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1/3/08 1:27 P

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Alexia, did your heart attack just happen this Thanksgiving? My family jokes with me that I just wanted out of doing Thanksgiving dinner LOL....what they don't know is I *really* didn't want to do it!! LOL

My doctor has not said anything about cardiac rehab. I go next Thursday for my stress test, I'll mention it and find out. I was the big mystery lady as well...well for me I was hidden from most of the nurses. My day nurse kept my door closed and my curtain pulled the entire time...she said no-one was taking me, its not often that they get patients that can actually talk and unhook themselves when they need to use the restroom.

She was my nurse for 3 days and then she was gone before I was discharged. Her last day with me she came in and just sat with me and talked she said the other nurses were out there fighting over who was going to take care of me!!LOL The next morning this nice looking guy comes in introduced himself and I asked him if he won the battle out there at the nurses station, it was funny. I had other nurses just come in and say hi and walk out. Once my day nurse gave me the okay to unhook myself to use the restroom. She said they all happened to out at the station at the sametime watching the monitors and my monitor goes blank and some of the nurses are like ummmm your patient is gone. Christine tells them, oh its okay she'll be back in 3 minutes. At that point everyone knew she was hiding something good (is what she said)

I hope everyone is doing well. I have been feeling great the last few days. I actually did a teeny tiny bit of running on the treadmill a few days was against doctors orders, but I just had to run. I was smart about how fast, how long..I'm not totally dumb, just eager and bored with what workouts I can do...which isn't much until my stress test.

take care,

Tracy~~Independent Beach Body Coach
Grand Blanc, Mi
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1/3/08 12:30 A

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Welcome to our group Tracy ,my heart attack came also when least expected 3 days before my 46 birthday and I thought it was my asthma acting up did not go in till 9 pm and could not believe what they told me mine is blockage and I am on blood thinner and heart meds plus other meds for my other conditions so a total of 12 pills a day .Yes it is normal to worry about every little pain in the chest to this day (4 yrs later) I still worry not as bad but it is still in the back of my mind, just take one day at a time and go slow.well going to go take care and we'll talk later.Brenda emoticon

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1/1/08 10:09 P

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emoticon both of you. Best of luck.


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1/1/08 6:02 P

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Welcome to the team, both of you!

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1/1/08 1:20 P

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Hi Tracy,

I'm sorry to see you've joined our club but glad you found us. :)

I'm also young, 38, and had a heart attack over Tgiving weekend. Very similar situation as yours in that I am a pretty healthy person and all my numbers were good. I was the mystery lady at the hospital and even all my doctors were surprised that I had a heart attack. I had a 98% blockage in my right coronary artery and got one stent.

I thought my only big bads were smoking, stress, and carrying a little extra weight. Since then I've learned that I also was eating too much of the wrong types of fats which I am sure contributed as well.

One of the hardest things for me was dealing with the post-MI/stent chest pangs and the fear/anxiety I was having (and still am battling). After a heart attack, any type of chest pain causes a little bit of internal panic! I was also assured that these were normal after what I'd been through and thankfully they have all but stopped now. I understand some people have them for months though. You will learn over time which pains are okay and which ones are cause for concern! But yes, freaking is normal!

If your doctor prescribed cardiac rehab I strongly suggest you go. It has made all the difference for me in my attitude and confidence that my life will continue and I can still flourish after a heart attack.

I agree with you too - why not do everything we can do to live healthier for our hearts? But I bet your husband is just trying to make these life changes easier for you by keeping you from trying to change too much too fast! I've adjusted my diet and am working on keeping my stress levels down. I figure if we do more right, the quality and quantity of our life will increase and that is a very good thing!

We're here if you need us or have questions!


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1/1/08 12:53 P

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Well first of all I'm glad to of met someone who is a member of this board cause I never even seen it don't see what you need until the need is there make sense??

But anyways, I'm 37 yrs old and I had a heart attack on November 20th of this year. I had angioplasty done and that showed I had 100% blockage in my LAD...can't remeber what LAD stands for but jsut remeber thinking ohh..LAD..

I had a stent put in, blood is flowing but I still freak at every little twinge of pain that I may get in my chest. I'm sure that is normal..freaking that is.

I'm at a healthy weight, I eat okay...I do tend to eat too many sweets and bad carbs but overall I have a healthy diet..dont smoke, dont drink, not on birth control, my cholestrol levels are all in the "healthy" range, my bp is excellent...106/60ish range is my normal. I just have a family history of heart disease...just a family history.

The day of my heartattack I was actually out on a field trip with both of my daughters classes. I recieved a phone call from my dad saying that my sister in laws test results were back in and they were positive for Pancreatic Cancer. 10 minutes later is when I noticed I had pain in my chest. Didnt' think much of it my arms then tensed up...still didnt think ANYTHING of it. I was on the phone with a different sister in law (who's husband acutally died from heart attack) I was telling her what was going on. I got off the phone and told one of the mom's that was there on the field trip. By the time she sat me down I had pain in my jawline. We left, we were on our way to a local clinic and before we were out of the parking lot my hands and arm started to tingle. I said to stop and call 9-1-1 at that point I knew I was having a heartattack and not the anixety or panic attack that I first thought.

For the most part I'm still cant' believe I actually had a heart attack. I get the same reaction each and everytime I have to tell someone I had a heart attack...mouth drops and wow! you!?? you're so young! every single time.

We had a fire in our garage last week and I was checked out because I was having chest pains. When the paramedic came in and hooked me up he asked the normal do you have any medical problems, medications those type of questions. Thankfully other than my BP being sky high at that time and my pulse racing my heart waves checked otu to be fine.

I've changed my eating habits. I actually gave up one of my biggest vices....Coke. Atleast I drank caffeine free Coke but still I drank that sugary stuff. I haven't touched the stuff since before my heart attack.

I go back to my cardiologist on the 10th for my stress test and then I go back on the 31st for another ultrasound of the heart and my veins...

My problem with the blockage was actually several blood clots had formed. No plaque, just blood clots. So now I'm on a low dose of blood thinner and other heart med's to keep my heart from over reacting. My doctor told me for me my issue is stress. I have to change my type A personailty or it will kill me...his words, change or you'll be dead at a very young age....So I'm trying to change in every area of my life. My husband tells me that my eating habits didnt put me in the hospital. I try to tell him, I have one strike against me already I dont need a second strike. Why not try and change all the areas that affect the heart?

Thanks for listening and I look forward to reading all the other post.

Tracy~~Independent Beach Body Coach
Grand Blanc, Mi
"You have a choice. You can throw in the towel, or you can use it to wipe the sweat off of your face."

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