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I hate these, but I can't ask you to do it and now myself, can I, now? (Well, I could, but. Obvious problems there.)

Anyway, I'm Kat, though I also respond to both Mir and Rose. I'm your lovely Admin, though I'm hoping at some point for there to be at least one other.

What I'm Hoping To Manage | My Goals:
- WEIGHT: it's really not bad, well in the healthy range, but my energy is SIGNIFICANTLY better when I'm about 13 pounds lighter. So I'm hoping to lose that. (There's a range, actually, within which I have the most energy; I decided to aim for the middle of the range, not the lowest or highest, to give me some leeway.)
- TONING: Oh, wow, do I need to tone. Due to health problems (lyme, bartonella, babesia) I haven't really exercised in a long time. Not only do I need to do so to actually get RID of these diseases, but it's just not healthy to have muscles this weak.
- NUTRITION: I definitely need to improve mine. Less carbs, more protein, some more veggies/fruits.
- ENERGY/SLEEP: I'm always tired. That's part of my illnesses, but I do beleive that there have to be things I can do, including a regular schedule, to help give me more energy and deeper, better sleep. My sleep itself is restless because of pain, and I decided about six months ago to totally go off my painkillers and only use natural things and, as needed, muscle relaxants. I will not take sleep medication. So this is really rather important.
- EMOTIONAL HEALTH: It's quite good, so this is a maintenance thing. I do want to get to the point I have the energy to go out more and socialize with people; I'm aiming to do this come fall when I'm in classes at my new uni.
- MENTAL HEALTH: Also quite good, and maintenance.
- SPIRITUAL HEALTH: While my spiritual health is good, I'm having a crisis of religion that causes stress, and that needs dealing with.
- STRESS: Mine is way too high and affecting my health overall.
- MEDICINE: I'm pretty good about taking all of mine, but I'm not perfect at the supplements. I need to be better about that.

What I'm Going to Do | My Plans
- EXERCISE: Kinda obvious. I'm going to use my Wii, with my various programs (more than these, especially as I have a mat and can get a dance game now, but especially Wii Fit Plus, Walk It Out, and Wii Sports Resort). I am also going to do yoga and use the exercise bike downstairs. My Flat Belly Diet book has several sorts of exercises in it that all focus on the abs, even while on other parts too, and I want to work those into my schedule as well.

I have a Wii balance board, and might invest at some point in some more accessories, but right now I have or am going to get:
- Wii socks for gripping (actually, they're identically to the slipper socks you get from a hospital; took mine home from the last three visits, so I have three sets for free)
- Pedometer (have it)
- Wii wrist/ankle 1 lb waits (have two sets; when I'm walking in Walk it Out, I wear them on my wrists. I haven't worn any on the ankles yet. I can also lift them like dumbbells; to make it 2 lbs, lift one set while wearing another)
- dumbbells (may buy a 3 and 5 lb set, each, in the future, but not there yet)
- possibly some of the Wii accessories (note sure, though the one for sit ups I might)
- yoga mat (have it: it and the block, DVD, and strap came together for $20 from during one of their sales as a starter set. Works for the wii, too.)
- yoga block
- yoga strap
- yoga DVD
- maybe some more Wii games, like a dance game
- a case for my cell that lets me clip it to my waist; previous one broke, and it only kinda works
- an arm/leg strap that lets me put my keys, id, a few bills, etc, in it, without feeling it, while I'm out walking (don't have yet)
- a reflective but not ugly shirt (don't have it yet)
- yoga/exercise/running pants (don't have and really need; I have nothing I'd feel good about wearing outside)
- better headphones to stay on my ears than those I have
- an actual bike, but not til I move

I don't want to spend a fortune--a lot of this is spread out over time, and almost all is in the future. The shirt and pants and headphones, I think, and possibly the arm strap to hold my ID, are all I want to get, and even those I don't need until it warms up more.

This helps with energy, weight loss, and toning, as well as mood.

- FLAT BELLY DIET: This is for nutrition, as when I did it before, I know it helped. Helped with weight loss and nutrition, which my blood work shows I need to work on getting more of--and it's better to NOT get it from a pill. I love this book. It's easy to understand, it explains the science, it sets up things that taste good and don't cost a fortune, and it gives you the exercises and places for journaling, too. (Though you can buy their journal as well, I don't plan to.)

- FOR STRESS AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH: Journaling, meditating every day at least once, working to relax when I walk and listen to music, just LISTEN to music more--I stopped at some point, and I know that's bad--and finding a therapist when I move. Also using one of my four hypnosis programs. They do work, and they do help.

- FOR MENTAL HEALTH: Use, sudoku, brain teasers--just things to keep my mind sharp. The nice thing with luminosity is that you can see how you improve over time, and it's free.

- FOR SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Not worry about it, continue to pray, take a comparative religions course, and just...explore. and continue to work on the people who hurt me and set me on needing to figure this out in the first place, among others.

- MEDICINE AND SUPPLEMENTS: Keep track of this with the Smart Diary Suite and my Cell Phone with alarms to remind me. Also use this, as well as the blog here, for journal entries.

- RESEARCH: Books, the net, etc: find things to help me sleep better, to help naturally with pain, to help with stress, etc. It's out there, and 20 minutes a day can find a lot.

- DAY PLANNER: If I write it out, I realize it's NOT hard to fit exercise or cooking into my day, even with other things, and wouldn't be for anyone. It helps to read a book (The Flat Belly Diet goes into it, as one of the aims is to MAKE exercise and healthy eating fit into anyone's daily life easily, but others do as well) to see how to do it, but you don't have to.

- THIS SITE: Well, of course. It's here to be used, for us to support and cheer on each other.

Boy, this is longer than I thought. Suddenly I'm a little scared. But I know I'm being detailed for a reason, and that in actual life, it's not that much.

"Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Write only what you love, and love what you write. The key word is love. You have to get up in the morning and write something you love, something to live for.

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