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12/27/10 4:42 P

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I totally get the anger issue. Both the one you expressed and the other one about the food that shouldn't have gluten in it. I was rather ticked to find it in soy sauce (i eat sushi alot). It was heart braking to find that gluten was in everything in my life, but it did explain why i had gone downhill so much in the past two years without any real event to trigger this decline. I would at least ask for the gene test as almost no one with celiac doesn't have the gene. at least it would rule it out pretty fast. good luck!

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12/9/10 9:43 A

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Karen, Yes people with Celiac can be overweight. I was very pudgy as a child and had symptoms why back then but doctors just said I had a week stomach. As a teenager and a young adult I became very skinny but I also was very active. I did not start gaining weight again until I went gluten free. With discussions with my doctors and in research I did myself I found that the obesity as a child was because my body was reacting to malnutrition and was storing up energy in the form of fat to compensate for this. I became skinny as a teenager and young adult only because I was so active. I was burning off more then my body could process.

When I was 40 years old I finally had a doctor that decided to find out why I had so many stomach issues and celiac disease was my diagnoses.

A was not angry about my diagnoses, in fact it was a relief. But I was angry at all the doctors I had seen before that point. But then Celiac disease was considered very rare and most doctors knew nothing about it. When I was diagnosed there were only 5000 known cases in the United States.

As was all ready mentioned, the more that you eat gluten free (thus the Atkins Diet) the more you react when you eat something with gluten. With me, all it takes is a very small crumb and I will be really sick for 5-7 days.

It is interesting that it was the doctor's assistant who first said that you had CD, very bright person there. there are so many things that can be associated with Celiac Disease that it makes it hard to diagnose.

Well I have to go, So, I hope this has been helpful.

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12/9/10 9:35 A

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Living GF is hard, but when you start to feel so much better it is worth it. Finding SPeople has helped a lot! Now there are people who understand and are willing to answer questions and make suggestions.

Family events are the hardest for me. Most don't really understand the cross contamination issue. My sister said, "just eat the pie out of the crust," no understanding that the pie now is contaminated with gluten. I once had a waitress put croutons on my salad, and when I asked for another she just went and took the croutons off. Of course two hours later I was in agony. Even crumb from the toaster can set me off.

I, too, have other issues. I had to get my female hormones balanced, as I am a lady "of a certain age." I have to stay away from MSG and all food additives that have it in them, 100's of ingredients as it turns out.

But still, I feel good now! I am no longer depressed, something that has followed me around all my life. No more diarrhea, broken bottle glass feeling in the gut, skin whelps, rashes, hands no longer shake, my joints don't ache mercilessly...

And as far as being over weight, well, when I was not getting the nutrients from my food I was hungry all the time, craving something I could never find.

Life is good now. I have been a personal trainer and yoga instructor for the last 7 years and I can move again! I am a dairy farmer and my hands will milk again! And best of all I feel like doing all those things. I have even gone back to school to become an acupuncturist and learn Chinese herbal medicine. I have my life back.

You can do it! Don't give up, just ride out the anger and keep are in charge of your health, you may have to lead the doctors. I did. emoticon

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12/8/10 11:13 P

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It can be done and I too have to watch what I eat besides looking out for wheat, I also have to watch out for corn. Almost everything has corn in. Also buckwheat is not a grain but a fruit. Will have to find that article that I saw that said that and will post when I find it.

Found it and here is the link

here is another site to see

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12/8/10 9:06 P

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One of the reasons my doc suspected Celiac for me is because I had liver problems on my bloodwork suggesting fatty liver with no other explanation. That is a symptom of Celiac. I am overweight and have been for a long time. My mother had Celiac with different symptoms so I didn't suspect until I got the "broken glass" pain that is referred to here. I also can't tolerate dairy at all...I have issues with it that Lactaid and digestive supplements don't help. I never would have guessed I had these problems either. You get used to feeling crappy.

I went through depression more than anger. I was sad to say goodbye to my favorite foods. But really, nothing is worth feeling as bad as I did.

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12/8/10 9:04 P

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I can relate to the anger... I'm not so upset about the things I can't eat - I'm eating MUCH healthier and you do find things that you CAN eat and you DO like after some exploration.

I'm more angry that there are so many foods that appear to be gluten free only to find out afterwards that they're not... the Thanksgiving ham, the Blue Diamond Nut Thins that CLAIM to be "wheat and gluten free" on the front of the box only to state on the back of the box "produced in a facility that also makes products containing (among other things)... WHEAT! I'll be feeling great for 3 days and then CRASH! When I go back and look at everything I ate I find something probably hidden somewhere. I feel that I can't trust anyone but myself...

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12/8/10 2:19 P

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While my problem may have been a little different but I still went through the angry stage. My endocrine system pretty much crashed so that if I don't eat a really clean low to moderate calorie diet I gain weight and forget about losing weight. All I can do is keep from gaining and I'm roughly 40lbs overweight.

I am also gluten intolerant. For me, it feels like I have broken glass moving through my intestines. I have way more C than D (part of IBS which some how ties into all of this)

Point is I was really angry and resentful for a while. Eventually I just realized that for whatever reason this was my new lot in life and it was time for me to grow and change. Continuing the old way was only hurting me.

There is probably more wrong than just Celiac. Keep looking, you are right not to stop with one diagnosis.

I also understand your reaction to the snap diagnosis. I told my nurse once about some neck and shoulder pain and she popped off with "oh, you have fibromyalgia!"

I must have given her a look because I remember what I was thinking at the time. She fished tailed around and said "well I have it and those are my symptoms". Turns out she was right I have been diagnosed w/Fibro by 4 other doctors.

I also have a lot more wrong with me than Fibromyalgia too. I'm sure it is the same for you.

When you are in contol of your diet it is much easier to eat GF. When you attend your husband's Christmas party catered by an italian food restaurant and the only thing you can eat are the nuts on the table it gets harder. You learn to eat something ahead of time just in case. (boy was I glad I ate the grilled snapper b4 I left the house and we stopped at midnight and ate on the way home)

It's a pain in the butt, but you learn to adapt and after a while you do start feeling better so it makes it all worth while.

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12/8/10 12:47 P

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The more you are away from gluten, the more violently your body can react to it. I used to be able to take a bite of cookie here and there but not anymore! I'm 2 1/2 yrs GF.

I have actually embraced being GF. This is what lead me to SP and ultimately helped me in losing the extra weight I was carrying.

I had major stomach noises, lots of gas and diarrhea all the time. Moderately overweight.

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12/8/10 11:50 A

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Some people are with Celiac overweight and some people are not. Some people with Celiac have diarrhea, some have constipation, and some have both!

I think the problem is that there is a wide range of symptoms and doctors haven't quite figured out that they can't place us all in a box!



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12/8/10 11:41 A

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Hi Kellis. I was always under the assumption myself that people with Celiac or Gluten Intolerance were skinny anorexic people. Then I talked to a customer at the job I was at who told me differently. As far as lactose intolerant I'm ok with cheese, but milk and heavier milk products like cream, half and half, ice cream, and regular milk I get sick off of. Yogurt sometimes, and cottage cheese rarely. That I can tell. I never would have dreamed I had an intolerance to gluten or anything else. I guess know it makes sense that when I went vegetarian and vegan that I gained weight instead of losing like everyone else does because I was eating a lot of pasta and gluten stuff.

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12/8/10 11:04 A

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My sister was diagnosed with Celiac over the summer via blood test and elimination of symptoms with gf diet. When I asked my PC doc if I should be tested, he laughed and said, "Well, people with Celiac aren't generally overweight." He ordered the tests anyway and they came back just barely outside of normal. Of course, no one had mentioned to me that I shouldn't be doing an Atkins-style meal plan during the testing, but he had already warned me the blood tests were unreliable.

Anyway, fast forward 6 months. I went to the gastroenterolist for the first time. I had an ultrasound showing fatty liver and I was in so much pain, diarhea all the time, soooo tired, etc. This very young physicians assistant took one look at my file and said I had Celiac. Hmmm... I just don't know. I have been eating gluten free for a couple weeks now with the exception of 2 days ago - I had a kaiser roll with my lunch. I was very nauseous a few hours later which escalated into vomiting and diarrhea overnight. I find it so hard to believe it could be from a roll!!!!!

Anyway, I'm wondering about her snap diagnosis. She said celiac can cause fatty liver, but I'm having trouble finding info to support that. So I wonder if something else is wrong, or Celiac PLUS something else. And I'm mad, teetering on the verge of depression over all those foods I can no longer have, based on a "probable" diagnosis. I was also told to cut out dairy as Celiacs are often lactose intolerant. GF foods are gritty and very very expensive. I feel like I've been reduced to meat and veggies. Which I guess is good for weight loss, but not my attitude!!

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure I'll adjust eventually, but right now I feel like I've been dealt one crappy hand.


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