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7/4/08 6:48 P

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7/4/08 5:52 P

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hi, welcome aboard! I have been eating probably about 80% clean and feel fantastic. More energy, lost over 50 lbs. look younger, skin hair and even fingernails look healthier.
I don't think i could ever go 100% HFCS and some other "evils" are in EVERYTHING and convenience has it's place but you do what you can. Best of luck to you, glad to have you here.

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7/4/08 1:28 P

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Welcome and several have mentinoed here already, I've adapted the "clean" approach, making tradeoffs where and when I'm ready, and letting other things take time. I don't want to be depriving myself at every turn....that can only last so long! Well planned and timed snacks are key for me, as well as keeping the protein level up.

I second the recommendation on the "Omnivore's Dilemma" - Michael Polan is an excellent writer - very accessible and not overly preachy.

Glad to have you aboard!

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7/4/08 1:11 P

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Welcome HOPE2BE2! and CONGRATULATIONS on quitting smoking! I know how hard that can be - my sister is a smoker and both of my parents smoked so I know the struggle (my parents have quit and my sister has quit when she was pregnant and nursing but picked it again unfortunately)

I haven't read the book on eating clean, but I was inspired by reading "The Omnivore's Dilemma" and I try to buy as much as my food from the local farmer's market and make my meals from that. I'm also a vegetarian so I eat tons of fruits and veggies. What has really helped me is eating more protein (unlike Shani, I am only up to 60 g or so of protein, and that's with effort! I would like to get to 100. I guess I need to start getting in some protein powder.) I agree though that eating often really makes a difference - it has cut out my sweet cravings almost entirely. Now I just eat fruit to satisfy those cravings and I feel great, not deprived at all. But then it is fruit season!

Great to have you here!

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7/4/08 1:06 P

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Hey there! I am a Mom of 6 so I can totally relate to what you are saying. Luckily for me, my kids are pretty good at eating plain-jane meat, as I call it. But of course, they LOVE mac n cheese, pizza, frozen salisbury steak (YUCK!) and all that. Keep at it and slowly you will find them eating more and more "clean". I have been doing so well on my weight loss journey since I started eating clean. I, too, am not 100% because there are certain items I really like. I just cut back on some and use others in moderation. Have fun learning and enjoy the process!!!

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7/4/08 10:13 A

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Hi! I am also eating mostly clean. There are a few things I won't give up or don't think are important to give up for my purposes, but I have adopted many of the Eating Clean principles. Snacks are so important, but especially for me since I tend to get low blood sugar episodes a lot. The snacks really stabilize the blood sugar levels! And all the fruits and veggies are amazing... Very good for you and you really do feel it. I've recently tried to focus on getting at least 100g of protein a day which isn't easy given my routine meals but I'm getting there (only when I really plan and put it in the tracker in advance). It does make a difference though!


I've backslidden... I reached my goal and was now maintaining, but now I need to lose 10 pounds and firm up.

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7/4/08 9:41 A

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Hi and welcome to the team!

I started eating Clean this past Jan. did really well with it for a few months. I lost weight, felt awesome and then things in my life just got to hetic and I fell back into old habits....lost my muscle tone, didnt really put weight back on, but the inches came back and I'm just soft again. I've been back at it for a few weeks and its amazing how quickly you can see things shift around. I started out slowly this time but like you I'm about 80% clean right now...not sure if I could ever get to the 100% point but I think 80-90% is better than nothing.

I just wanted to say good luck to you!

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7/4/08 9:16 A

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Good morning and welcome aboard!!! I can;t begin to tell you the difference I have noticed in my life since going as clean as possible. I have eliminated all high fructose corn syrup in my foods, and have stopped going out to restaurants for meals. I have lost inches all over my body and notice my stomach pouch is actually smaller!! I bring a cooler with me to work with 2 snacks and a lunch. No need to go to the kitchen area where there are always goodies waiting!! I have more energy, lost about 12 pounds in 6 weeks, and people have said I look younger and my skin really looks good.

The people here are great, and if you have any questions there are some real pros on this team that will be glad to help in anyway they can.

Have a good day.

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7/4/08 8:55 A

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Hi gang! Well I'm going for it! I started calculating my calories at spark in March of this year. During this time I've been gobbling up all the info on the body building sites etc, because it seems like they actually know how to get results. It's like the rest of the world is blind and have been doing it all wrong. It's actually quite amazing, and at the same time pissed me off, because woman especially are getting tricked with all the gimmicks. Anyway I digress...

I have a mommy of five body, did not loose the "baby" weight. Primarily because I really only ate one meal a day, dinner. I just wasn't hungry. Also I drank soda all day long, oh and tons of coffee. Oh and smoked.. Gees I was a mess! Quite smoking in Jan. And during this health journey I'm adapting everything I can. I've been eating mostly clean, and I'm looking to improve this more and more. My main problem has been dinner.

I have a big family and I need to prepare food that they will eat. Everyone likes veggies etc but they also like mac and cheese, pizza, lasagna, well you know regular "family" meals. So I'm going to read read read here. And pick up more and more of your strategies. Maybe swipe some recipes.

I'm not going 100% clean. I am going to start up on the whey protein. As I'm going to kick up my weight lifting a notch. I am not looking to become super buff, just well a healthy weight, I have a lot of muscle under all this blubber, so I want to protect the muscle I have. I'm not doing the spark weight loss plan. I consume more calories then that on purpose, everything I've read counters the low calories suggested. I've done my own calculations. It's amazing how much knowledge is out there! And on here! I want to at least go 80% clean, right now I'm at about 60%. Its a major improvement, but I can do better!

Well I'm on board! Don't know if I'll join in to many chats, but I'm defiantly reading!

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