chance. Making your SD take legal responsibility is probably the only way to help her deal with her issues. It will be tough on all of you to stick with it, and I wish you the best. Take care, I'm thinking of you, Elizabeth

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2/18/09 2:18 A

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I am sorry I haven't been more active in the group for the last coup;le of weeks but we have been going through some severe family problems here...

I am not sure if I was in this group last November when I posted that someone had come into our house and taken the kids PS2 and about 50.00 in cash out of our rainy day fund...(I bought the boys a new one for Christmas with my child support money...)

But with that said...On Friday the 13th, my hubby and I went out to eat for Valentine's Day. We had my step daughter, who is 25 yrs old, baby sit. OK when she left our house she was acting strangely nervous...

OK (when we got home around 6:30 pm...we left at 2:15 pm and got home at 6:30pm) my oldest son wanted to borrow the PS2 to watch a movie in his room. I said OK but you can only watch for 30 minutes...he said OK and then went to get the PS2 and asked me where it was...I said as far as I knew it was in the family room. He said it wasn' I asked to 2 little boys and they were playing with their train set.

So we also discovered that we had around 65 (r rated for blood, gore, etc) movies missing too. And the next day my hubby called the bank by phone to balance the check book and check to see waht bills we had the money to pay this week...OK well we had a teller withdrawal for 350.00. He asked me if I had wrote a check for that amount and I never write checks...I use the debit card!!! Well, he talked to a teller and she said that the check was check number 1525 and we were only on check number 1504....So we saw in the back of the check book that number 1525 was ripped out but they left the carbon...

So today we went to the bank and only found out that the person that cashed that check forged either my hubby's name or mine...which more than likely it is mine because mine is so easy to hubby writes like a doctor!!! And we found out that the person's who cashed it, had a b-day of June...well, my SD her b-day is June 10, 1983. So since Monday is a holiday...we could not get a photocopy of the check but tomorrow we are going back to get it.

And we are going to prosicute her. We aren't the only ones she has stole from and pawned things off. She stole from her mom, her grandma, and her X roomates!!!!
She took 40.00 out of my wallet, 350.00 from our account, 2 PS2' and the games, about 65 movies, and who knows what else. She pawned about 300.00 worth of stuff that she stole from her mom. She stole 40.00 out her grandmas purse...

So that is the reason I have been quite....wish us luck!!!

Love ya,
Lady Dice

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With Love,
Lady Dice

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