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7/19/14 5:03 A

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Well all had my shoulder done wow does it hurt get 2 hours sleep here and there. Dr. Found more thing wrong with shoulder , tares in rotator cuff so all cleaned out now on the way back to recovery .once I'm feeling better go back to heart dr. And see about that then get back to running.thank you all for stopping by have a blessed day

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7/19/14 4:22 A

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Heart Group,
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I could so relate to your last post. I too, had Acute Congestive Heart Failure last October, and almost died. The ER Dr. Told me if I didn't lose at least 100 pounds I could die. I suffered extreme heart damage in my left ventricle of my heart. I like you, have diminished heart function. The Cardiologist estimates that I have 30 - 35 % heart function.

I still get tired
easily although have lost 102 pounds but over the holidays/pre-SparkPeople, my weight was 214, now 237. I want to get to 230 as my first goal, then 220, then 200and on to goal weight of 180 or less. I am 65 years old since 6/27/14, and Dr's have always told me that I should get down to 180 as an ideal weight.

I had an Angiogram a couple of months ago, all was clear in arteries and veins. The Cardiologist believes I had a silent heart attack prior to the CHF. This, apparently, is quite common, especially for women. I can't distinctly remember having the symptoms of a heart attack, possibly on a difficult downhill hike with my DH.

Most recently I had a Defibulator placed in my left chest, which the Dr. assures me is necessary, I could die at any time without it. Most recently I fell in the bathroom at night and badly sprained my left ankle and right knee. I was just getting started in the "Silver Sneakers" program at Curves and 24 Hour Fitness. Right now I can't go back until I get clearance and a note from my Dr. I am seeing a new Dr. Tomorrow so he can check out my ankle and possibly write the note for me.
Wish me luck, check out my SparkPage, would you like to become friends? Any and all on this team are welcome asSparkFriends, I could really use the support right now!

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7/14/14 8:10 P

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I've never had a heart attack either Bob. I got the flu virus in my heart and it's pretty much euchered one of the chambers - I function at about 24%. I didn't find a lot of guidance when I was first ill. By the time I was diagnosed I apparently had a Stage 4 heart and given 6 mths to 6 year to live. I think now that I know that 10 years later, it was good for me that I didn't know that or I might have come home and just waited for the end. The first thing I did was change my eating habits - that's not to say I don't fall off the wagon - I do and then try to get back on. I wasn't encouraged to exercise or to see how much I could do but once I was pretty sure that moving out of the bed or off the couch wasn't going to kill me, I started to do more and more and found I felt better for it. Listen to what your Drs have to say and read up on your condition but most of all, listen to your body and pay good attention to it. We subconsciously know more than we think we do. I had a procedure done in Jan. to fix a leaky valve in my heart and I am currently in Heart Rehab. I had to push to get in the classes. I think the attitude was "what's the point at this stage." Well believe me there is a huge point - you need to know you can function and be shown how. There are others in the group that have recently had heart attacks and they are amazed once they get over the worst of the fear how good they can feel during and after exercise and we've all be avidly paying attention to our weekly class on nutrition, what to do in a cardiac emergency, learning about the function of the heart, etc. etc. You are going to have bad days whether it's health wise or depression or whatever but who doesn't. When you get up each morning, be thankful you can get up and go see what the day has in store for you. Good luck and let us know how you are making out. (Be sure to check out the articles and videos available on this site - there I a ton of information.)

Lin from Peterborough, ON., Canada

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7/13/14 9:48 A

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Having had cardiac by-pass surgery & then not learning my lesson & going back to my unhealthy habits of eating the wrong food & not exercising, 10 years later had a heart attack. Since then I discovered Dr. Joel Fuhrman & read the Eat to Live book & now follow that plan & I hope that I never go through heart problems again, So far, so good. Just take that first step to better health. It will be easier when you are not in pain & can get quality & quanity sleep... Good luck!


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7/13/14 8:35 A

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I've never had a heart attack but I have three brothers that have, and they're all still puttering along fine and dandy. You're lucky the doctor found out about it. Now you really have a reason to push yourself to eat healthy and exercise next time you don't feel like it.

Barbara in Colorado on MST
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7/13/14 12:45 A

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Wow Bob, you have been through a lot in a fairly short time. Glad you let us in on what's going on. First things first...get the heart thing under control then work on the rest. I started by doing exactly what the doctors told me. Once things stabilized I started doing a bit of research and am now ready to ask questions and look at other treatment options. Sleep is so important, it is terrible that your shoulder is messing that up. Try to hang in there, this to shall pass.

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7/12/14 6:08 P

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reaching out for help is the best thing to do. Too many people don't consult the owner's manual before making plans. Learning how our body works is the equivalent.
Take a look at the book "The great cholesterol myth" to learn what you can do to improve your health. Cholesterol is not your enemy, inflammation is, and it's often the inflammation caused by sugar and carbs in your diet, but there are other factors as well. This book has a lot of concrete and practical ideas what to do to keep those arteries from clogging.
Your are your own, best advocate.
Best wishes,

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7/12/14 4:21 P

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Hi all ,I'm Bob I have not been on to much over the past. See I was doing well ran half marathon last October and in march I got hurt at work and unable to ran and exercise it is my shoulder. So have not been getting a lot of sleep catch 4 hours here and there. One morning I woke up in serious pain down my left arm just thought it was pain from hurt shoulder .so went for preop screen and the doctor sends me to my cardiologist where he precedes to tell me I had a heart attack so now op for shoulder is put on hold till we get heart under control . I never reached out before but I am scared. Everyone tells me to relax it will all be fine but it hard . Thank you for letting me rant. I needed to get this literally off my chest

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