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1/2/13 8:16 P

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So glad you joined the team. You are getting the idea that there is no quick fix to weight gain. It takes time to get it off healthy and keep it off. I love my Spark teammates and I feel like they are family as I have been here several years and I am a slow loser, but happy with my results

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12/17/12 6:58 P

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Thank you all for your replies. It was very encouraging just to realise that there are other people experiencing the same things as me, and who would give up their time to respond. Certainly your experiences resonate with me and they've given me a few things to think about.

Firstly, that I need to be in this for the long haul. I'm getting the message that changes don't happen overnight and that I really need to consider not just the new few weeks, but the months to come as I try to make changes. Setting smaller, short term goals might be useful for me.

Secondly, I can see that the nutrition and exercise trackers have provided a lot of benefits. I've been finding my way around the nutrition tracker over the last couple of days and it is quite illuminating!! I've also started to track glasses of water each day. Once the nutrition tracker feels routine I'll add in the exercise tracker.

Thirdly, it seems that joining teams and discussion groups is beneficial. I hadn't really embraced this idea early on, but having sent out my first message and received positive responses has really opened my eyes to this aspect. Putting things in writing can feel like quite a commitment.

Lastly, I'm still finding my way around posting messages so I do hope this message actually replies to everyone who wrote to me.

Thanks, and best wishes for the coming weeks.

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12/15/12 4:24 P

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I think we are all right there with you and definitely wish you the best!

This journey of losing weight is certainly not easy, but it will be so worth it in so many areas!

I've been steadily gaining over the past few years. I've tried a ton of diets, and nothing worked. Then I was challenged to go to WW and exercise. I was told that exercise is the key. I didn't want to exercise like my doctor wanted me to. But, after a few weeks, I believe it IS the key to losing - along with watching what goes in the mouth. I was a WW leader for many years so I know the drill. Instead of rejoining WW, I rejoined SP.

My goal is an hour of exercise 5 times a week. I'm down 6 pounds so far since Dec. 2, and yes, I hate it coming off so slow. We all like things to happen quickly and losing weight is no different. But we didn't gain it quickly; it came on over time, and it is going to take time to shed it.

I'm supposed to be at my goal by April. That's exciting to me and doesn't seem so far away. It will never get easier than now. If I don't shed the unwanted pounds now, I'll just have more to shed later.

I'm becoming a part of the community here at SP. These gals are the best. The nutrition and exercise trackers are paramount to staying on track. I've taken polls and quizzes and found that I don't know what I thought I did. There is so much here at SP that is helpful ... we need to take the time to use it.

I don't do it perfectly, and no one else will either. We all have set backs. Just be honest and go for it. Stay in touch!

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12/15/12 11:20 A

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First, I wish you success, KATAWAUL!


In my mind, the word diet has many negative meanings. I failed on every single diet I ever undertook - including gaining weight on Weight Watchers. Tired of seeing the scale slowly creep upward and knowing I could easily say it was because of hypothyroidism, I instead was brutally honest when I filled out the information on SparkPeople at the beginning of September. I also got seriously well-acquainted with measuring every bit of nutrition I put in my mouth.

For me that meant always using a digital scale and measuring spoons and faithfully recording in the nutrition tracker. Also, making sure I drank at least 64 ounces of water a day (I have no health problems that limit my water intake). I also took a good hard look at how much sodium I was consuming and cut back. I made sure that the nutrition tracker wasn't allowing me extra calories because of an assumption that I was going to work out. I'm not - aside from walking and certainly not enough to have extra calories for "working out."

Imagine my surprise when the scale began to creep lower and has continued.

What this past three months has taught me is that portion control and drinking enough water works for me and in order to have continued success, I must keep doing it.

And yes, I struggle with emotional overeating. I have to be mindful of using food as a reward because it is a trigger for me. Also not to punish myself with food because of something someone else did or because I want to stuff my feelings down inside of me instead of letting them out and dealing with them.

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12/15/12 8:37 A

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I used to read all of the successes too and wondered why I couldn't be one of them. I struggled. I realized that I really wasn't that serious about losing the weight. It took being told I possibly had a heart attack to change my thinking. Everything turned out fine. I had a heart cath. and found out that I didn't have a heart attack, plus my arteries were in great shape. No blockages or anything. I just have an abnormal EKG reading. That was it. I knew now that being out of breath when I went up stairs and walked was because I was obese. I kept getting hernia's that needed to be fixed and I wasn't going to get it fixed until I lost some weight. That was 2 yrs ago. I've gone thru hernia surgery, fighting for my life because I developed sepsis, followed by breast cancer and more hernia surgery. Each time I hit that wall, I fought back harder. I'm now in the final stages of everything and I'm basically at the weight I want to be at. I do want to lose a few more lbs, but I'm not in a hurry to do it.

It took alot of work and not giving up, but the feelings I have now are amazing. A week doesn't go by that someone stops me and compliments me on how I look. I feel so good.

You can do this. It's not going to happen overnight, or in a week or even a month. It takes time and determination. Food for me isn't an issue anymore. I can look at something and say no really easy now. I still allow myself treats, but there are foods that I used to consume alot of that I just will not eat. Example: Chinese, french fries, or any fried food, creamed foods. and I don't eat red meat. I eat poultry and fish.

There is alot of support here. Plus use the food and exercise trackers. They're very helpful. Start small. The bulk of my weight came off by staying within my calories and walking.

Good Luck!


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12/15/12 5:04 A

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I understand your frustrations! I can identify with you wanting to do things on your own and feeling pathetic when you can't stop eating things! Going through menopause doesn't help! am going to send you a private message, so maybe we can chat a bit. It is a little overwhelming to know how to get involved with SparkPeople. I used to lurk, too. Getting to know people here can really help!


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12/15/12 4:45 A

Very encouraging! Thanks. I'm starting once again, and when I read other people's stories, even if not exactly like mine, it gives me energy to keep going.

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12/15/12 12:38 A

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I'm 57 years old. Seven years ago, I was 224 lbs and I use to think, if the biggest problem I have in my life is being overweight, I'm the luckiest person in the world. I still think that, as problems go, it's not the worst, but it's bad. I went through menopause... actually that was not bad at all... but my weight kept going up. At 50 I started to watch what I ate... I cut out chips and stuff like that. I still ate too much, but at least it was good food. I also joined Curves. Now Curves isn't a really strenuous workout, but for a fat, middle aged woman who hadn't been active for years, it was a start.

I did just those 2 things... it wasn't that bad, but I didn't get skinny either. Two years later, I weighed 210 lbs... only 14 lbs lost. But what had happened is, I no longer craved bad foods and going to curves 3 times a week was part of my life.

Then I joined Weight Watchers and a real gym. One year later I was down 40 lbs. Six months after that another 20 lbs. I kept that weight off for about two years, in which time I started doing speed walking, 5 km, 10 km and also 3 1/2 marathons. I've since gained 25 of those lbs back (I broke my arm and have had some stressfull family issues). But I didn't wait until the whole 60 lbs came back on... I'm back on track now/

I think the thing I've learned is not to expect immediate, miraculous weight loss. I never thought I would actually lose the weight. I'd started weight loss so many times and stopped after 10 - 15 lbs because it was too slow. But for 2 years I wasn't focused on weight loss... just feeling better and being more flexible.

I think you need to take it slow. Decide one or two things you can do and do those until it's part of your life and then add something else. The think is, it took me 18 months to lose 60 lbs and it was slow and I moaned each weigh in at WW's... but if I hadn't done that instead of being 60 lbs lighter I could have been the same or horrors... 10 - 15 lbs heavier!

You are a smart, intelligent woman who can do so much... surely you won't let food defeat you!

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of." Benjamin Franklin

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12/14/12 11:51 P

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I've been a member of SP for well over a year now and keep reading about everyone's successes. I've always tried to do things on my own and losing weight is one of those. If I tell everyone that i'm on a 'diet' I feel it would be an admission of failure that I can't control my weight. So I try and pretend that everything is OK. I'm slowly running out of clothes that fit me and I don't have the money to buy any more. Some days I feel like I am addicted to chocolate. I have a great family and a good job and really nothing to worry about compared to many people, but I can't stop eating things that are bad for me, especially when I am on my own. It's probably not helping that I am starting to go through menopause...I feel pathetic

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