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10/17/12 9:30 A

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Welcome to our group for us "shorties," Kitty! Like the others have said, take it slow. You've been successful before, and you can and will be again. Hopefully you'll find some good ideas and suggestions in this group and SparkPeople in general (even if you have been on here a while.) Try taking it a few pounds at a time--say, three to five pounds--rather than trying to tackle it all at once. Hang in there! You deserve to be healthy and happy.

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10/15/12 2:44 P

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Hi Welcome back. We are here for you. I am 5'1" and I have weighed 185 two different times. The first time I used fen-fen to lose 45 lbs. When all the horror stories about it came out I went off it and gained all the weight back in 5 weeks. Since that time 1998, I have again lost the weight but very slowly. First I lost 10 lbs because of dental problems. Then I lost another 20 for a wedding. 5 years later I lost another 14 lbs for another wedding. Menopause hit and I gained 7 lbs because I didn't realize that you burn 150 calories less a day. I have been up and down in the last 5 years but am starting to lose again on the Mayo Clinic diet ( 1200 calories a day) and exercise. You can do it little by little inch by inch! emoticon

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9/5/12 7:28 P

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First, emoticon back to Spark! Take it slow... one day at a time! I recently moved and had what I'm now considering a panic attack of epic proportions - it last months. Seriously. And, I'm single. So, it's just me.

Don't worry about starting with a bang - start slow. Go outside and walk for 15 minutes. Get a pedometer or map it using SP. Any little thing will do. And, make yourself. I did tonight. Because, as cliche as it sounds, exercising really will make you feel better.

Good luck with your goals!

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9/5/12 4:02 P

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My name is Lisa (nickname is Kitten due to the fact I REALLY love Hello Kitty). I am in my middle/upper 30's, married for 15yrs to a wonderful supportive man that I met while in the Army. I have two beautiful children, a Daughter, just turned 13 and a Son who is 11. They are my entire world, I don’t have any "outside" friends to speak of and family, well there is big issues there. I have been on Spark for over 5yrs on and off, mostly off the last 3yrs. My first year I went from 180 to 135 (size 20W to 8) and I loved it, felt healthy even though according to the BMI I was still "fat" ...I am only 5ft tall, disadvantages of being short, ugh. Then life happened. I hit rock bottom with depression. By Oct 2008 I did the unthinkable and went back home, which I had promised myself when I left I would NEVER go back. So we left Oklahoma and went to Wisconsin. We ended up living with my parents 11months, however about 8 months into that my mother and I had a falling out, real bad. I started having panic attacks and wasn’t able to sleep, I would go days without being able to go or stay asleep. We moved again in Aug 09, just across town, so it wasn’t much better. We lived in such a small town everyone knew what everyone else was doing. My Dr suggested that I try to go back to work in an attempt to reverse my severe social anxiety and depression. Well it back fired, I found work in Feb 2010 and had to stop by Aug 2010. Things just went from bad to worse. By this time Sept 2010 I reached my heaviest weight EVER, including pregnancy weights, 186. I was on medications for Manic Depression, severe anxiety, CFS, Restless leg syndrome and developed Fibromyalgia. By Feb 2011 I was on disability and would only leave the house when absolutely necessary about once a month or less. March of 2011 I decided I needed a program to keep me on track so I started P90X which I completed in 113 days (normally takes 90 but I had to take it a lot slower due to my body hating me). After I finished in July I for some reason hit rock bottom again and haven't been able to pull myself up since. In Dec my DH's work contract ended and has been without work since. We have moved again, from Wisconsin to Texas, to be closer to his family and get me out of the toxic location(even my DR said I wouldn’t even have a hope of getting better until I moved FAR away). We have been in TX for a little over 2 1/2 months now and I am still in a "funk". I cant seem to get and stay started. It seemed as if every friend I had made in the last 5yrs disappeared and I was doing this alone. I am usually the one everyone turned to when they needed help and now that I FINALLY admit that I need that help returned no one is there. So I deleted my previous account and now am started fresh with EVERYTHING. I need some sort of kick start and I just have to find the right leg to give it to me.

If I get to wordy just let me know to "shut it" cause I can go when I get going. Oh and if I ramble I am sorry now, my brain gets foggy at times and may seem like it makes sense but I go back later and read and sounds Hope I am not scaring anyone from getting to know me and I would love to get to know each of you better .

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