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12/19/12 6:07 P

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The answer is it takes as long as it takes. What's the alternative? Giving up and being in pain anyway because your body just isn't strong enough to drag you around.

Patience and gentleness. That's really your answer.

I just had a breakthrough today. I have chronic pain and an old ankle injury, so after two weeks of dedicated walking my body is angry with me. I took yesterday off to let it rest. But that meant today was crucial. I had to get out there for my walk. I just had no motivation to go. I didn't believe, not one bit, that there truly was a benefit to my continuing to exercise, only because it didn't FEEL like I was making progress. It seemed clear that, once again, my body wouldn't let me succeed, no matter how much I wanted to get fit and lighten its load.

This is a pattern for me. I recognized this as a familiar script running through my head, so to get OUT of my head, I went a-Googling and found an article on WebMD all about fitness walking. I read that even 3 days a week of 30 minutes' walking broken into 10 minute increments has significant benefits. learned tips for posture and stride, reminded myself that every little bit counts. Even if I went out there, walked a slow mile and called it a day, I would be doing my body a favor.

So I went. And wouldn't you know, all those tips helped tremendously. Resting yesterday must've helped tremendously. The padding in my shoe and brace around my ankle helped too. I just felt great out there today. Strong and tall, with smaller more deliberate strides. I wasn't overexerting, and I was able to keep my core tight. I didn't stop until I felt tired...80 minutes and 4.5 miles later. That's twice what I painfully pounded out on Monday.

So hang in there. Listen to your body. Build a better relationship with it. Rub the hurty parts with tiger balm. Take a day off now and then to let it heal. Give it food and water and rest so it will work more efficiently. Reinvent how you treat it. Be infinitely patient and gentle and kind, like it's a butterfly with a damaged wing.

(Now if only I can remember that when I need it!)

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9/27/12 9:57 P

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MRSJOISLEY, yes! Maybe not as bad as you are describing, but lately my back, my feet, and my legs just HURT. I KNOW it has EVERYTHING to do with all this extra weight I have. When I lost weight last year, I felt amazing! I could breathe better (I've had asthma for a lonnng time), I could get around easier and faster, I sweat less (a BIG problem for me), and my back pain pretty much went away. I would still feel pain after an especially tough workout, but this was good pain. Once I started gaining the weight back, my feet just HURT so bad.

Anyway, I didn't reply to complain like crazy, but only to let you know you are not alone :) If you are really hurting though, it would be a great idea to go to the doctor, even if just to get a checkup. Your body might be trying to tell you something important. Even if everything is fine, the doctor would love to see you and get your money anyway :)

Nice to meet you and have a great day!

~*~*~*~*~*~*Small steps!~*~*~*~*~*~*

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9/25/12 7:58 P

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Ooohhhh hi Mrs Joisley and Faunta...and everyone else toooo!!!
I'm 38 myself and and just getting back into exercising myself!!! About 10 years ago I lost over 80 pounds by exercising and if I remember correctly it took a good month before I wasn't sore after a good workout ... I was in my 20's and doing 10 000 stairs a day 6 days a week lol!!! Now years later 100 extra pounds I am more than ready to start exercising to take the weight off but I need buddies as if I am by myself I wont do that much (Typical story I will go nuts for a few days then nothing for months lol) but if I have a buddy then I will go go go...anyone interested in exercising with me via skype? (Check my bipo for the full story lol) If so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a message!!!
Hope to hear from ya sooon

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3/20/12 9:11 A

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I would think if one is feeling that much chronic pain it's time to seek out medical advice. Good luck and blessings to you both!

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"What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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10/28/11 7:44 P

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Hello to All,
I've joined a SparkTeam and I need as much support as I possibly can get. 34, mother of three wants to lose pounds but can't commit to a daily routine. Unfortunately, I am famous for the start/stop workout plan. Due to health reasons, I plan on starting the 17 day diet plan Tuesday, and I pray this will work and help me change my lifestyle and eating habits.

10/24/11 12:41 P

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Quick question- does anyone else feel like they were literally hit by a truck when they stand up and start moving. Just recently, I've realized that I am in pain most of the time. I will be 35 next month!!! I'm too young to feel this way. Just wondering if anyone else feels this way and how much weight they lost to start to feel an improvement? Thanks!

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