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6/15/12 8:27 A

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I need to get back on this plan!

May your life be filled with miracles and your cup overflow with blessings.
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3/9/12 8:57 P

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Hello everyone - myself and some friends are going to start this on Monday. I am VERY excited and was excited to see a group on here. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but I do have some good habits that I really need to gain (drinking 3 liters of water, sleeping 7 hours a night, eating enough calories consistently, etc.).

**Revised: So, I found out tonight that my friends don't want to actually start until the 19th (guess someone didn't get the book yet and wants to read it first). Even though I won't be competing yet, I am going to try really hard to unofficially start.

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2/20/12 10:23 A

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Hi! I was recruited by Freelady. We met here on Sparks last year and I have cherished her friendship since then. I have listened to her talk about the Game On Diet for almost as long as I have known her and she sparked my interest. So, when she invited me to join in on the fun, I took her up on the offer. I have read much of what is available on the internet about Game On, but have not read the book. I am sure I will need some coaching along the way. I live in Germany and haven't looked for the book here yet, but don't figure my chances are too good at finding it locally.

I look forward to getting to know you all in the weeks to come. Let the games begin!

Chelli Lynn


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11/28/11 1:15 P

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Hi everyone! I've been on Spark since 2007 and have been active here since 2009. I was overweight from about 3rd grade on, topping out at 220+ pounds in my mid-20's (I'm 5'3"). In 1999, something "snapped" and I'd had enough. I bought a manual treadmill with weighted arms and walked a mile every day. I drastically changed my eating habits. I also slashed my calories to 900 a day and took Metabolife - not my brightest choice ever. But it worked - within a year I'd lost 90 pounds.

I kept the weight off for several years but a rocky relationship and bad break up brought my emotional eating habits back with a vengeance. By 2009 I'd regained 50 pounds. I tried Spark, Weight Watchers, etc. but could not make myself stick to a plan - any plan - for more than a few hours at a time. Then I found Inside Out Weight Loss, a free podcast that is all about getting yourself to do what you already know you should. I lost 30 pounds by tuning in to my body and really noticing what felt good over time. Overeating doesn't really feel good when it comes right down to it!

I got stuck around 160 for a long time - over a year. A few months ago I had a breakthrough in my thinking and motivations and the scale has started to move again! Before Thanksgiving I weighed 150; I'm up a bit now but that won't last!

I haven't actually read the Game On! book yet but I've ordered it from Amazon. I think I get the basic rules but I'm not clear about what the 5 "sanctioned" meals are. If someone could message me a "typical day" on this plan that would help me get through until I get the book.

Thanks so much!

- Cathy

"Transformation is not a future event - it is a present activity!" - Jillian Michaels

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LAURIEU949 Posts: 72
11/27/11 11:58 P

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I've used Spark off and on for a couple of years, but the Game On diet has been successful for me. I still have a long way to go, but I feel like I can live by these principals! And I enjoy the social aspect of it! Can't wait to start tomorrow.

About me: I live in Orange County, CA, with my 4 kids (elementary to college).

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11/26/11 2:41 P

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My name is Pamela and I live in Portland, Oregon. I've always struggled with my weight, but a couple of years ago, I got serious and lost a little over 40 pounds. Since then I've done a pretty good job of maintaining, until this August, when I got a new job. The hours are long and stressful and I've slacked off of exercising quite a bit as well as doing a lot of stress-eating. I haven't been doing such a great job of planning my meals, especially lunches and snacks, ahead of time and so I've been making some not-so great choices. Since August, I've gained close to 8 pounds. Ugh!

I've done the game on diet before with a group of neighbors, but others weren't quite so committed. I need a lot of the lifestyle changes that are part of the game, so I'm happy to find a group of people who want to play.

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7/16/11 8:53 A

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After buying the book and spending the last few weeks familiarizing myself with the rules and how to play the game, I plan on starting the game in earnest on Wednesday.

May your life be filled with miracles and your cup overflow with blessings.
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6/26/11 11:50 A

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I just learned about the Game On diet yesterday when I was googling the phrase Game On to learn about a restaurant that is coming to Atlanta.

Imagine how excited I am to get started on this!

May your life be filled with miracles and your cup overflow with blessings.
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6/14/11 7:04 A

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Hi! I just joined the team. Is any one interested in playing a round of the game? I can't interest anyone here at home and I'd really love to play.


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5/11/11 6:22 P

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Hi Everyone!

We just had an informational meeting today a work to see if there was enough interest to start a game.My coworkers and I will be starting Round 1/Week 1 on Monday.

I love that i just found this forum here on Sparkpeople as I plan on relying heavily on SP to make sure i'm hittin the right nutritional goals.

Any tips?!

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4/19/11 2:46 A

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Hi everyone!

I got my hands on the Game On! Diet book, and playing the game looks like the one thing that could get me motivated enough to do something about my weight. Hope to play with/against you ;-D

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3/16/11 11:47 A

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Welcome, Kati! Yes, it is amazing how well the game works at not only helping with weight loss but helping you to feel energetic, organized and empowered! I'm starting another round myself next week online w/Cindy (the other team leader) on her Ning network. I had 2 weeks off in between rounds and was on the fence about doing another one...but I've gained a little weight back...started eating candy again and drinking wine a little more often than I should so I need to be whipped back into shape again! Glad to have you here and please feel free to spread the word about our team! :)

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3/16/11 11:37 A

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Hello!! I'm Kati and I'm halfway through my first round of Game On! It's being played with my boss and some other friends with $100 on the line! We're in the lead so far. I lost 3lbs the first week and 3.6 this week. My goal is to be at 205 (210.4 now) by the end of this session. It's GREAT and I feel amazing.


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3/10/11 12:03 P

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Welcome, Cindy! I've played on the Ning network that Cindy has created twice now and have had great success. I played with friends/family prior to this and it wasn't quite as intense as playing online with people you don't know. Definitely fun to meet new people though and be able to play when nobody locally wants to! The GREAT thing about Cindy is that she has MET both Az and Krista and had lunch with them!! I've asked her to co-lead our team both for that reason and because she's already an experienced "team leader" of "Game On!" on her own site.

CYDIRO Posts: 2
3/10/11 11:48 A

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Hi Everyone! My name is Cindy. I've run a game on diet online group for 2 years. I've not gotten to play the game because I've been encouraged by the authors to just moderate. But I've got a lady who has played the game for 1 year and lost all the weight she needs to and she is going to moderate next session so I can play! So I am stoked. :)
Nice to meet you all!

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3/7/11 8:59 A

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Yay! Welcome, Desiree! So glad you're here! I just wrapped up week 4 in my online game and submitted my score. I know I didn't win, but I did pretty well! I would like to continue playing though (on here) and need to think fast about my old/new habits!

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3/7/11 8:09 A

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Hi! I'm Desiree.

A coworker just introduced me to the game and I really like it!

I am currently playing a game with people at work and a separate game with family.
I am so glad there is a team for this! emoticon

I would be interested in playing a game on the team too!

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3/2/11 3:24 P

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No problem! I'm currently wrapping up a session online and would like to continue the lifestyle. Not sure if I'll participate formally in another round but I too need the accountability to keep it up! Glad you're here. Welcome and please invite others!

3/2/11 2:51 P

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Hi, Hannah! Thanks for the invite. I've played the Game On Diet once now, and I found the structure very helpful. My friend and I are now on Round 2. The thing we found the best and most helpful was the daily communication. Although we were playing "against" each other, the need to be accountable to someone everyday was sometimes motivation enough to get the exercise in or finish the water for the day. So, thanks for starting this group and broadening my Game On! circle!

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3/1/11 10:27 A

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Hi All! I'm Hannah. I started this team after playing "Game On" several times, both "in person" with people and online through a web site I found via Google. I decided to start a spark team to offer additional support to those who are already playing. However, this is also a great place for those who don't want to fully participate (or can't afford to) but wanted to follow the lifestyle and needed extra support! I am a nutrition professional (registered dietitian) who has always personally struggled with her weight. I'm currently at a a healthy weight and only 4 pounds above my ultimate goal weight, thanks to Game On! Please friend me so you can check out my spark page for more info! Glad you're here!

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