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5/29/10 5:14 P

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Yep, yep, yep! I feel that I am more positive about myself since I started with Spark in December and began to try to develop more healthy habits of eating and exercise. I love the Spark philosophy of just one day at a time and that we celebrate every little step along the way. what a great group of people! We can make AMERICA healthier, one person at a time! emoticon

Dena T.

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5/29/10 3:24 P

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I notice that when I started losing weight and concentrating on ME and what I wanted in life MANY things started to fall into place! I have a TON more energy...I am more positive...I am better at my job...I totally agree that weight loss and exercise should be part time but it is AMAZING how it changes everything in your life once you start it!!

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5/28/10 10:26 P

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Welcome to this Team! I agree totally with what everyone has said so far. I do try to keep track on SPARK of my fitness but I don't keep track of my eating. I do, however, write down in a journal what I eat and what I do for exercise. I just don't use the Nutrition Track here. I am not sure why. I just find it easier to write in a notebook. Slow and
Steady does it!

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5/28/10 7:17 P

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Welcome to the team. This is a great idea because have never been one to do anything too fast. However, have found the nutrition and fitness tracker to also be very beneficial, because he keeps on track, also the goals are great because that is being part of the team, because team goals is about everyone working together to meet the goal.

Good Luck. God Bless.

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5/28/10 5:05 P

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BINGO! My thoughts exactly. I'd had a real chance to do plenty of lap swimming just two years ago. Now my responsibilities and schedule have all but wiped it out.
The calorie "burn" had been phenomenal, if it hadn't resulted in weight coming off the right places ... I had even been—unusual for me—5 pounds "under" my goal weight.

And felt lightheaded and enervated most of the time. My thought patterns had been screwy and I couldn't concentrate ...

You get your thinking right, you make your decisions, and then you forge ahead ...


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5/28/10 4:57 P

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I was glad to find this new team last night because it immediately affirmed my current strategy for getting back into shape... why rush things and get my body used to depending on a massive amount of cardio and strength training? Four years ago I did it that way (maintained the weight loss for only about six months before it started coming back on) and although it would be snazzy to be fit fast, I don't want personal fitness to become like a part-time job (time-wise and effort-wise), which was what it felt like before.

My goal weight is forty pounds away but it will be a five-pound range and not a single number. Once I've lost half or even a quarter of that I figure I'll be healthier and look and feel better and I'm going to appreciate and respect that.

I found my motivation about a month ago, after it eluded me for ever so long. It includes watching what I eat, brisk walking with my Leslie Sansone DVDs, and light strength training three days a week. (Pretty much bare minimum and I've lost a few pounds.) If I find that I'm not losing, then I plan to add a mile or two of walking per week and use a bit heavier weights during strength training. I'm also considering strength training twice a week instead of three times. I seriously do not want to have myself accustomed to too much time spent on fitness because there are other things I prefer to do! I definitely see the need for being fit, but in a moderate way that is also practical. Really don't like most of the Biggest Loser methods although it can be fascinating to watch the transformations.

Okay, my mind is clear now! emoticon

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