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New to SP and new to the group. My profile gives away a huge part of why I'm here and I have a lot to lose.

I've had asthma since I was born. I was premature by 2 1/2 months. My parents weren't told by the initial doctor, even though it was written on my charts. After years of suffering through elementary school having attacks and passing out during PE and Recess every single day, I was finally taken to the doctor again and they were told I'd always had it and someone must have forgotten to tell them.

They put me on meds, but they weren't the right strength (meds for babies when I was in Elementary school), so it didn't help at all. I don't remember a time in PE that I did not have an attack, pass out, have my mother called, and wake up in the nurse's office.

By Middle school, I was still on the same meds and had the same problems all through PE. By then, I was gaining weight and considered an 'overweight' child. I was doing Ballet, Jazz, and regular PE, all of which caused asthma attacks (adds up to something around 10-12 a week).

In high school, I did my PE in the summer before high school started and finally saw another doctor, who gave me 2 other meds and took me off the baby inhaler. It worked for a time, though I still had regular attacks, and was still in and out of the ER for nebulizer treatments weekly.

By the time I hit actual high school, I was considered 'obese' rather than 'overweight'. (My entire life, I've yo-yoed between a 60lb difference and can never lose enough to not be considered 'overweight', as an adult, I have never lost enough to even be considered anything but 'obsese'.)

In my late teens, I was put on steroid asthma meds and things improved for a while. No need for the neb treatments or the rescue inhaler. However, things have gotten steadily worse since I hit my 20's. I've been in and out of having insurance, still on Advaire 250/50 2x/day and Singulair 1x/day. As it stands right now, I cannot do much of anything without my lungs stinging terribly and that blood taste coming into my mouth that signals an asthma attack coming on. I've tried walking around the block (even slowly still causes it), riding a stationary bicycle, doing stationary walking-in-place things, and yoga videos. I can never get more than 5 minutes without having an asthma attack. The only thing I can do without it happening is stretching.

At the age of 28, I'm around 350lbs, have a hip that pops out of joint whenever it feels like it, a bad back (messed up when I was 16 working in a nursing home), and asthma (both exercise induced and 'regular'). I also have severe allergies.

I'm trying desperately to lose weight, but any form of calorie counting, fat counting, diet, etc is not letting me lose even a pound (and I stick to things like glue when I do them, no cheating). The last time I checked, I was not positive for a thyroid problem.

I'm determined to get 'me' back... even if that me (249lbs) is still obese, I don't care. I just want this extra 100 gone. I know I /have/ to exercise to do this. The problem is, what is there left to do that doesn't kill me in the process? I feel so hopeless... like I'll never lose weight because I can't do the exercises without asthma attacks.

(By the way, yes, the pool does work for me without asthma attacks. But I cannot afford a gym membership. As is, we can't even afford the normal bills, meds and food. We have huge amounts of debt from paying for meds and food on credit cards for 4 years now and for a gym membership for a year. I used it three times a week, at least 2 hours in the pool per time doing laps and water aerobics... and I lost 3 lbs in a year while counting calories.)

So I guess my big thing is... I need help from people who actually understand and have asthma. When I ask other people, they say things like "just do it anyway, it can't be that bad" or the doctor says "well then try XXX" and it's what I'm already doing that's causing the attacks.

What can I actually do with severe asthma that won't set it off and doesn't require memberships to gyms or purchase of equipment?

I don't want to give up. I don't want to be hopeless. I want to lose this weight. I'm determined. emoticon

"Come now, all you have to do now is be reborn again..."
~Vinushka by Dir en grey

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