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6/10/11 7:02 A

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It can get very frustrating with the plateau but keep doing what you're doing. My doctor told me once you lose initial weight loss, you'll start losing much slower. It's totally normal. Invest in a tape measure because even though you're not losing weight, you're probably losing inches. Since December, I've only lost about 5 pounds but I've lost almost 2 inches off my waist.

Hang in there! You CAN do this! You're doing a great job!


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6/10/11 6:14 A

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emoticon love the attitude....

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6/9/11 8:39 P

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GREAT! You are doing well. To maintain for this long is a great success. One thing I have heard of that you might try if you haven't is this: To eat low, medium, high and back again. In other words, for a range between 1200 to 1550 calories, eat low end two days, mid-way two days, the high end two days and begin again. It breaks the body's stalemate and is supposed to kick start things again. How about your body measurements? How are you doing there? Sometimes the loss of fat is replace with muscle build-up, which will reveal itself on the tape. You are in my prayers, dear one. BLESSings to you. Darlene

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6/9/11 2:11 P

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I like your new focus so much I may borrow your concept for my journey, although I am no where near a plateau.

What if I focus on having fun learning new exercises just for the joy of figuring out new ways to move my body?

What if I track my food and watch my portions just for the joy of finding new ways to try vegetables?

What if I forget the number on the scale just for the joy of finding excitement in knowing I've met my personal goals for that day?

I think you're on to something. Thank you.

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6/9/11 1:58 P

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6/9/11 1:20 P

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Not quitting and keep doing this no matter what is success. emoticon

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6/9/11 12:12 P

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Success for me isn't a number on the scale but the number in my pants. If my pants size keeps shrinking then the scale doesn't matter so much. Another way I measure my success is being able to keep up with my daughter during outdoor play time. she's 3 she's fast and she likes games that make you run. If I don't get winded in a 30 minute game of "kickball" or chase/tag then that is a win for me.

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6/9/11 11:30 A

Success is just sticking to good eating habits. I am still stuck but will not quit. Trust me, it would be easy to give in but my determination will just not let me. I will see what the scale looks like at the end of June.
PS. Does anyone know how to truly measure for the proper bra size?

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6/9/11 11:26 A

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Great thinking! I just stay on track even though losing has become more difficult. Staying on track and knowing that I'm healthier and more fit than I used to be is what I call success.

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6/9/11 11:03 A

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I'm signing up for the Warrior Dash too!

I think you have the right idea about changing your focus away from busting the plateau. I found that when I stopped obsessing and just did what I was going to do fitness & nutrition wise I restarted my progress. Possibly from eliminating that stress?

Success is making the effort and the journey, and not giving up and returning to our old unhealthy lifestyles, not the number on the scale.

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6/9/11 10:56 A

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Great post love the attitude it is so hard to break through a plateau I tried the changing things up as well I incorporated Zumba and that went well for me I do think you are on to something trying new activities should be the trick make it fun


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6/9/11 10:48 A

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How do I define success? Is it a one pound/wk loss or is the motivation to continue when there is no loss and has been little loss since Christmas?

I was really cooking last year - not literally although I did that, too! I mean I was really shredding the pounds. I started in mid-June and from then until the week before Christmas I tracked a 50 + lb weight loss. Then, I bottomed out. I don't lose - I don't gain. I just stay the same.

I've tried changing my exercises, confusing my muscles. Began a more diligent write-down of all daily caloric intake and attempting (and mostly succeeding) at maintaining at 1500/day. Pushed myself harder with intervals and strength training. Learned my max heart / min heart rate for fat loss (BTW: for me this is 90-153 bottom to top zone) and bought a Polar heart monitor which I use religously. I've tried changing my diet - incorporating leaner proteins and less carbs. Watching my H20 - yummy!

Finally, I've just decided that I'm tired of the work it takes and concentration/focus to break this plateau - instead I'm going to concentrate on having fun learning new exercises and doing things I never would have done before. I want to try kick-boxing and pilates. I'm going to sign up for the unusual 5K - a Warrior Dash. I'm going to do more yoga and connect with the elements. Just for the fun of doing something new.

I define success by moving forward and not letting the scale stop me (of course, if I break my plateau I'll be psyched)!

Of course, anything y'all have learned on your journey I will love reading about and incorporating it into my own. emoticon

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