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5/27/11 2:24 P

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Jmagee........Thanks for the welcome.


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5/27/11 2:23 P

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Thank you for your comments. I don't know if I will ever get rid of that

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5/27/11 9:31 A

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Hello Irene,

Even on SP, I had trouble the first year and finally realized it was my VOCABULARY that was causing the problems. Cut the word "diet" out and replace it with "lifestyle" -- then you'll start to look at sustainable life choices that you can live with instead of a quick loss and then returning to your old habits!

Like most of the others, I use the food tracker but not the meal plans. The best guideline I've found for a sustainable nutrition plan is the "plate diet". Divide your plate in half, then divide one of the halves into quarters. In one quarter, you get your meat. In one quarter, you get your starch (stick with whole grains rather than refined as much as you can!). And in the half, you get vegetables.

Good luck, and let me know if you need any help!

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5/25/11 10:44 A

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First of all, welcome to the team!
I am with most everyone else in that I use the nutrition tracker every day, but don't use the meal plans at all. Find a plan that incorporates food you love and allows you to enjoy eating.

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5/22/11 7:01 P

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Looks like, we both ran the gamut of possibilities in order to achieve our weight loss goal.

Back in the day there were some weird diets but they were never the answer. A good common sense approach is the only answer.

Like you, I try to live in the real world, eat regular food and just about anything can be altered so we can meet our dietary needs.

I do journal everything that I eat and I can see clearly just how many calories I consumed. I'm usually over but I got new attitude and I will set things right for myself.

Sounds like your in a good place yourself and we both know if we keep those portions in check; we will succeed.

Be healthy dear Spark friend.


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5/22/11 5:59 P

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Welcome aboard, Irene. I don't use the meal plans either. I have two young ones and it's just too hard to plan ahead. I do track everything, pretty much. I tried so many things over the years. Richard Simmons, Suzanne Somers, drank a gallon of water a day, did tae bo, used some sort of liquid drink endorsed by my favorite radio station (ha!), and Slim Fast. When I finally started monitoring my portions something clicked, then I added in a bit more exercise after a few pounds came off.

I love this site. I've made small changes that I can stick to. I still eat pizza, nachos, and just about anything I crave....just in moderation and eat it with the good stuff and of course with my exercise.

I wish you well on your journey. Food is our life source we should be able to enjoy it,too.


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5/22/11 1:47 P

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Hi, I appreciate all of your thoughts on the subject. I wish you well in achieving your own goals.

Once again, I am ready to give it my best shot by trying to stay on target.

I am one of those perpetual dieter's. There were successes along the way yet, I failed to maintain it, so here I am starting all over again.

It was last fall that I lost the 25lbs and since then it been stand still.

Here I am a grandmother and I am still fighting the same battle that I started back in my teens.

I pray this time around I hang in there.

Thanks again for comments.


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5/21/11 4:09 P

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hello and welcome to the team

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5/21/11 1:49 P

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I use the nutrition tracker every day, but I don't use their meal plans at all. It's been a gradual process with small changes and a fair amount of trial and error to figure out meals and snacks that I'll be satisfied with, and still stay withing the calorie/fat/protein ranges. I find the tracker quite educational in that way.. it's eye opening to find that you're eating way to many carbs, or not enough protein.. and to see which foods are giving you the best bang for your buck, so to speak. But if there's something I really love, I find a way to work it in. My husband and I both love a particular deep dish pizza... two servings is almost half my calories for the day and most of the fat allowance.. I still eat it and I REALLY ENJOY it.. but I also work the rest of my day's intake around that. I won't cut anything I love out.. but I won't have it every day either. :)

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5/21/11 1:15 P

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I use the nutrition tracker every day. This helped me to make small changes in the way I eat and it has worked. I slowly changed to whole grain bread and pastas, brown rice, and snack on fresh fruit. I also drink the 8 glasses of water. Try making small changes you can live with.

I lost 30 lbs and then quit walking but because of these changes I kept off 25 lbs. I started walking again so I am on my way to losing the next 25 lbs. I don't deny eating my favorite foods either. I did switch to sun chips or baked potato chips but those again are changes I can live with!

By the way, my family now has changed to whole grains and brown rice too. I used to cook and buy white bread and rice, but not any more!!

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5/21/11 9:31 A

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I would change your plan to include some of the stuff you like. There are no right or wrong foods on SP. I really like potato chips. I don't have them very often, but when the urge hits me, or when I have a meal that could use a few chips, I have them and count the calories. If you constantly feel like you are failing, you are not getting the SP message. I don't follow the SP meal plan at all. I eat what I would normally eat, though that is generally fairly good food. I have altered some things, like I eat whole wheat pasta and not as often as I used to for example. I really like those sandwich thins. Give yourself a break. You have to want to do these changes to make them stick

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5/21/11 8:37 A

Coach Dean Anderson has some great articles on motivation etc. Check him out on here. All the best to you!


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5/21/11 1:58 A

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I find it so hard to stay in sinc with the whole eating plan.

Trust me, I know the drill only too well yet I fall off my plan more often then not.

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