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6/6/12 6:27 A

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Others have done it, and so can YOU! One pound at a time....

10% goals from now until target weight!

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6/3/12 8:52 A

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Littleredcar, you said it perfectly: it's how you frame it, Lisa. Doing 10 minutes of exercise today seems a lot easier than doing 10 minutes of exercise every day for the next year. Start small and see how simple it is.

Kathy (Vermont)

People will forget what you say
People will forget what you do
But people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou

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6/3/12 8:27 A

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Welcome to the challenge! I find it helps to look at things differently. 200lbs is only 25lbs 10 times. Doing something 10 times doesn't sound so bad. Especially when each time gets easier!

Just being a part of SP and the challenge helps me look at things differently throughout the day, so I take better care of myself. You can too!

LRC - Littleredcar Zip Zipping Along!

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6/2/12 10:51 A

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Cheering for you Lisa. My kids and grandkids are my motivation; being a part of their lives. I've found the Sparks phone app and this site to be my biggezt assistance. I just "have to" make an entry for everyone to see, lol. My smile each day comes from knowing i made it through the day on food tracker and exercise tracker and try to not think about how far there is to go but that i'm on my way. Here for ya in any way i can be and God bless you. You can do it.

Buckeye Lake, Ohio

Don't be upset by the results you didn't get with the work you didn't do

Desire + Plan + Discipline + Effort = Success

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5/2/12 12:08 P

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Hi Lisa. It is hard to get started. What I did was set a date that I would eat 'healthy' (about a week away). I let myself have anything I wanted leading up to that date. I was so sick of eating junk I couldn't wait to start eating right. I still allow myself an occasional piece of cake or piece of candy if I'm really craving it.

My big thing is finding time to exercise. I'm hoping the '10 minute daily' will show me that if I keep doing 'movement' for 10 minutes here and there during the day I will lose more weight.

If you want someone to talk to or motivate you, you can contact me any time! Together we can do it!! emoticon

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5/1/12 8:18 P

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Hi Lisa,
I'm starting out too. I understand what you mean about the health issues. My family history reads like a horror story- diabetes, heart problems, stroke, cancer, etc. I have decided that it is time for me to get healthy.
Congratulations on getting started! We can do this together!

Hope, Faith and Dream.

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5/1/12 9:15 A

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Hi, Lisa. My name is Kathy. I hear your pain about the weight off & back on roller coaster. It wasn't until SP and the decision to take off the weight for good that I have been successful. Just like everyone has said: it's one day at a time and one step at a time. Start slow....but start! We're here to help in any way we can.

Kathy (Vermont)

People will forget what you say
People will forget what you do
But people will never forget how you made them feel

Maya Angelou

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5/1/12 2:18 A

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emoticon Welcome to the team Here we know how you feel but if you start with small steps anything is achievable.We are all here for you.

My name is Carol I live in UK Leader of DISABLED/FIBROMYALGIA & MORE
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4/30/12 4:48 P

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Hi Lisa. Welcome to the team. The nutrition part I had down right from the beginning. I have OA in my knees and they were bothering me a lot when I started. I didn't want to do anything. It hurt to walk, I was using a cane. I joined The Knees team and The ~INDYGIRL CHALLENGE team. They have chair exercises to do. In fact the leader has just crossed the 200 lb. lost mark. I finally received a scholarship to the Hospital of Special Care pool and gym. Now I go to the pool and exercise 3x a week. It is easier on the joints. I did 45 minutes of water aerobics today. The 10 minutes will increase over time. emoticon

I love SparkPeople

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

I am responsible for my own happiness.

My name is Bonnie I live in CT, EST.

I lost 122 pounds and have maintained it since 12/28/12.

Too Blessed to be Stressed.

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4/30/12 1:08 P

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We are all here for you!! You can accomplish your goals! Promise!! To keep yourself motivated set interval goals for yourself! "If I lose x amount of pounds I'll reward myself with ____". I have mine set for every 5 (you can see them below).
Diet is also KEY!! I can't stress this enough. Watching what I eat has become such a large part of my life! Body by Vi has some AMAZING weight loss success stories with their company. People are losing 45+ lbs in 90 days without starvation, ridiculous exercise routines and are saving money doing it! Check out or to see!


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Alright, Heather... Let's get rockin'!

Lose weight. Learn to love your scale. 90 days to transform your life!

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4/30/12 1:02 P

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Hi Lisa. I totally understand the "I'll start tomorrow" way. I have many allergies and can't eat everything that is healthy. I sit at a desk all day and drive 2 hours a day. I have found that Spark people give me ways to work through all these challenges. Try and see if anyone lives in your area and walk around the block with them. If you have a buddy it helps. Good Luck. Keep thinking little steps and you can win!!

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4/30/12 12:16 P

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Hi Lisa my name is Shirley I can very well relate to you. And we can hold each other accountable to exercise and eat right.

One thing I found that helps me is tracking on the nutrition tracker everything I eat, two track the exercises I do on the fitness tracker. Third is to sit small goals and when reach those goals to reward myself with something that is healthy.

I have diabetes and osteoarthritis so it is hard for me to move around a lot. I have joined chair exercise team on spark people to help me to get moving again.

If you would like to be fitness buddies then you can let me know and we can do it together.


The sky is the limit: you can do anything you put your mind to!!!!!!!!

The turtle on my ticker is how I want to lose weight slow and steady!!!!!!!

Weight lost goal is to lose 20lbs by May 26th, 2014

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4/30/12 12:15 P

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Hi Lisa, my name is Melissa and yes I'm sure quite a few of us can relate to you and your "I'll do that tomorrow" attitude. I think you've come to the right place and are starting out with a doable challenge. 10 minutes of exercise, that's nothing, you can do this. You don't have to start with anything too crazy, just move. Make sure you are moving your body for at least 10 minutes even if its just walking out to the mailbox or moving around your house. Don't get too bogged down in all the other stuff, just add a little at a time. You'll be surprised how much better you will start to feel and you'll want to do more and more to feel better and better. Just don't give up! Focus on 10 minutes a day. You can do this!! Congratulations on your journey to a new and healthier you!

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4/30/12 11:35 A

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HI my namw is Lisa, I am 45 years old. I have been married for 27 years, have 8 children and 4 grandchildren. My youngest is 9 yrs old. I have battled weight my whole life and each time I had a baby I ended up heavier than I started. I have been battling health issues for several years now but I feel that things are becoming more serious and I really need to make some changes. I have never had a serious weight victory. I have had several small victories which do not last long and the weight comes back even bigger. I am very scared as I am afraid I will never get success in my weight/health. I really think if I could stick with it long enough to lose a decent amount, say 50 lbs that then I would be motivated to keep going. I guess I am having trouble getting started when every day I can eat what I want and say "I will start tomorrow". Can any body relate to me? I sure could use a buddy to help me get some momentum going. Thank for reading this:)

Changing my focus, changing my game, changing my life - one day at a time:)

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