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7/29/09 6:38 P

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That's interesting about the connection to hypoglycemia and celiac. If you have references about the connection, please share: my MIL had celiac and was hypoglycemic as well.

I'm the opposite now. Not sure that it's celiac so much as fat related ("being" fat and eating high glycemic carbs).

Are you worried about fiber because of symptoms (constipation) or because you're "supposed" to get the recommended grams/day?

My suggestion: more fat or fats at every meal, actually. Avocados are good. Good fats never hurt (still watch cals of course, but that doesn't sound like a prob right now for you). Fats help motility; fat helps transport fat soluble vitamins (vit D being a pro-hormone). So unless you've got something special going on that I wouldn't understand, that's my idea at this point. :)

The nuts are a good idea also Goddess! Where's the fat in your day?! I'm hypothyroid too - no motility probs here. But I eat LOTS of fat (cholesterol's down and in pretty good range, too - go figure!)

Another thought: chia seeds
. I've gotten mine through amazon before. There's a thread about them here somewhere if you poke around for it.

And water. Do you drink your 8 glasses (avg depending on activities) daily?

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Be curious!
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7/27/09 5:19 P

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Mary's crackers are great. I had them at a family picnic last night and one person there fell in love with them and is going to start buying them now as they are just so healthy! and then she'd have crackers I could eat at her place!

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7/25/09 5:56 P

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Here goes, and I know it may border on TMI. I too have a gluten sensitivity. Feels like I have broken glass going through my system. Biggest problem is that I also have hypothyroidism and therefore, also suffer severe constipation. So, if I eat gluten I feel it going through my system for a week.

I have been forced to dramatically include fiber in my diet. I am also hypoglycemic and have to eat lots of small meals. On the weekends I may splurge and eat things that feel and taste more like real food to me, but during the week this is my strategy.


I start w/a 100% egg protein shake. I flavor it so that it tastes like pumpkin pie. Start with 2C of water and/or hemp milk (adds omega oils) I add 1/2c baked mashed sweet potato, 1T ground flax seeds, 1-2t cinnamon, 1/2t -1t pumpkin pie spice, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1T agave nectar and stevia to taste. Most days I double the recipe and save 1/2 for later in the day when i feel like I need something sweet, but also need some protein. The shake generally ranges a little above 300 calories. Fruit like strawberries/raspberries can be used instead of sweet potatoes, but remember they have a higher glycemic index.

I will make sure to have as one of my mini-meals 1/2C mixed brown and wild rice. (I make a batch of long grain brown rice and a batch of wild rice then blend the two and store, using whatever amt I need)
I add 1/2C of some type of beans or mixture of beans. There are lots of good recipes for beans. If you can't find any, send me a spark mail and I will forward you some.

I also have a bowl of my cabbage/vegetable soup mixture. I lightly cook a pot of vegetables and throw everything in. Purple cabbage, onions, garlic, green beans, can or two of fire roasted diced tomatoes, if you can think of it you can throw it in. While I do throw broccoli in as well, I usually have a bag open in the freezer and grab an extra 4 or 5 stalks and throw in the pan while I am heating my serving.

Being hypoglycemic you will need some protein as well. Generally I like the grill several chicken breasts and then cut/bag them in 2oz serving size baggies. (you can freeze extras and pull out a few at a time to thaw) Grab a bag and throw it in your beans or soup. You have fiber, lots of low glycemic veggies, and your protein.

If you work during the day buy short metal thermous bottles. In the morning before you leave the house heat water in a pan to boiling. Pour the boiling water into the thermous you are planning to use.
Let sit for a few minutes until thoroughly heated. Heat whatever you plan to put in it as well. Pour out the hot water and pour in your hot food. It will stay piping hot until lunch time!!

I would also suggest finding a lentil and brown rice salad that you can add veggies and chicken or GF sausage to and eat cold.

If possible try to sneak in a salad of raw baby spinach some time during the day. If I don't get to eat mine during the day I serve it at night when my husband and I eat together. Dice tomatoes, cucumbers, whatever veggies you can think of and throw in as well.

When the weekend comes splurge on whatever you can eat. Don't eat cabbage soup, or beans and rice at all. After a weekend vacation of same old stuff you can easily go back to it.

Now remember you can always add Pace picante sauce to either the beans or the soup or any other type of herbs and/or seasonings. I purposely leave the pot plain when I cook it so that I can individually season each bowl.

Even with all of this fiber I still have problems. That is how I know that it is hormonal and not food related.

I hope that this has helped you and anyone else who struggles with the cook ahead and eat dilemna.

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7/25/09 4:48 P

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I know, it's hard to get enough fiber. I found that raspberries have quite a lot.

Also, can you tolerate soy? So many people are allergic to soy, but if you can eat it you might try dry roasted edamame (aka soy beans)- they have a lot of protein and a lot of fiber. 1/4 cup has 8 grams of fiber and 14 grams of protein and it's 130 calories. I get the Seapoint Farms brand.

I'm glad you got off the Gluten!

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7/25/09 10:49 A

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Welcome! The flax should add some fiber to your meals. I use quinoa flakes instead of oatmeal. Also crackers such as "Mary's Gone crackers" have some fiber from flax and seeds. Do you eat nuts? Almonds and Walnuts would add some fiber. Glad you are finally gluten free and feeling better.

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7/25/09 8:34 A

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Hey all, I'm Meredith and have been gluten free for a little over a year. It took me almost 11 years to get diagnosed with lots of not fun stuff happening in the meantime thanks to eating all the gluten.

I'm having a real problem loosing weight! I'd evolved a way of eating when I was younger that didn't seem to mess me up as bad. I developed hypoglycemia due to the undiagnosed celiac. So I snack a lot, and most of it is either high in protein or complex carbs. But because I snack so much, I figured I was overeating. I eat all those snacks and then regular meals too!
Since I've started here I've realized that the only thing I'm overindulging in is fat occasionally. Otherwise I'm actually UNDER eating and I'm having a really really hard time getting enough fiber. I'm way way under my fiber for the day almost every day.
I need to find a way to get more steady calories into my diet (maybe by creating meals ahead of time or something) and I definitely need more fiber. All the normal tricks that non-celiacs use to get more fiber are not going to work for me (whole wheat and oatmeal ack!) I already add flax seed to my breads and to my yogurt...

So I feel stupid and pretty silly. I can't believe I'm starving myself. Shows you how screwed up my perception is!

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