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6/29/07 2:31 P

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First and foremost, you are not big or fat. It's okay that you want to lose a little weight, but you also want to look and be healthy. So what you not as tall as others, people weren't meant to be all the same size and height. You must build your self confidence by demanding your proper respect. Because you look like a child, basically, doesn't mean you have to sit back and let people treat you like one. Stand up for yourself and put an end to way people treat you. If you say nothing, they'll never know that they have insulted you. Talk to your parents as well. You can do this in a respectful manner where you are not offending anyone. Both my younger brother (~6'1")and sister (5'6") are taller than me (5'2"), but it doesn't bother me a bit. They still treat me with respect and so does the rest of my family. They may crack a few short jokes every now and then, but it's okay because it's all in fun. I'm not the shortest of my family or friends so I don't feel like I'm short. Hey I'm NOT short, I'm just not as tall as others emoticon ! There were a few occassions where I had to demand respect from co-workers because in most jobs I've held I was the youngest or one of the youngest and my older co-workers thought they could treat me like a child. I put an end to it immediately. I told them in a respectful tone that "No matter my age, I, too, am an adult like you are and will be treated as such." I've always been mature for my age (now 30) and never acted immature. I'm not sure about how you are or act, but it could play a major role in how people think they can treat you. PUT AN END TO IT before it gets out of hand. Good luck on your weight loss and demanding your respect. Celebrate who you are and be confident in yourself the way you are now because you don't have to wait until you lose the weight or any other event that takes place in your life. Imagine when or if you have kids and you gain weight, are you going to feel self conscience about yourself for bringing a blessing into the world. Your child will adore you no matter what and you can then teach your child to love themselves for who they are. emoticon

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6/29/07 12:39 P

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I've always had short jokes in my life, but embraced it early enough that people didn't have a chance to be hurtful about it. That being said, my brother did use to sing the song, "short people have no reason" and I hated that. What a stupid song - the guy who sang it was an idiot and hateful.

My goddaughters and nieces are having fun now that they are in their teens, comparing their newly acquired heights to me... but they do that to everyone and I think it's cute and pretend to be scared that they're catching up (some are now even taller, and in fun I deny it with passion!). I guess for me the thing is to not get too wrapped up about it.

Early in my 20's, I worked for an international private college and I was the average height at 5'3"... most of the students were from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and thereabouts. When I left that job, I missed being average height!

Oh, and I almost caught up to the height of my older brother when we were young teens, then he shot up to 5'10". Damn him!!

I appear to be rambling... sorry!


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Hi welcome ya that sucks he must be a real ahole!! By not saying as much as u want to is the best way to go it takes away their power to hurt u! I'm bit older than u HA HA! And I have a hard time with my body image I maybe small sized but I'm flabby! so more then anything I'm working on toning up then maybe I won't be so hard on myself!! Good luck workout hard, and don't let others to make u less than u truelly are!! emoticon

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Hey kids it's me Linda46,

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6/29/07 10:49 A

Reading your post brought back a LOT of memories for me - some funny, some not. At 5'0" I also hated that people always thought I was younger than I was. Now that I'm forty-nine, however, I really miss that - LOL!

I'll tell you what I tell my daughters, enjoy your youth and your beauty now - because youth in itself IS beautiful - and don't spend so much time worrying about other people's perceptions... time passes much too quickly not to embrace life with all the joy you can.

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6/29/07 10:00 A

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Hey, just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I love finding new teams to join, the more support the better, so I was glad to come across this one. I'm actually not certain how tall I am, somewhere between 5'1" and 5"2. 5'3" is a distant dream. I don't always mind being short. Most of my girl friends are around my height anyway and it's not like it affects my every day life. What does bother me is how much younger I appear to everybody. I know most women will tell me I'll appreciate it someday, but being twenty and having people treat me like I'm eleven is very hard on the ego. My little brother is now taller than me and even people who know us treat him like he's older than me. Whenever I go somewhere new and crowded with my parents they still feel like they have to hold my hand and steer me in the right direction. Why not just bring the stroller next time!

Last weekend as I was leaving my grandparents' house my younger cousin who's thirteen (acts like she's nine) stood up next to me and announced "you look like you're in high school and I'm taller than you!" (she's not). Now I KNOW she's a kid and I shouldn't let it bother me, except that A) I have no way to respond to that without insulting her back and B) I happen to know that her father likes to talk about me negatively for other reasons, and so he's basically taught his kids to treat me like the family freak.

So anyway, my hope is that once I lose the weight I want to lose I'll be more confident in my appearance and not care what others think either way. But I can't wait around for the weight to come off before I start gaining more confidence. That part has to start right now!

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