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1/20/14 10:23 A

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Welcome to the group. I was diagnosed with IBS. I had that diagnosis for over 10 years before a link to gluten. I have been gluten free for over a year and a half and I feel great. I agree with everyone else as to what they said. Good luck to you.

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1/7/14 9:17 P

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I have two girls and we do not plan to have any more kids. I am so sorry for your losses, that can be very hard on a person. It sounds like you have been through quite a bit, you must be pretty tough. I have had an endoscopy and biopsies, they checked for different things because of my acid reflux and stomach problems, and to make sure the H-pylori was gone. They didn't find anything else, just a lot of scar tissue.
I am very curious about the Ulcerative Colitis, and i will do some research on it. Thanks for the information, it is very helpful.

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1/7/14 11:19 A

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When I was reading about your H-pylori it sounded just like me! I received the same diagnosis through endoscopy. I wonder to this day if that surgeon didn't blow it. Had another endoscopy because the heartburn and stomach issues were out of control, but a different doctor did it this time. Been GF for almost 3 years now. I think I didn't know what normal was until I was better. You get used to feeling the way you do and you just think it's normal. Sometimes you don't know how sick you are until you're better and you look back and think I can't believe I thought that I was okay. Curiously my stomach issues began 22 years ago while I was pregnant. I just thought it was because I was pregnant. I had a "sensitive stomach" off and on until diagnosis. Since I wasn't emaciated - just the opposite- I don't think anyone including me thought anything of it. However, after 6 miscarriages including a 2nd trimester fetal demise, we knew something was going on, but tests revealed nothing. I implore you to get tested using the gold standard of biopsy. Especially if you are young and considering adding to your family. I would never wish that loss on anyone. No one was looking at Celiacs in connection with fertility. I was tested for RA and lupus and everything else but nothing came up. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis as many people with our condition are. Wasn't until I my mom died and I wound up in the hospital with diverticulitis did someone start getting a clue.

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1/7/14 10:26 A

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Thanks for the info guys

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1/6/14 11:33 P

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It sounds like you do have a gluten problem and so if you don't get the test before you go on the gluten free diet then like Karissa said you will probably test negative for that. So if you want to know for sure then asked for the test and then go gluten free. It is also possible to test neg and still have a problem with gluten. Hi and welcome to the team.


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1/6/14 2:44 P

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My opinion is that it doesn't cost anything to try gluten free, but if you want to get tested for any gluten-related diseases, such as celiac or chrone's then I would recommend doing the tests first. Once you stop eating gluten, the tests can't properly diagnose those conditions.

I have had a ton of positive results by taking gluten out of my diet, but be careful that you aren't just substituting a lot of chemicals for the gluten, which can be found in special "gluten-free" foods found at grocery stores. I just eat a lot more fruits and veggies.

I hope this at least helps to fix your symptoms! I also started working with a naturopathic doctor which has been amazing. I'm off nearly all of my medication and feeling better! Good luck and if you need anything, just ask. The team is really supportive!


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1/6/14 11:30 A

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1/6/14 11:05 A

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Well i'm not sure if it is a gluten issue or not. I have had problems with my stomach for as long as i can remember. A couple of years ago i found out i had H-Pylori and thought everything was taken care of. But i still have issues with my stomach swelling up after eating. (and i mean really swollen, like sometimes i look 4-5 months pregnant. I went to the Dr last year and they told me my blood sugar was low. And that the swelling was just from constipation and gas. So i took all kinds of pills to get regular and here it is a year later and nothing worked. So I have been reading up on gluten information and i think this might be my issue. So i am going to go gluten free for 2-4 weeks and see if there are any results.
I love my breads and pastas, so any info is helpful. Here are my issues:
I am always tired, especially after eating. Stomach is always swollen, bloated and hurts. Usually constipated more than anything, hardly ever have diareah. My hands and feet are always cold and tingly, i have really bad circulation. I was tested for Diabetes and don't have it, i think it's arthritis or something. I am not a fan of Dr's and hospitals, so i usually only go once a year for physical and paps. So here goes nothing, hopefully this will help me figure out what's going on

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