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7/1/09 8:39 A

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Welcome! I've had several miniature poodles, mostly rescues and most recently Cleo who passed in February. Now, I have Tara, who's a shelter doodle, probably poodle-shih tzu mix, and miniature size (about 12-15 lbs). She's not quite as smart (or more stubborn!) as my poodles.

Anyway, standard poodles might be a regional thing, for we in the Arlington/Alexandria area near Washington DC have quite a few standard poodles (as well as boxers and portuguese water dogs, but that's another story :) A couple of days don't go by when I don't see one of the at least half dozen with different owners. Plus, when I go up to Philadelphia, there are several in that urban neighborhood as well. I think poodles' intelligence might help them adapt well to city life, and of course quite a few have become assistance dogs, like Gibson in this group.

Fable's color is lovely, though all the standards around me seem to be black or apricot. I understand the dog park grime. My little toy poodle, the runt and alpha female of her litter, loved fishing for passing leaves and other goodies from the doggie beaches, and would roll in the Virginia clay afterward, but somehow after running around the dog park or walking with me and her mom, would become white again. Sortof like teflon coating, white poodle fur is, I tell the sometimes aghast frufru poodle and bichon and maltese owners at the dog park.

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6/22/09 10:41 P

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Welcome to the team! I have Gibson a standard poodle that is my mobility service dog. In the end of September Gibson will help train Twilite a female black standard poodle that will be just 3 and a half months old that will take his place as my mobility service dog when he retires. Gibson is 10 years old.

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6/22/09 10:11 P

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So glad you found us. When I was answering your blog the other day, I was so intense on my answer, I forgot to invite you! sheesh!

I have an apricot teacup poodle named April. She is the baby at our house!

About Poodles. the government, in all their wisdom, spent literally thousands upon thousands on a study that lasted for years, trying to determine which of the breeds were the smartest. Goldens came in first, Poodles came in second in the intelligence game.

I know how fast Poodles are! April zooms around dogs 5 times her size and none of them can catch her! and she is a teacup poodle LOL!

We do have a great thread here, wherein we let our Poodles "talk/gossip" with each other, and it is the highlight of my day! So many personalities! We have Divas tom boys, working poodles, puppy poodles, puppy doodles! This is a great place and we are always ready to encourage and help one another.

Glad you came!

P.S., I heard standard poodles called "spoos!"


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6/22/09 7:38 P

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Greetings Heather & Fable! It amazes me that people continue to be amazed by poodles! I mean, all those people in the 50's & 60's KNEW they were the BEST; the popularity faded, the stereotypes remained, and now people are rediscovering them.

Meanwhile, there aren't enough breeders to meet the demand for poodles. Everybody wants a lab. Yeah, whatever!

But poodles indeed RULE. And they are the smartest....I don't care what anybody says!

Welcome, and enjoy the conversations here!

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6/22/09 4:38 P

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emoticon Heather & Fable
Fable sure does sound athletic & very playful. I have my own, 10 pound, 15 year old, use to be athlete! LOL! Now he is my guard dog HAHAHAHAHAHA!Like Sue said we would love to have you & Fable on What Does Your Poodle Have to Share? Our poodles talk about anything & everything, from pee mail, picnics, BBQ to what mommy had for breakfast & more. It is also a good place for us humans to get to know each other. We also like to celebrate our pals Birthdays, & there is a thread by that name.
See you on the boards.

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6/22/09 7:34 A

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Welcome Heather and Fable.

Fable sounds like a real personality but aren't they all!? lol

We have a wonderful poodle in our family. She is bright and also wows people b/c she is not fru-fru like they think all poodles are. She is more of a tom-boy. :-)
Maggie is a 3-year old, 13 pound, apricot/red poodle.

Check out the 'What is your Poodle Wanting to Share' Thread. Our poodle pals talk about all kinds of things. I am sure if Fable is as smart as she appears, she'll have lots to share.

Poodle kisses

Bright Blessings

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6/22/09 7:01 A

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Im Heather, and my babygirl is Fable. I call her my standard Foodle (case I call her the Foo, short for "foolish" :)
I have NO friends around here with a poodle. Which is unfortunate. They definitely seem to gravitate towards each other- plus, no one else can keep up! Only her brother, which is my mom's Rocky, and they live in Savannah. Her best friend is a boxer, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES when boxers come to the dog park- she thinks all boxers are her friends, and there are a LOT here- but they still cant keep up after a few minutes. Fable is an athlete.

Fable is an absolute Ball of Fire. It is not bragging, but more of an observation on everyone's behalf- she's astounding:
When we go to the dogpark, 9 times out of 10, Fable is the fastest dog there(grayhounds kick has ass, of course). She jumps and leaps over other dogs and roughhouses like a boxer. She can play the longest, and can literally be at the dog park for 2 hours before considering laying down. I had someone once say, out of the dog park, their dobie could outrun and jump my poodle. I just laughed. That is someone who has no experience with standards, and definitely no experience with Fable. Think what you wish, right? :)

Everyone knows they are SO SMART. But I just get so much enjoyment watching Fable smash people's misconceptions about Poodles when they see her athleticism. They see a foo foo dog when she comes in. When she leaves, they see a hunting dog that just wiped their dog all over the park :) lol Of course now she looks dirty and homeless when she leaves, but thats another story.

I was thinking of getting another, because she loves having other dogs around- Bless her heart, she gets a little jealous, but has never been possessive, and handles my interactions with other dogs really well- but I cant afford it right now. And really, if I did, it would probably have to be a boxer anyways, because I cant keep up with the grooming of another poodle!

Happy to meet y'all

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