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Hello! I to have always been on the heavier side. I was sick for three years, it all began when my gallbladder actually shut down. My mom and both grandmothers also had the same problem. It took 3 months for doctors to find it. After that, I felt somewhat better for a short time, then I began to get sick again. I saw 17 doctors in two states before a nurse doing my second IBS test told me about Celiac. That's when it all clicked. However, during the process of being sick, I got really depressed and began to eat more and more. Two doctors told me I was crazy and over worked at school so they recommended shrinks. Another doctor wrote me off and wouldn't see me any more. I was in college at the time and living alone. I lived on mac and cheese and beer and saltine crackers when the beer and mac n cheese didn't settle. Ya know, college kid comfort food. I gained rather than lost and looked 9 months preggers all the time. I did lose quite a bit for about 6 months. A doc thought I had Acid Reflux disease so they opted for a Nissan procedure. Really a bad idea! I couldn't eat solid foods for like 6 weeks and then it was very soft foods and relearning how to swallow. after that, whenever I would eat, I would want to puke and thanks to the Nissan, couldn't. Becuase of that procedure, I'll never be able to phyically puke ever again, so getting Gluten is a miserable, painful experience for me. My reaction to Gluten is to puke right away, so I dry heave for 20-30 minutes and have to let it run its course through my system. Since I've figured out what's wrong, Ive gained more. I managed to lose a bit before my wedding, but in the two years since then, its been steady gain! I also have a desk job, so that doesn't help! We also eat a lot of fried food, which my hubby and I are trying to wean ourselves off of! Fry Daddys are the devil! :) Good luck friend!

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4/30/08 10:58 P

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Thanks for your response. I've purchased the book Living Gluten Free for Dummies as well as a few cookbooks, The Gluten Free Kitchen; Healthy Gluten Free-Cooking; and Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults. I've also checked out a very informative book at the libary, Celiac Disease, a Hidden Epidemic by Peter Green, M.D. and Rory Jones. This book explains celiac disease very well and I would highly recommend it to a new celiac. I was diagnosed with an egd as my gastroentologist was trying to find out why I was chronically anemic after a colonoscopy was ok. I think he was looking for a bleeding ulcer or something like that to explain my long-term anemia when he accidently found I had celiac. I've also had a major problem with severe leg cramps...almost every night and found out this could be caused due to the malabsorption issue connected with celiac disease due to not absorbing adequate nutrients. I've realized there are many symptons and conditions that can be caused by celiac. I was also having severe stomach and side pain and had every gallbladder test available and dopplers of the stomach as my doctor thought at first I had a gallbladder problem. I did not have the classic symptoms of celiac of digestive main symptoms were severe stomach pain and chronic anemia. Even though I have had a few accidental ingestions of gluten, since going gluten free, my severe stomach pain has decreased considerably. There is a lot to take in but I am putting forth an effort and trying to look on the positive side. This sparkteam has been very helpful in my search for information. I do have a couple concerns thought...I know a lot of celiacs are underweight due to the malabsorption problem but that has never been my problem...I've always been overweight and am concerned I could become even more so after I heal my intestines and begin absorbing better...including absorbing more calories, fat, and cholesterol. My cholesterol has been very low for a number of years and I suspect this could be due to the malabsorption problem as well and could become a problem when the malabsorption improves. Has anyone had these concerns?

4/30/08 9:31 P

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emoticon Glad to have you as part of the Team. Take a look at the book, Living Gluten Free For Dummies, by Danna Korn...lots of helpful ideas. Keep up with postings by our team leader, DOTSLADY...she stays on top of breaking info in the Celiac world. Read Labels on everything!!! There really is a lot of food we can eat. We just have to rethink our attitudes as we would with any lifestyle change we're attempting. There are good cookbooks available from people like Bette Hagman and Rebecca Reilly. Sounds like you have a good attitude going in.

"Truth, and therefore, success, is generally found at the balance point between two opposing tensions." (D. L Veach, writer and artist)

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4/30/08 8:37 P

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Hi, I'm fairly new to sparkpeople and I'm not very familiar with how to manuever through it all. I'm also new to celiac disease as I was just diagnosed last month. I've had a few slips and unknowingly ate gluten. I've actually gained a few pounds since my diagnosis since I'm still figuring out how to eat gluten free and still eat healthy. I've never been much of a cook and always use to just grab a sandwich or fast food but no more! I've learned a lot just from reading other peoples info. and checking out recommended websites. Thanks for sharing it all!

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