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10/29/10 3:42 P

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Thanks for being brave enough to try what a ‘doctor’ never once recommended or suggested. These days you are not recommended to be your own doctor but being your own the general contractor of body care is a must! Great work, Boss, the right tool for the right job!

Remember to get permits and blue prints and plans, as the politics of government can gum up the works. How are the actual lab tests going? Are you journaling your progress? This one tool can assist in the records keeping steps.

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10/28/10 2:50 P

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emoticon emoticon to the Team!

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10/28/10 10:14 A

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I just had my endoscopy yesterday so I'll find out results in about a week but I know I felt the worse those past two weeks since I was required to eat gluten for the test results. So as of yesterday I'm starting GF. I'm ready to start feeling good. It's amazing just 2-3 days without gluten I already start feeling amazing so that is just proof enough for me even if the doctors don't find anything. If I don't have celiac, I definitely have a sensativity or intolerance and I'm much better with out gluten.

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10/27/10 9:24 P

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Welcome! Glad you have found what helps you and your family! Sometimes you have to be your own advocate and reasearch and try differnt things to help yourself. I already knew this was what I had before my result came in, and was prepared to fight the doc on it if needed...Luckily it wasn't necessary in my case. It will only get better the longer you stay GF!

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10/26/10 10:08 P

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Hi and welcome to the team. emoticon


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10/26/10 9:17 P

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Welcome to the group. I am so glad that you went gf. From what you were describing is what my sister had years ago. She was bleeding internally and had celiac disease. She has been gf for over 20 yrs and feels so much better. I have been gf for over a year and feel much better too. CD is a very hard disease to diagnose and sometimes you have to diagnose yourself and by going gf makes you feel good then that tells you what you want to know.

Sometimes you have to be your own advocate and do what is best for yourself and your family. It seems you did the right thing. Again, welcome and looking forward to hearing from you again.

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10/26/10 6:20 P

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Welcome to the team! It is so great to feel good again! Being GF isn't that much of a challenge in comparison.

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10/26/10 5:33 P

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I am so glad I found this group. Seven weeks after my 1 year old was born I woke up looking 6 months pregnant. The bloating never went away. I went to my doctor and she did standard blood work and an ultrasound and found nothing. A couple months later I had stomach cramps every afternoon. I went on web md and lactose intol and celiac kept coming up. I removed dairy and cramps went away, but still bloated. Blood test for celiac was negative (later found out that Mayo Clinic considered result high enough for further testing). A few months later I became extremely fatigued and had bruises all over. Doctor again found nothing except that I also had high liver enzymes.

At this point I was really scared. I would of tried anything. I put myself on the gf diet and felt better within a couple of days. I have been gf since July and have never felt better. All of the symptoms I had went away and so have my occasional nose bleeds and seasonal allergies. I also wonder if my preclampsia with both my pregnancies were caused by gluten.

I am just so happy to find out what is wrong with me. I am also thankful that I can apply this knowledge to my 2 year old daughter. She always had pot belly and would want to eat only every other day. She is now gf and is doing much better. Reading all of your posts makes me feel inspired and confident I am doing the right thing.

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