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1/15/08 10:42 A

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Good for you for addressing this! You have a great start to your weight loss with the right questions and approach to a healthier diet. You also have such an advantage with being able to walk around campus to class. That alone will burn up plenty of calories and fat. I walk the treadmill and a 45 min rather brisk walk burns around 400 cals (120 fat cals) more or less.
Breakfast is such a great meal as it can be so varied. People here will post many suggestions. I like mixing an egg in a plastic bowl with a little water, salt and pepper and microwaving 1 minute for scrambled egg. I have it with 8 oz of skim milk and it keeps me going for a few hours. I also eat 5-6 times a day (3 meals, 2 - 3 snack times) and I use the Weight Watchers 1 pt snack chart for suggestions for healthy snacks low carb/gram.
V8 is great if you keep to 8 oz quantities at a time.
If you love subs then the Subway healthy "fresh fit" sandwiches are the way to go with under 6 grams of fat but they are very filling.
Keep up with water intake too.
Even sitting in class you can do tummy exercises just simply pulling your tummy in and holding for 10 secs repeatedly. This helped me a lot after I had my 3rd child and I had so much sitting time during feeds. It's amazing how much exercise you can get in doing mundane things. I try to do stomach crunches or squats during 3 minute commercial breaks.
Keep posting:-)

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1/15/08 10:36 A

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I know that if I have something like oatmeal or eggs in the morning it holds me longer then other foods. The Fiber One bars (peanut butter is my favorite) are not too bad either although that is usually a snack for me. Remember just because it is breakfast does not mean that you can't have a sandwich. Eat what is healthy and easy for you.

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1/15/08 10:19 A

Eliminating processed sugar and reducing fats is an important start - granola is delicious but it's high in fat (and sometimes sugars) and FROSTED anything, not good!

Those are a lot of excellent questions that deserve your time to research. Check out the nutrition articles on this website, they offer information and practical choices. Also, the food tracker has a built-in meal planner that gives you suggestions for the day; try it and see how it works for you.

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1/15/08 7:29 A

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Welcome back! I wouldn't do the granola bars...a lot of sugar and not much else. Instead, look for something that has a minimum of 10 grams of protein and preferably 5-10 grams of fiber. You could take one of those bars and spread some peanut butter on top for added protein. For added fiber, have some fruit. Do you have a microwave in your room? I like Kashi Lean hot cereals. Two packets are a perfect breakfast. If you don't have a microwave, Kashi has some bars as well, although I'm not sure of the nutritional breakdown. If you are going to eat cereal, look for something with more protein and fiber and less sugar than frosted flakes. It will keep you full much longer.

It's important to eat breakfast as soon as you can after waking up, no wait necessary. It jump starts your metabolism.

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1/15/08 6:54 A

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Well, I can suggest what works for me and you can see how it works! emoticon I eat a quick and small breakfast before I go out on my day This is usually something crunchy like a breakfast bar, half an apple, toast, etc... Even though I am a morning person, if I eat a huge breakfast, I just go back to bed.... Also, I am usually going to my trainer and I don't want a tummy full of a big meal before doing crunches and squats!

Then after about two hours, I have a small snack. I love me a hand full of mixed nuts (about an ounce) and a banana or some grapes. This will get me to lunch without starving.

I hope this helped some!

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1/15/08 12:53 A

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I know, I know I have been horrible at this but its a new year, a new semester and I am back at it.
Spring break is coming up in a month and I hope to lose up to 10 pounds before then.
I have a weird shaped body...I am 5'0 and huge boobs and a tummy! Arms and legs aren't too big but could use some toning.
Lol as weird as it may seem but the boobs have got to go (i have plenty to spare hehe)

anyways i won't bore you guys too much but i do have a few questions

i am a student at university, no budget (got $$$ to spend on groceries to live a healthy lifestyle) however i am busy with classes and winter gets me lazy.

anyways i was just wondering what do you guys think of me eating nature valley - apple crisp bar for breakfast? (2 bars at about 190 calories, etc). i have never been a breakfast person and i am trying to start but i dont wake up in time before class to have the works. i am going to try and eat frosted flakes with low fat milk, etc.
if not how much time do you think i should leave after i wake up to eat breakfast? because normally i have class for 1.5 i can eat 2 hours after i wake up but i think it won't kick off my metabolism. any suggestions would be great

secondingly i don't do too well in the kitchen as i am still young and learning and many times am lead to grab food on the go. i really enjoy eating subs so if anybody has any input on how i could substitute a sub for something healthier or which is best for me?

thanks again as i really believe this is going to work this time. i plan on doing DDR for 30 minutes and wii boxing for 15 minutes 4-5 times a week, walking to class 40 min a day 4 times a week, strength training using spark guide 3 times a week.

thanks again, happy new year, and best of luck with all your goals!

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