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TOPIC:   Hi I am new age 61 

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9/2/13 11:16 A

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Welcome. It's just as important to get strong and healthy as it is to lose weight. So if the meds slow down your weight loss don't let it bother you too much. You know eating right and exercising is helping you every day in other ways too.

Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns. I am thankful thorns have roses. -- Alphonse Karr

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KSGAMMA's Photo Posts: 1,830
9/2/13 5:58 A

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Sarah - welcome. BP isn't the only roller coaster. Lots of us here have serious health issues and a lot of us find that causes depression. Lots are also on medications that often cause weight gain too,. So ... you are not alone! There are many in this forum for healthy hearts that you can get to know. I am one of those with several chronic health issues (heart, Crohn's and Diabetes are the main ones). I am currently in Congestive Heart Failure and I have Dilated Cardiomyopathy and Mitral Valve Regurgitation. How is yours "acting up"? Just remember any advice you get here or anywhere on-line is not to be mistaken as medical advice. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any advice or trying anyone's surefire fix-all. That is one of the great things I have found about this site - many have opinions but no one has every come across as - what is the right words I'm looking for? - they don't try to overrule your doctor's opinion or to tell you their way is the only way sort of thing. There are many many helpful articles here you can read as well under the top pull-down menus. Good luck on your journey. Lin

Lin from Peterborough, ON., Canada

10 STEPS TO SELF-CARE - If it feels wrong, don't do it; Say "exactly" what you mean; Don't be a people pleaser; Trust your instincts; Never speak bad about yourself; Never give up on your dreams; Don't be afraid to say "No"; Don't be afraid to say "Yes"; Be kind to yourself; Let go of what you can't control; Stay away from drama and negativity as much as possible. (unknown)

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MARI-SERV's Photo SparkPoints: (6,749)
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9/2/13 5:56 A

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Welcome to Healthy Hearts Sarah emoticon

Wishing yo great success in reaching your goals emoticon

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KATIZUMI2013's Photo Posts: 90
9/2/13 1:02 A

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hello am new, age 61, in spark 7 weeks, lost 14 lbs, having ups and downs, but keep trying. I am on disability for BP mood disorder. Have always been physically healthy until i got on meds for depression, which lowered my immune system at age 40, 20 years ago. Put on a LOT of weight with those meds also. Lost it ten years ago using mania and laxatives. then put it back on with meds again. Meds are a weight problem for me. They put the weight on originally and they make it hard to lose! But that is not an excuse for me to be overweight or stay that way. Antidepressants caused a lot of people to gain and I must accept that. I am just telling my story. Trying the "get fit" method in spark because I am not well enough at my age to do anything else! Its a lot of forward and backward for me, a lot of up and down but thats life on the bipolar roller coaster. I have joined this group to get some advice on my heart. It is acting up adn i would like to discuss that with others. Glad to be here adn glad to meet you all. sarah

Slow and steady wins the race

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