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Many of the articles here talk about plateau's. The most often mentioned is there's a need to change out your routine. That is different exercises & foods. Be sure to track all that you eat and stay within the recommended calorie intake. I find if I don't reach my lowest calorie recommendation, I don't lose. I have a high cal. range and find it difficult to reach at times. Also, don't go below 1200 cals/day as the body thinks it is starving and won't let go of the fats. Best wishes to you finding the solution that will work.


Slow & steady makes a winner of us. Even if we hit pitfalls, get up. Know that a new day is right around the corner.
Try to be all that you can be. Work at it a day at a time.

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7/19/10 8:07 P

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I amnot going toblamemy age however at present I have a slow metabolism so accept that loosing my weight is going tobe a slow process...
Have also found that maybe sometimes I amnot eating enough to asctually get my metabolism working a little faster even though Iamwithin all my tracking ranges each day...have had to start eating different foods....

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7/19/10 12:33 P

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Check your calories, are they stagnant or do you need to maybe look at upping them, which has worked for me.

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7/19/10 10:19 A

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I find it hard to give advice because it does not work for me. WAIT - that's not true - I DON'T FOLLOW IT! So if that (exercise) is what you do every day - that maintains what you have. You do have to step it up or change it around to see a change in weight. Wish you luck!

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7/19/10 9:34 A

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I have found that when I get stuck I'm not necessarily tracking all my food. I have food that "doesn't count", like 1/2 and 1/2 in my coffee or some snacks, etc. So I see if there's anything lurking that might be getting in the way. Also, really stepping up the vegetables and water helped me a lot - I found that my digestive system just wasn't working so well and I needed a lot more fiber (from veg's and fruits) and water. Made a huge difference for me.

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7/19/10 9:29 A

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Maybe changing your routine. Sounds like your body has gotten used to your treadmill and stuff. I learned in fitness class at college and also read that it's not good to have the same workout routine because your muscles and body get used to it. So one day treadmill, then next maybe some strength training, next a walk, or treadmill at a different speed, you get the idea.
Anything to confuse your body so it burns the calories and tones you. Hope I helped. Good luck! Have a great day. God bless.

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7/19/10 9:21 A

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I don't know if it is my age or what but I have a good report on my spark nutrition and I fast walk (3.3 miles per hour) for 2 miles on my treadmill and average about 10,000 steps a day. I take Sunday off for obvious reasons but I still can't seem to lose but maybe 2 oz a week or if I lose a pound most of it is back on the next week.
I have a 3 year old great-granddaughter that comes over almost every day and keep busy playing with her which is mostly playing tag, swinging or ball outside so I seem to be active enough.
Any suggestions? emoticon

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