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9/13/08 3:14 P

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Hi Angelica!
I am new to this board myself but not at ALL to asthma! Your description of your breathing troubles rings a bell... there is in fact a sort of asthma called "cough variant" that essentially consists of, yes, you got it, coughing , so people with this type very rarely have the full-fledged nice wheeze, which can also make it harder to diagnose and, as a consequence, to get proper treatment. So it's great that you are following up on this, especially given your family history. Let us know what the docs say. I will be looking out for your next post!
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9/7/08 4:20 P

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I have exercise induced asthma. This is really a difficult thing to have because I have a harder time exercising to lose weight. Once I lose some weight it will get easier. As for getting checked out I highly recommend it because if you do have asthma and don't treat it you will have a harder time trying to exercise or lose weight.

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8/16/08 10:26 P

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I just started running a few months ago because everytime I've tried in the past I would get wheezy or have coughing fits and couldn't catch my breath for a long time after. I've started using my pump before I exercise or at least a few hours before I exercise and I have no problems.
I've noticed that when I'm short of breath because I'm not fit, I experience more episodes when I'm not really doing anything. I could be watching tv and I would have to get my pump. When I start exercising again, I don't have those issues anymore.

It's great that you're going to the doctor really soon as he/she will be able to tell you exactly what is oging on with your body. If you do have asthma, there are medicines out there that will help you when you're exercising.

8/16/08 2:44 P

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Welcome to the team!

Good to know that you are going to see a dr. That's really the only way to get a diagnosis and to make sure it is not something else.

For me, it's often hard to tell what shortness of breath is due to asthma, and what is due to my level of fitness.

With cardio, I had to start really slow, and I had to move it indoors until I can get my lungs working better. At first, it seems like I was doing about 5 minutes of cardio, several times a day. Then I was able to get up to 10, and at this point, I can do 40 on the bike - indoors.

So - starting short but often worked for me. A month later, I can really tell a difference in my breathing ability.

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8/16/08 10:10 A

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I don't run much been when I have to for some reason I am always out of breath and I think it's due to how large I am not my asthma. I usually can tell with shortness of breath and can't breath deep when my attacks come on. I would definiely check with the doctor about yours and see what he says. He may refer you to a lung doctor if he is not for sure too. Good luck and glad to have you with our team.

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8/16/08 8:11 A

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I don't have a problem with running but I have an Orbitrek that does me the same way as when you are running.


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8/16/08 6:20 A

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It's can be really hard to tell the difference between asthma and being out of breath from the exertion. I guess it comes down to getting to know your body. You are doing the right thing by going to see your doctor as they can prescribe appropriate medication so you can exercise.

Your description of taking a long time to recover and having coughing fits for an hour or so after exercise happens to me. The first time my husband witnessed it he asked if I should quit the team if that was what I had to go through. The fitter I am, the fewer problem I have with asthma and exercise. That being said, I've always struggled with exercise in dry, cold windy weather.

Good luck

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8/16/08 2:24 A

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Hey!!! hhaha I sorta feel like I have asthma. Well, I haven't actually been diagnosed with asthma. I'm going to the doctor to have it checked out soon. But I had a question. Have any of you had a really big problem with running? My sister and mom have asthma but they rarely have any kind of asthma attacks. When I walk fast or starting jogging I sort get what feels like a panic attack. So I had assumed that's what it was and not that it was asthma...but one time I started weezing. Then this week(and the past few months), I ran for about 10 min. It took longer than normal to catch my breath and even after an hour passed I was still having random coughing fits. And sometimes when I get in and out of bed I have to catch my breath. I just wanted to know if that sounds like asthma. My mom thinks it is, but then someone else said it could be heart problems because I had chest pains too.I think it may be exercised induced. And I figured it would be easier to ask people who have it and exercise. But I'm going to the doctor to have it checked so I can get on a normal exercise plan. Thanx!!!!!!!!


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