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7/7/12 5:34 P

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hi Lisa,
I apologize for not checking this thread lately. I know I welcomed you on the chat, but want to do so officially here.
I have PsA (psoriatic arthritis) of the symmetrical brand which is the most destructive form. I am having a lot of trouble getting onto the right meds because I have immunity issues and keep getting major infections. I'm going to have shoulder replacements soon so have got to be off of meds even longer....Pain is a huge issue with me.
I've had bilateral hip replacements and next are shoulders and then elbows.

EVeryone's journey is different, but you will find we are all similar in that we are all fighters living with a challenging disease. I hope that you will find this group to be helpful.
God bless,

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7/3/12 1:50 P

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Hi Lisa, I was just diagnosed as well (mid-March) and mine also came on fast and furious. Mine started in my shoulders which led me to believe that it was an injury from using Kettlebells. But then it started to spread and thats when I knew I was dealing with something else. I take Plaquenil, methotextrate and folic acid. I am also starting on Enbrel soon. I hope that you are able to get yours under control quickly. I have had a lot of bad days sprinkled with some really good ones.


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6/25/12 4:00 P

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emoticon Unfortunately, there are a lot of us fighting this disease. I would bet you do know a few, they just haven't advertised their problem. I've had it since age 16, some 47 years ago. Fortunately a lot more is available to help us now. I have been amazed to find how helpful losing some weight (100 lbs. in my case), dropping inflammatory foods from my diet (like anything sugary), and getting more active have been in controlling this disease. I still take 4mg of prednisone each day, and Enbrel shots twice a week, which also has helped greatly. Pain is no longer a big issue with me, tho I still struggle with the deformities left from when the disease rampaged unchecked. Spark has really helped me find ways to exercise that don't cause more damage, and to learn healthier ways to cook and eat, that still taste great. I am sure you will find lots of help and support, plus friendly compassion, here. Ask questions as issues arise, whether about new meds, exercise methods, dealing with ignorant family-friends-coworkers about your RAD. Just whatever comes up. Someone here will have dealt with that same issue and be able to help in some way. God bless your journey. emoticon

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6/24/12 11:54 A

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Welcome Lisa...I know what you mean about being hit fast and furious. RA hit me last June and it took the meds a long time to start working. This team kept me going. I'll post some tips when I have more time.

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6/23/12 8:40 P

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Hi Lisa, I was diagnosed in Nov. of 2008 and through alot of give and take with the meds, I'm doing pretty well. It's just like my Rheumo told me in the beginning, that he couldn't cure this disease, but he could control it and that's just what he's been doing. I'm also on methotrexate, prednisone, plaquenil and folic acid. My Rheumo has had to either stop my methotrexate or decrease the dose because of side effects. My hghest dose was 20 mg./week and I've been down to 15 mg/week for a couple of months now. He and I have tried to lower my prednisone, but I just so far can't get any lower than 7.5 mg/day. It seems our bodies can get immuned to some of these drugs and then they have to stop it and then start it back up before it stops working!! I've lost just about 55# now with SP and before even being on prednisone, so it is possible. I never believed it until I actually put it to a good test! Good luck to you! emoticon emoticon

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6/23/12 3:25 P

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Welcome and congratulations on "doing something". That's the biggest thing I have found... I just HAVE to get and do SOMETHING. I've always hated that arthritis commercial where the voice-over says "A body in motion stays in motion and a body at rests stays at rest". That used to make me so mad... I have RA so how am I supposed to stay in motion??

Well, I answered myself when I joined SparkPeople and forced myself to DO SOMETHING because they expect it of you... and you learn to be accountable for it.

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6/23/12 3:10 P

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Hi ya'll, my name is Lisa & I'm new to this team. I was diagnosed back at the end of April. It came on fast and furious & I had no idea what was going on. I totally couldn't function most of the time. I am on methotrexate, hydroxychloroquine, prednisone and folic acid. the meds have just started giving me a little relief. I also take tramadol for the pain, which really doesn't seem to help alot. I'm glad to find this team. It will be good to learn from others what helps them and what doesn't. Also, not to be alone in this battle. I don't know anyone who has the disease. Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

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