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10/11/12 4:12 P

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What do you love about the Fitbit?

That it is so unobtrusive and accurate.

How has the Fitbit helped you lose weight or get fitter?

I used an Omron pedometer pretty religously before I got the Fitbit. I tried to accumulate steps but never gave much thought to the intensity of them (i.e. the Activity Score on Fitbit). Also, I never gave much thought to floors climbed in a day. The Fitbit made me realize that even though I log a lot of steps most days, I am relatively sedentary and need to step it up. The Fitbit has also made me more aware of how many calories I have burned in a day and has taken some of the guesswork out of that.

How much weight have you lost since getting your Fitbit?

12 pounds in 5 months

How many steps do you usually take each day?

It is rare that I don't get 10,000. I just calculated my average for the time I've had the Fitbit, and it is almost 15,000. I didn't realize it was that high. It definitely was not that high when I was using the Omron.

Anything else you'd like to share about why the Fitbit works for you?

Having the reinforcement of the numbers makes me want to work harder. It is fairly common that I will take a little extra walk just to pass a certain milestone (get a badge).

It would be great if Sparkpeople would sync with the Fitbit (some weight loss sites do).

Others have commented about their superior customer service. This is very true. My husband lost his Fitbit (which is easy to do), and they replaced it.

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10/10/12 9:56 A

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What do you love about the Fitbit?

It is small which makes it easy to carry. I love the fact that it not only tracks steps, but tracks stair climbing as well. I didn't know how much elevation was on the course that I walked until I got my fitbit. I also love that it tells me how many calories I am burning. It has helped me make sure I have a calorie deficit everyday.

How has the Fitbit helped you lose weight or get more fit?

It has allowed me to see exactly how active I am being each day. I didn't realize how sedentary I can be some days. I home school my children, so I sit a lot helping them. My goodness, I had to start taking some walks with them after I got it just to try to get my activity up! I have also found myself trying to get at least 10,000 steps in a day. It motivates me to get off my backside and do something!

How much weight have you lost since getting your Fitbit?

I got my fitbit in May for Mother's day! It's the best gift my husband and children could have ever gotten me. I have lost 20 pounds since then. It is really exciting to me. I wanted a Body Bugg to try to track what I was doing so that I could see how active I was being. My husband said he thought this was a much better deal. I have to say that I agree with him!

How many steps do you usually take each day?

I try to get in 10,000 steps a day, but it doesn't always happen. My average is around 9100 steps a day.

Anything else you'd like to share about why the Fitbit works for you?

I don't think there is anything I can add here that I haven't already said. I have slept with it one time and was shocked by how many times I wake up at night! Other than that, I don't use that feature. I don't track my calorie intake on the site either. I use SP food tracker, because I was already used to it and I think it is easier to use! The combination of fitbit and SP seems to equal weight loss success!


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10/5/12 12:47 P

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What do you love about the Fitbit?

I love a number of things:
The technology. I am called "gadget girl" by some folks and the fitbit is a huge improvement over other pedometers I have worn over the years. I love the syncing with a desktop, and that the device is "smart." It immediately switches to zero steps after midnight, knows how to accommodate changes in daylight savings time, and so on.
The size and design. It is very elegant, and is small enough and is designed in such a way that I can put it on an undergarment and then just forget it all day.
The sleep measuring function. I have become more aware through SP that I have to work hard to get enough sleep, and the fitbit gives me an accurate and operational measure of my sleep patterns.

How has the Fitbit helped you lose weight or get fitter?
I was already maintaining when I got the fitbit and I find it is an excellent match with SP. I manually import some of my fitbit data in SP and am looking forward to a real link! I have certainly increased my steps per day since I have started wearing it, and participate in the fitbit lovers unite weekly step challenges.

How much weight have you lost since getting your Fitbit?
I was maintaining when I got my fitbit.I have been wearing the fitbit for more than a year and am continuing to successfully maintain.

How many steps do you usually take each day?
Before my foot surgery in June, it was always more than 13,000, and I think my max was around 24,000. My goal this week is 11,500 per day and it will increase next week to 12,000. Pre-fitbit, I participated in a pedometer challenge at work and was happy to achieve 70,000 steps for the week. I am 64 years old.

Anything else you'd like to share about why the Fitbit works for you?
The company appears to have had some quality control issues, but its customer support is beyond belief. Not only does it replace defective devices, but will replace if you have run the fitbit through the wash--for free.

Overall, I am so taken with this device, I keep a spare one in my home "just in case..."


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10/5/12 8:34 A

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I've worn pedometers for years (and have been a SparkPeople member for almost 10 years) but FitBit's main benefit for me is accurately calculating your calorie burn and visibly showing it to you at all times.

By making sure that your calorie burn is always higher than your calorie intake (measured by tracking foods on SparkPeople), that's the only real way to lose weight. FitBit makes that very easy which is why I'm so excited that SparkPeople will soon be integrating with FitBit.

I use FitBit and SparkPeople combined to maintain my weight. I fluctuate a little, of course, but it's easy to make course corrections if I see my weight trending the wrong direction. I then know I have to either exercise more (which I can clearly see on my FitBit in steps taken and calories burned) or eat less (which I can clearly see from logging foods on SparkPeople).

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10/5/12 1:42 A

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Why do I like my Fitbit Ultra? Because it works for me!!
Coach Nicole - its been suggested that this blog explains far more fully the amount of a boost in confidence and smell of success that my FitBit gave me

When you are handicapped and not walking “normally”, not even using sneakers and trying very hard to work up a few steps at a time, sometimes using a walker – a normal pedometer is useless!!
My FitBit accepts my small stride length of 10” – and counts the steps of my walk/shuffle no matter whether I use bare feet or slippers or whatever.
I have tried to count steps with a pedometer but it has a lower limit of stride length and its never low enough, and it gets very upset if I don’t walk properly!!

Because its so small – I can wear it all the time with comfort – and record all my steps – and the steps done around the house are surprizing – by knowing that I can do this – that I can walk that number – I am then motivated to try for more each day – and during the day I have found I can actually manage 1 mile or more – but had I set out to do 1 mile I would have balked at the start line – thinking – no way can I do that!! Thus my confidence has been raised and thus I now go walk/shuffling every day!!

I haven’t lost weight since I got it – about 3 weeks ago – but I am finding the idea of the Food Plan where I have to move to earn food calories works really well for a person in my position who does harder workouts some days and far less on other days – it means the calorie allowance changes to compensate.
I am finding though that I really don’t have time to “double track” using both FitBit and Sparkpeople trackers – and being able to sync between them would be a huge advantage.

Another fantastic point – is the amazing customer service – I had set up problems and they phoned me in Australia to resolve my issues – that type of service is indeed rare!!

To sum up – very few devices cater for handicapped people – this one does – as such its worth its weight in Gold!!

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10/4/12 8:35 P

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What do you love about the Fitbit?
It is small, easy to use, and gives very strong feedback which is an incentive for me. My husband bought one after his heart event (stent), and it has turned a non-exerciser into a commited health nut.

How has the Fitbit helped you lose weight or get fitter?
After getting into the fitbit, we are active now at the Y, and walking every day. I'm far more active and he's on his way. We have a personal trainer now, and this was and is all part of the interest we've developed after getting the fitbit.

How much weight have you lost since getting your Fitbit?
I haven't registered yet, but about 4 lbs. But my goal was greater strength, and more stamina. That's happening and I'm meeting my fitbit goals every day now.

How many steps do you usually take each day?
11,000 to 15,000 - depends on the activities of the day.

Anything else you'd like to share about why the Fitbit works for you?
I really like the activity feature and the stairs feature, both of which have changed my perspective about going up and down flights for errands, laundry, and so forth, for avoiding TV, for using the treadmill while I watch a favorite show,
and for standing while I work on the computer, pay bills, and those many tasks that I would do sitting down.

10/4/12 8:34 P

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Hello, Coach Nicole.

I don't know if this is what you are interested in or not, but the main reason I got the Fitbit was for the sleep feature. I didn't think I was sleeping much and did a lot of tossing and turning. The Fitbit proved me right and I have something concrete to show my doctors for my treatment.

A strange thing happened: I started having the urge to do some walking to see how many steps I could average a day. It wasn't much to begin with, but I found myself wanting to walk a little more and see if I could beat my previous day's step numbers. I usually try to do anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 steps a day. I've discovered that I feel better and can move much better than when I started. I don't 'waddle' quite so much and I can breathe more easily. What a relief.

Steps have been very difficult with my being overweight, having arthritis, ligament injuries to feet, ankles, knees, and hips, and having Fibromyalgia. However, since my son put up a railing for me to hang onto, I can now go up and down my basement steps without stopping on each one and crying. My laundry facilities are in my basement and I wasn't sure how much longer I'd be able to use them or even stay in my home by myself. I won't try to kid you, there are still days when it's difficult, but a lot of the time I'm able to traverse the stairs--even with a load of laundry tucked under one arm or over one shoulder.

Frankly I haven't lost a lot of weight--about 5-7 lbs--since getting my Fitbit, but I feel better and fit into my clothes without struggling to get buttons and zippers done up. I like my Fitbit and have named it Beanie to go with Renie. It feels like my best friend who keeps me on guard against slipping back into those doldrums where I just sit and stew about my health.

Fitbit and SP have been a literal life saver for me.


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was-Leader~RLS/Wilks_Ekbom_Disease but everyone got "Restless" and left! :D

Good food, good sleep, good friends create a Spark for Life!

I've lost 45 lbs since the pix below with daughter & g'sons was taken.

Let's all have fun and encourage others while getting healthy!!

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10/4/12 4:17 P

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I love the fact that the Fitbit is small enough to fit in my pocket. I can keep it on me every day and don't have to worry about losing it.

I have increased my number of steps by wearing the FB every day and taking the stairs at work, etc.

The Fitbit has helped me lose 3 lbs (I had already lost most of my weight prior to purchasing the FB in February).

I average around 6,000 steps a day.

I was skeptical of the sleep feature on the FB but was still curious when I bought it. I have found this feature to be very helpful in finding out much I am really sleeping.

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10/4/12 3:08 P

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a new story about the FitBit and was hoping to find SparkPeople members who have used the Fitbit to help them successfully lose weight. If you are interested in being featured in the story (which may include showing before/after pictures of your progress), let me know! Simply answer these questions in your reply and if we are interested in featuring you or need more information, our editors will contact you. You do NOT need to be at your goal weight to be considered for this feature. [Please note: By replying here we may use your comments in this thread in the story.]

What do you love about the Fitbit?

How has the Fitbit helped you lose weight or get fitter?

How much weight have you lost since getting your Fitbit?

How many steps do you usually take each day?

Anything else you'd like to share about why the Fitbit works for you?



(P.S. Friend me on as well as COACHNICOLE:

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