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4/25/12 1:32 P

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I'm also living in holland been here 30 years.. I'm from the UK..
where are you ?? i live in noord brabant...
I can speak dutch fluently took me 10 years... but i still do feel lonely here as im single and have given up on relationships altogether...
My daughter is living back home at the moment due to studying again....
most of my friends are english speaking..
if your dating or married to a dutchman his family usually help alot..
I still miss so many things from uk specially the nature and nature walks etc..

Welcome Joane the nature is lovely in Denmark i have a few friends there...
Auntiedarling has given you some good advice
You can ask anything here you will get an answer if its a regular team...some teams dont post often ...check the date of the posts....

I'm type 2 diabetic using 5 tabs metformine a day...

i just got back ftom the chemist today with my sugar meter so i'm gonna start all my teams again from first week as i got waylayed with severe cramps and lost the motivation to track.. i have been exercising but only occasionally and not really tracking.. I miss it because it really helps with watching what and how much i eat and for me a diabetic its really useful as SP give suggestions to what food is better for me and the proportions too... its th first time on a site and i feel lucky that i found SP first....................

i saved money to buy this meter (on sale)with 50 strips as it was cheaper than buying th 50 strips onlyfor my other meter, so ive invested in it so i can now find out how the food is affecting my blood sugar..

i started in february i did lose 5 kilo's...... now im starting over again.. so im gonna read all the instructions for the meter and then i'll either start tomorrow or friday...
good luck all with your goals
Tisha emoticon

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4/18/12 11:06 A

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Welcome ,we are all here for you .....e-mail me if you need some one to talk to.I am also a emotional ,bored, stay at home eater.I spend so much time watching TV ,I'm really trying to motivate myself to put on music and just dance..Good luck ,we are here for you ...Oh I weigh 232 and I'm 55 years old

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4/17/12 4:39 P

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Dear Joanne, It isn't easy moving to a new country and having to start over! 12 years ago I moved from the US to the Netherlands to be with my husband. I did not like feeling like a dependant child (didn't speak or read the language, didn't know anyone), and I was very lonely as well. At one point I had gained so much weight that I burst the zipper in my pants! emoticon That is when I decided to take better care of myself. I made a goal of studying Dutch everyday, and doing some sort of activity for 30 minutes a day. (Walking around the neighborhood was great, as it got me out of the house and away from the TV!) And Spark People is a good place to meet other people who encourage you and can help you reach your goals. Just hang in there...after a year I could hold simple conversations in Dutch. Mastering the language is the best thing you can do, as you will feel more involved in the community around you. emoticon

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4/17/12 12:41 P

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I have faith in you that you can do this. This is the right place to be. Can you find a hobby that will use your hands for something other than "HAND TO MONTH" Sewing, painting ,quilting maybe?

Today is the frist day of the rest of your life make it count.

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4/17/12 11:52 A

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Welcome. Good luck.

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4/17/12 11:46 A

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There are lots of things to do her on Spark People. You can spend a lot of time here learning things. Start exploring. I am an emotional eater and also eat when I am bored, so I understand. I have been spending time on the site reading and learning things. Actually, I have been working very hard at doing 500 minutes of exercise each month. That is a goal of mine. You can track the exercise and other things you do on the site too. Have you been to your "spark points" yet.

I have been on the site just over a year and I am still learning things. Join a few groups and have fun.

Oh, one thing I don't say anymore is "diet", it always sets me up to fail. So, now I say "healthy eating". I am doing better at healthy eating, but I still have a long ways to go.

Do you like to cook? There is a lot of reciepes on this site too.

Enjoy your time here on SP.
Hope you have a great day!!!

Blessings are coming your way!!

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4/17/12 11:36 A

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Welcome you will find this a fun place to be and meet lots of new people.

If you open each email you get from SP you will see an exercise from Coach Nicole or her helpers. That is the exercise I used to go by. I would do each one while she showed how to do it. That way I knew I was doing something good for myself.

I know it's not easy being alone. I am an emotional eater, a bored eater, lonely person eater so I completely know how you feel. What you can do is when you get bored go into you SP page and blog how you feel and maybe by the time you are finished you won't want to eat. If it will help just send me an email every time you feel like you want to eat and as soon as I log on I will answer you. We girls need to stick together.

My girlfriend got married and lived in Denmark for 3 years. She and her husband go back to Denmark every year to see his family and her children take classes on speaking the language. I do know that "FA" means dad or father as that is what her children call their dad.

Massachusetts If you can't change your circumstances, change the way you look at them.

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4/17/12 10:18 A

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Hi l have joined this site as l am desperate for support and motivation to lose weight.
I moved to Denmark one year to marry my now husband and have gained 23 kilos. I live in the middle of nowhere so its not possible to meet friends so l eat because l get quite lonely, its not possible to work as l cant speak the language which l am slowly learning so l tend to spend alot of time eating and watching TV whilst my husband is at work and l just cant seem to get my head round starting a diet end exerise programme and dont want a fat summer, any motivational advise will be much appreciated. Joanne xxx

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