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10/20/08 7:08 P

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Loved this...and I love PHC...and NPR!!!

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10/12/08 12:40 A

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Absolutely fabulous- Thank you for sharing!

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10/6/08 10:20 P

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My husband and I were lucky enough to be able to see a taping of "Prairie Home Companion" in Ann Arbor, MI this past summer (a gift for my birthday - :)), and it was one of the coolest experiences I've had at a live show. I mean, I've seen tons of concerts that I've loved over the years, and I used to work in theater - local, though a pretty popular one in A2 - and I gotta say - the way the "Prairie Home Companion" is put together, and Keillor's TRUE folksiness (not that Palin contrived ca - ca, thank you), and all the people involved with his show - no wonder it's been on the air and so popular for over 30 years - one of the best events each of us had seen.

The guy writes wonderfully, and has a wonderful knack for being so accurate and thoughtful in understanding a lot of how people feel about things - hearing his words keeps you intently listening to what he has to say, and reading them is just about as good! And boy, is he on the mark with this one!

"You CAN overcome setbacks. Trust in your plan. Believe in yourself. Give yourself good reasons to keep going. Keep a positive attitude. Optimists see more success not because they fail less often, but because they get back up more often. They see setbacks for what they really are; not a brick wall that must be climbed (or that'll stop progress altogether). It's merely a gate; it may delay you for a second, but if you open that gate and move through it, you’ll soon be on your way again."

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10/6/08 9:57 P

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Yep, love Garrison.

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10/6/08 4:26 P

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Great article, thanks for sharing!

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10/5/08 8:42 P

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Excellent...many Americans are completely fooled by the propaganda put out daily by the likes of Rush and Bill. Think, people, think. Think for yourselves...don't beieve every lie that is force fed to you. It's time to wake up and realize that we must take our country back from the Republican old boys club...they have controlled things for far too long and the result of that is the mess we are now facing. We can't afford 4 more has to end now if we are ever to dig ourselves out.

Am I angry? Oh yes! My sincerest hope is that the American people can look beyond the lies and smears now coming out of the McCain camp, that the American people won't be taken in by those tactics once again. And that the election will be fair...with all votes counted.



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10/5/08 12:37 P

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Like, Where's the Outrage?
Garrison Keillor

It's just human nature that some calamities register in the brain and others don't.

The train engineer texting at the throttle ('HOW R U? C U L8R'') and missing the red light and 25 people die in the crash - oh, God, that is way
too real - everyone has had a moment of supreme stupidity that came close to killing somebody. Even atheists say a little prayer now and then: Dear God,
I am an idiot. Thank you for protecting my children.

On the other hand, the federal bailout of the financial market (yawn) is a calamity that people accept as if it were just one more hurricane. An air
of crisis, the secretary of the Treasury striding down a hall at the Capitol with minions in his wake, solemn-faced congressmen at the microphones.
Something must be done, harrumph harrumph.

The Current Occupant pops out of the cuckoo clock and reads a few lines off a piece of paper, pronouncing all the words correctly. And the
newscaster looks into the camera and says, ''Etaoin shrdlu qwertyuiop.''

Where is the outrage?

Poor Larry Craig got a truckload of moral condemnation for tapping his wingtips in the men's john, but his party proposes to spend 5 percent of the GDP to buy up bad loans made by men who walk away with their fortunes intact while retirees see their 401(k) go pffffffff like a defunct air mattress, and it's business as usual.

Mr. McCain is a lifelong deregulator and believer in letting brokers and bankers do as they please - remember Lincoln Savings and Loan and his
intervention with federal regulators in behalf of his friend Charles Keating, who then went to prison?

Remember Neil Bush, the brother of the C.O., who, as a director of Silverado S&L, bestowed enormous loans on his friends without telling fellow
directors that the friends were friends and who, when the loans failed, paid a small fine and went skipping off to other things?

Mr. McCain now decries greed on Wall Street and suggests a commission be formed to look into the problem. This is like Casanova coming out for

Confident men took leave of common sense and bet on the idea of perpetual profit in the real estate market and crashed. But it wasn't their
money. It was your money they were messing with. And that's why you need government regulators.

Gimlet-eyed men with steel-rim glasses and crepe-soled shoes who check the numbers and have the power to say, ''This is a scam and a hustle and
either you cease and desist or you spend a few years in a minimum-security federal facility playing backgammon.''

The Republican party used to specialize in gimlet-eyed, steel-rim, crepe-soled common sense and then it was taken over by crooked preachers who
demand we trust them because they're packing a Bible and God sent them on a mission to enact lower taxes, less government. Except when things crash, and
then government has to pick up the pieces.

Some say the tab might come to a trillion dollars. Nobody knows. And Mr. McCain has not one moment of doubt or regret. He switches from First
Deregulation Church to Our Lady of Strict Vigilance like you might go from decaf to latte. Where is the straight talk? Does the man have no conscience?

It wasn't their money they were playing with. It was yours. Where were the cops?

What we are seeing is the stuff of a novel, the public corruption of an American war hero. It is painful. First, there was his exploitation of a
symbolic woman, an eager zealot who is so far out of her depth that it isn't funny anymore. Anyone with a heart has to hurt for how Mr. McCain has made a
fool of her.

Never mind the persistent cheesiness of his attack ads. And now this chasm of debt and loss, and the gentleman pretends to be shocked. He was there. He turned out the lights. He sent the regulators home.

Mr. McCain seems willing to say anything, do anything, to get to the White House so he can go to war with Iran. If he needs to recline naked in
Macy's window, he would do that, or eat live chickens, or claim to be a reformer.

Obviously you can fool a lot of people for a while and maybe he can stretch it out until November. But the truth is marching on. A few true
conservatives are leading a charge against the bailout. Good for them. But how about admitting that their cowboy economic philosophy was at fault here?


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