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4/17/13 7:20 A

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DEBORAHDH54 I also suffer from GERD and I am also
on medication(Nexium). It has been at least 5 years and
I hate taking it for so long. I have read that it is not good
to be on these meds for a long time. I think that being
overweight and anxious certanly don't help. I stop taking
the meds periodically and jsut try to get by with taking
some Gaviscon. I want to find a permanent solution.
I am eliminating foods that I think are triggers - off them
for a few weeks and then reintroduce them If it still bothers
me, I don't have it anymore. I have also cut out coffee, and
mainly drink water, but I do have green tea as I have read
that this will help against oesephaegal cancer.
I hope that you find what works for you. Great that you have
quit smoking. Congratulations also on the weight loss.

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4/16/13 9:56 A

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Hello Kris
Yes, I do have therapy. I have Lucinda Bassetts 15 week CD course. I go to different tapes when things start bothering me. I have learned skills to avoid or ward off an Anxiety or panic attack. I do breathing exerices every day. Thank you so much for the links.

4/15/13 10:56 P

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DEBORAHDH54 - congrat's on quitting smoking. That is probably one of the best things that you could have done.

You mention you have Anxiety Disorder ...... do you have Therapy for it? If not, you might find that not only will it help the anxiety, but also the GERD. It isn't uncommon for people with this to have therapy - it is one of the treatments.

Good luck,

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I am not a Dr - please check with your qualified Health Professional for a diagnosis and treatment plan

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4/15/13 2:19 P

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Good for you that you stop smoking. i did not mention that i had problem with my throat and i checked it and i have enlarge thyroid. I am taking medication for this. And I had too bad pain in the chest i thought that i am having hart attack.
For your burning and pain in the stomach check Gaviscon i took it a few times and it help me Again for me when i stop the medication my symptoms where better, it help me you have to talk with your doctor.
Continue the good work

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4/15/13 1:58 P

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Thank you so much for replying to me and giving me your advise I really appreciate it. I have quit smoking,drinking coffee,tea,chocolate,tomatoe sauce, acidy fruit, to just mention a few. I use to get the burning in my throat and chest real bad. I more so now just have pain in my stomach and sometimes in upper chest. I do know I am tired of all the medication I am having to take. Good Luck and God Bless.!!!

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4/15/13 1:46 P

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Hi Deborah,

| read your message, and i want to tell you about myself. A few month ago i started to feel very bad, and they found that i have acid reflux for a long time.
I took 3 kinds of medication for a few weeks and i realize that they do not help me.I stop to take them and , i started diet i change completely the way i eat. i do not eat anymore food that contain acid like tomato, lemons, chocolat etc, I stop do drink any coffee or tea i drink only water. Try to drink at list 6-8 glasses a day.
So far i lost 14 pounds and i still have too lose about 40 pounds.
I really believe by loosing the weight and continue with the diet it will help me to finish with the acid reflux.
Continue too lose the weight GOOD LUCK check about your medication i read that it is not good to take medication for a long time.
Take care

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4/15/13 10:42 A

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Hello, my is Deborah and I have been dealing with GERD now for 6 years. The lower esophageal sphinter fails to close sufficiently. I am currently taking 60mg of Prilosec and 150mg of Zantac a day. I have to watch everything I eat and drink. I have stomach pain more now than I do the actual burning and hurting from acid. I also have Anxiety disorder and know that Anxiety can and does trigger the reflux. I would just like to know how others are dealing with this problem of GERD. I also need to lose 75 lbs. I have currently lost 15lbs. I walk 1 mile to 2 miles a day.

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