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WOWA - Working Out With Asthma

A Guide to Posting in Your SparkTeam Forum

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TOPIC:   New to WOWA, New to Asthma 

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1/27/12 3:29 P

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Have you tried just taking a short walk? Even 5 minutes of walking would be a start at good cardio exercise which will help your heart and your lungs. Then you can slowly build up from there. Yoga is good too, but it doesn't have the cardio benefits of walking.

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CHUBBYXCHEEKS's Photo Posts: 13
1/27/12 7:22 A

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hello, again!

figured i'd let you guys know that my doctor's appointment went well enough. i explained to him how i'd been feeling and he explained that it could indeed just be a bad day. he wants me to start keeping a journal and bring it to him at my next appointment in February, so he can decide if he needs to jack up my dose.

i'll be honest, though, i haven't had much of a problem. it really narrows down to pinpointing my irritants. after wiping everything down in the house, i'm breathing better, so i know dust and/or mold is one. i wear a face mask when i cook or when i'm out in public (not very often) just to be on the safe side. and i haven't had any real issues lately.

i do in fact have a relief/rescue inhaler. i suppose i should try to work on identifying exactly what my attacks feel like. some are so minor that i think i just got a little winded. i've used maybe three or four puffs since i started feeling the improvements from my Symbicort. that was on my bad days. so we're working on almost a week without having to use it. that's good!

i'm a little afraid to start exercising. i was trying to do yoga before i was diagnosed and i usually did ok, but it looks like i need to be doing some different exercising. my doctor did some blood tests and my "liver functions" are a little "abnormal." one function is high, one is low (don't ask for details, i didn't really get it myself, lol). i asked how i can fix it and they said diet & exercise.

i'll admit, i LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE food, but since i started feeling the asthma, i really cut down and started trying to curb my eating habits. i mean, i'm on SP, aren't i? lol. so all that's left to do is exercise. i don't know how you guys can do it. i'm so afraid that i'll start getting into it and i'll get that horrible burn in my chest that leaves me gasping for air. last time i did an actual workout, it took me at least fifteen minutes of panting to start feeling better.

i figured yoga would be a good place to start, somewhere to get my bearings, to build up my body so that i might better prepare myself to move toward better exercising habits. we shall see, we shall see.

thank you for taking the time to read my post and reply. i truly appreciate it. i hope everyone is breathing right and living well. take care!

Give thanks for what you are now and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

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Posts: 3
1/23/12 2:23 P

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Welcome Leanne,

I'm fairly new to asthma as well and I agree, it can be scary. I had significant issues this summer which lead me to seek help from a pulmonologist. I've been on symbicort for a few months and have had tremendous improvement. Like the PP said, it's for everyday use to help prevent an attack or relieve constant asthma symptoms (took me at least a week to see any improvement). I can't say that it is 100%, but it is better then feeling an elephant on my chest all the time. For me, I try to take a step back when it comes to my asthma. One of my main triggers is stress (which does not help at all). From time to time I suffer from exercise induced asthma, but I usually just slow down a bit until I can breath and then take it form there.

Like PP said, work with you doctor. Unfortunately, it may take some time for you to find the right med (or combo) to help with the asthma, but be patient. It's great that you have a doctor that will work with you.

MSTIGGERFAN's Photo SparkPoints: (59,056)
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1/23/12 7:30 A

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Asthma can be very hard to deal with and learned myself with having to take my grandma to the ER all the time for hers and her getting pneumonia quite a bit. I learned how to manage mine a little better and try to manage my kids in the same. I have relief inhalers for my two older kids and my little one is on a nebulizer. If you feel yours is no longer working you might need to add something or maybe change. I would definitely check into it with your doc and find you one that might control better. Also do you have a relief inhaler? It might be that your having an attack and Symbicort I do not believe it used for that just as a maintenance inhaler to try and keep you from having the attacks. I hope things will get better and always here to help.

I can do all things through Christ who strenghtens me Philippians 4:13

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CHUBBYXCHEEKS's Photo Posts: 13
1/22/12 9:50 P

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hello, everyone.

i'm Leanna. :D nice to meet you all. i hope everyone is breathing well?

i've been on SP for a while, but not very active. i was on vacation when i joined, but still managed to lose over 15 pounds since November. i had gotten sick on vacation and came home with a cough, which worsened and eventually, i couldn't breathe. NINE trips in and out of the ER. NINE. in less than a month. NINE.

i eventually managed to get in with a regular doctor at a decent clinic based on ability to pay. he had a theory i started off with bronchitis (which the ER told me it was), but it developed into a lung infection that triggered the asthma. so, that was two weeks ago. i've been on Symbicort for a week and i actually felt great for the first time in two months. last two days, not so much. i feel like maybe the medicine won't be as beneficial to me as the doc & i expected? luckily, i have an appointment with him tomorrow, so it's something we can discuss. :)

i'm not sure what i'm supposed to expect with asthma, which is surprising considering my mother and boyfriend's mom both have asthma. i know so many people are able to deal with this, but i'm a hypochondriac. i freak out over every health difficulty. which is why i've joined this group. figured maybe i can get the real facts from real asthmatics so maybe i can deal with this better.

with that said, i'll take my leave now. thanks for reading! and feel free to message me whenever you'd like!


Give thanks for what you are now and keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow.

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