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6/11/09 9:18 A

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Hi, Kathy and Scooter. I've had miniature poodles and now have a shih tzu (probably) poodle mix, who has much finer and less curly fur. I've met lots of cockapoos at the dog park and think you'll fit in here too quite nicely.

As for the grooming question, I started grooming my last poodle, Cleo, myself because her fur wasn't very thick and if clipped too close her freckles showed (and she could get sunburned). Not that I'm an expert yet, but I do appreciate being able to keep the fur a more customized length since going to the groomers can be expensive (about $60 here). I just take it slow (doing the body one day, paws another, etc), and give rewards (usually greenies, though Tara doesn't like them much and I'm testing alternatives).

I also am a big believer in doggie toothbrushing, since Cleo had horrible plaque and even lost a fang after I adopted her (it only needed extraction after a year of daily finger-brushing but she never did forgive the vet). I'm not very squeamish and just put the poultry-flavored toothpaste on my finger and rub the teeth/gums. My dogs couldn't stand the fingerbrush or a regular brush in their mouths and the brush or finger's gotta be washed anyway IMHO.

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6/10/09 8:38 P

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Hi Kathy and Scooter! Welcome to the Poodle Club! It's a great place, lots of friendly pups and people!

Looking forward to hearing from you both,
Laurie, Ava and Breea (my 2 babies)


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6/10/09 12:51 A

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Welcome Kathy & Scooter,
All of our babies love to chat amongst themselves & do a lot of it. & I'm sure that we will enjoy chatting with you. Scooter is such a cute name, where did you get it?

Deb & BooBoo

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6/9/09 8:29 P

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Welcome, Scooter and Rose!

Glad that you are getting lots of good advice.

There are lots of good poodles and people here.

Brenda and Charm

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6/9/09 7:43 P

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Thanks to all of you for the welcome and the great advice.
I kind of felt that we should get Scooter groomed by a professional. At first I thought we could do it but there is so much more involved than just cutting the hair. You Tube does have videos on grooming and how to clean the anal glands. Thanks so much for the info. I would be interested in the video for teeth cleaning.

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6/9/09 4:45 P

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Welcome Kathy and Scooter, from Jean and Cole.

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6/9/09 2:43 P

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Hi Kathy and Scooter...welcome!

Kelly...originally from Denver, CO, but now a Texas girl by choice!

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6/9/09 12:17 P

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Welcome Kathy and Scooter!

Drop over to the 'What is your poodle wanting to share' thread and let Scooter say hi. You will be so surprised what your pup will say. They talk about the darndest things - pee mail, poop, good nibbles, bar-b-q, mommies and daddies, zooming, grooming, rolling in nasty stuff, and other things. Poodles (and mixes) are soooo smart!

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6/9/09 12:02 P

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Hello Kathy and welcome to you and Scooter!
Mary has given you excellent advice on grooming, I might add that cockapoo hair is generally denser and will mat easier than most, so keeping a shorter clip would make it easier for you and Scooter. My favorite place to order grooming supplies is You can request a catalog or just shop on-line. If you decide to groom yourself. There are many good groomers out there and some not so qualified. I don't know anything about Canadian groomers and the laws governing them. Asking around for referrals and visiting their shop ahead of booking an appointment is the way to go. Patience, love and respect are the best qualities and then their skill. The advantages of having a groomer is that they take care of the ears, clipping the toe nails, and of course the anal gland expression...may be squeamish to most pet owners. They also have a keen eye to any problems you may miss.
Most of the clippers available at petedge are of professional quality. I would recommend you opt for a plug in cord rather than a rechargeable battery as your main clipper. And if you desire a secondary to have a cordless for use in between touch ups, such as the pads in between the toes under tail, tummy and facial areas for hygiene.

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6/9/09 10:05 A

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Scooter is the cutest name! Love that. Yes, as Mary said, be very careful with those sensitive ears. My Mighty Joe had a lot of issues when he was younger, but the last couple of years seem to be OK.

So, you are from Jersey (+ New York) originally? I'm from Bergen Co; lived there over 40 years, born and bred, and headed west 8 years ago. Not moving again; even left a job last year because the company was moving back to Jersey.

Welcome to the club!

Peace, Love, and everything Groovy!

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6/9/09 2:08 A

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Welcome Kathy and Scooter!

I hope you like this team as much as Gibson and I do.

OH watch out the poodles get together and chat!!!!

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6/9/09 12:53 A

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Hi Kathy! Scooter is a little angel! His little face is so expressive!

I typed in "how to groom a cockapoo" online and got some info.

Evidently their hair can grow quite long and get matted. So they have to be brushed every day. The links that I tried, said that they like to use the wide tooth comb and gently get the mats. They also suggested a puppy cut and keeping it shorter, which would prevent a lot of that.

I get April groomed every 5 weeks. That way, they can do their nails, clean their ears, express their anal glands (I know it! I never knew about that one!) and whatever else needs to be done. It is worth it too.

I did read that you should ask that they put cotton in his ears while bathing him so that he doesn't get water in there because they tend to have ear problems. so do Poodles! And, the groomer should pull the ear hair out of the canal of the ear, which holds in moister and breeds infection. then the ear can be cleaned with a damp qtip, but you have to be careful not to go too far. but groomers know just how to do it.

Lastly, dental care is so important because just like humans, dogs will get congenital heart disease from bad dental health. I have april's teeth cleaned once a year. Then I got these dental cloth wipes at the pet store. She doesn't mind them so much as a brush. Dogs can't use out tooth paste either.

Whew! I bet that was WAY more than you were asking for LOL

I do have a video to show you how to clean your pups teeth if you would like to see it.


Mary in Alabama

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6/8/09 11:27 P

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Hi all, We have a cockapoo, Scooter. He's adorable and we're crazy about him. We rescued him 4/21 and it's been a joy to have him. He's supposed to be a year old and is full of life. I walk him 2-3 miles every day and my hubby does about a mile with him. He would go even more but we're not ready for that yet. He has the poodle hair and we've groomed him this time ourselves. We're looking for good clippers but also some info on whether we should be doing this ourselves or take him to a groomer. Any info is appreciated. Thank you CactusFlower for telling me about this team.

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