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1/4/13 8:17 P

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Welcome - and I suggest one day at a time and one foot in front of the other! Walking!

I am with you if you want a friend! I need friends to support me because I have a lot to drop too (123 lbs). I also suggest that you join more than one group for friends and motivation.


This might be slow - but I will get there!

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11/8/12 12:42 P

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my best advice is to start slow. If your sedentary, and you jump off the couch, take part in a 5K, and then hurt yourself and then your back at the start, but sore and with a body, that says no way am I doing that again.
Pick one thing your willing to make a change in your diet. I removed added fat (margarine) on my sandwiches or on my potatoes or my rice. I used to make a sandwich with margarine, mayo, and mustard, I eliminated margarine and didn't miss it, I stopped putting it on my rice or potatoes, and just used spices or some other low fat topping. (not cheese) I then removed added sugar, using only low cal sugar substitute for my coffee or nothing with my cereal in the morning. I then stopped getting fries with take out (McDonald's, Wendy's) and got only side salad with my dinners if we got take out, I didn't give up cakes, or pies or cookies or ice cream, but I couldn't have them all in one day, or even in a week. It was a treat. Once I got my food issues in control. I picked the one thing I could stand seeing me doing every single day for exercise, it had to be cheap and easy to do and taking minimal time and can be done in any weather. I chose walking. I started in the spring (but it can even be done in winter, more on that later) I put on a timer and set it for 2.30 minutes, and left the house and when the timer went off I turned around and came home, that was it. I did that every single day, rain or shine for a full week, the next week I did it for 3:30 and again the same rules applied, timer goes off turn around and come home, rain or shine, every day. The next week it was 5 minutes on the timer, and still every day. I kept going, 7:30 week 4, 10 minutes week 5, 15 minutes week 6, 20 minutes week 7, at week 8 I was at an hour long walk, my body was not sore, I didn't hurt to move any more and I was losing weight, I lost 40 lbs just doing that. Once winter came I bought a cheap Walmart electronic treadmill. Then I found out about Leslie Sansone DVD walk at home program, that helped me to keep on track and I could do her video's while it snowed and blizzard outside and to break it up, one day I did the treadmill and the next I did the dvd. The trick is to go slow, yes 70 lbs is a lot to lose and its can become overwhelming on how far apart the goal is.. but if you hurt your body in doing to much, to soon your going to be in pain and it will take you longer to get better and healthier. Good luck!!
How I would do it in this weather, is to put a DVD on and just do it for 5 minutes, no one is going to judge you on how "little" that is, but its something and keep working on it till your up to the whole dvd. Its an easy program, no fancy dance steps, no arm swings, no twirling, no jumping, if you can walk and bend your knees you can do it.

I used to shut the skinny me up with chocolate, now I shut the fat me up with a 4 mile walk

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11/8/12 11:35 A

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Help? I have no idea where to even begin! But I DO KNOW I HAVE GOT TO MAKE SOME MAJOR CHANGES!!!
I quit smoking 2 & 1/2 years ago! YAY ME! :) But I've packed on the pounds since then and having a sedentary job and lifestyle certainly don't help! I need to stop being a couch potatoe and get moving and cut out the junk food and start eating healthy, but I've tried so many times before and I have no will power!~ Need to loose around 70 lbs and at this point, ... it just seems impossible!

Every Great Journey worth taking Begins with the First Step! :)

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