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Cruz was 6 month old when we took him to his baby well check. He had been hitting all of his milestones nicely and was a very content baby. We figured we were just going in for shots but we ended up leaving the with an appointment for a ultrasound. His paediatrician had found a lump in his abdomen that she wanted checked. She told me that there could be a poop build up, because my son was known for infrequent bowel movements.
We went to the ultrasound and Cruz was giggly while the wand moved across his belly. The ultrasound tech was a really sweet young woman who made it a point to keep the appointment fun. Shortly after she started scanning him she excused herself and brought down the radiologist. The radiologist was very short with my sons movements and seemed over focused on her job. Her demeanor made me feel uncomfortable, I had a sinking feeling that we were not there simply because he needed a bowel movement. She told me that she found a large mass and called my son paediatrician.
We were in a facility that was only a few doors down from my son's doctors office and walked to meet back up with his paediatrician. My son and I were put into the procedure room and I paced the room with my son, waiting for someone to tell me what the heck was going on.
The doctor later entered the room and told me that she had made an appointment for Cruz with an oncologist for the following day.
The next day my son, my boyfriend, my mom and I arrived at the oncologists office one hour before the scheduled appointment. We needed something to do to try and fix it. When we finally met with the doctor I was overwhelmed. All of the questions were about my pregnancy... did you smoke drink do drugs? No no no. Did you have any problems carrying the pregnancy? no. The list went on and on. I felt like I was under fire, that I was the reason there was something wrong with my son.
We were scheduled for a CT exam and following the results, we were led into a room where the doctor could tell us the news. Our son had cancer. The doctor showed us the CT scan and I was shocked at the size of the tumor. It covered his entire abdomen. All of his internal organs had been shoved to the sides of his body.
We then had a multitude of tests. Ecco ekg MIBG CT MRI and a tumor biopsy. My poor baby went through so much in so little time. After a few days of recovery, Cruz had his first round of chemo. Eight rounds later Cruz was on the road to recovery. He still has a small part of tumor that was not knocked out with chemo. He is now a happy, healthy little boy. We go in semi annually for MIBG scans and CT scans.
There is ALWAYS a fear of relapse, something many people don't understand, but he is doing well for the time being and I am so thankful for every day that I am blessed with my son.


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I realize that there are several people whos children are going through radiation and chemotherapy right now and there are others whos children are now in remission. I want to tell you that it is ok. God will see everyone through.

Story about my daughter and her diagnoses:

Britney had been complaining of a headache for about a month or so, I would give her medication, take her to the doc but they thought that it was just from the weather (during the month of December). I thought that maybe it was because I was was working two jobs and she wasn't getting enough rest. My sister would pick them up from school and I would pick them up from her house when I got off of the second job wich was about 10 or 10:30 three or four days a week. While doing this I was waking them up out of their sleep to bring them home. (this is the reason why I thought that was the cause of her headaches).

Well December 31, 2008 she complained about a headache but only after I told her to clean up her room. She played the rest of the day and then once again when I told her to finish her room, the headache came back. (I thought she was faking), but I went to CVS to get her some medication, when I left she was crying, but when I came back she was quiet. I ask my sister about her and was told that she was in my room laying on the floor. I decided to wake her to give her the medication, but when I did she was cold. Of course I freaked out. Call 911, my husband came home right after the paramedics got here, we got her to the hospital and after trying to keep her conscious, (which was almost unsuccessful), they decided to do a CT scan to see what was going on and why she kept loosing consciousness and getting colder by the second.

After doing the CT scan they found she had a tumor that was bleeding. They told me they needed to put a drain in her head to drain the blood and if they didnt she wouldn't make it through the night. About 9 o'clock on new years day 2009, she had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the tumor. From that day she spent 3 weeks in the hospital, she had to learn how to walk, talk, feed herself, everything. She started chemotherapy and radiation at the same time and continued physical therapy until last year.

She still has appointments but only for check ups and MRIs, Her appointments aren't nearly as frequent as they first were while she was going through everything.

I said all of that to say that God is still performing miracles. He is still in the blessing business and I am so thankful to him for blessing my daughter and for givng her another chance on this earth, and giving all of us another chance to spend more time with here. My family has always been close, but I think I love her more now than I did before (If's that makes since or if it's even possible). She has been a blessing and an inspiration to all of us.


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