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Newly Diagnosed Diabetics

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TOPIC:   newbie...Is this for real? 

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8/6/12 10:27 A

SMBRYCE1's SparkPage
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on the plus side, the guy was erring on the side of caution if he diagnosed you based on a 140 blood sugar that wasn't fasting. On the down side, he isn't giving you a lot of information. I went through that at first too, and yes it is VERY frustrating. I found a new Endo who listens, talks, and gives plenty of info plus answers every question I can think of before I leave the office. Dude takes more time with me than any doc I've ever had. Awesome-sauce!

If he's having you test 2 times a day, I'd say go for first thing when you wake up, and 1.5 - 2 hours after breakfast. That will give you an idea of where you're starting, and where you're ending up after eating. After you've seen consistent numbers for a while, you might want to try before you go to bed and after you wake up, and see what those numbers are like. But you could always call the doc and ask him WHEN should the 2 times a day be. Cuz it does make a difference.

I've only been doing this 5 months, but was told "goal" FBG is high 60's to 99 but that's for a diabetic, and I've heard lower numbers from other doctors. But consistently if my numbers dropped into the 50's people became very concerned and even in the low 60's. That was happening to me a lot for a while, but now I've gotten things under more control with exercise, change of the way I eat, and Metformin (an oral med I take) and they took me off the med that was causing my blood sugar to drop too low. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar crashes) are not uncommon with diabetics to my surprise. But I also notice they're more common with people who take certain medications or are not working any plan for their diabetes. So hopefully your FBG (Fasting Blood Glucose) won't be that low all the time.

Question: Do you feel like crud when you get up? If your numbers are that low on a regular basis first thing in the morning, it could be related. Then again, if you're not actually diabetic and you're being misdiagnosed based on a doc who didn't get full info before slapping a label on you, maybe the 54 in the morning is "normal" for you and you're not feeling craptastic every morning. But I know for me, if my numbers are as low as 54, I feel sweaty, clamy, shaky and possibly light headed, definitely a bit confused and slow thinking. I also am probably grouchy. Those are some of the signs of low blood sugar. I was told if my numbers are that low to drink 2 oz of orange juice or eat a glucose tablet, a small bag of skittles, or a spoonful of sugar or maple syrup, then test again in 10 minutes. If my numbers are up to 70-99, then to eat a healthy snack or meal depending on the time of day, and make sure it includes fat and protein which help keep the blood sugar up in the normal range and regulated longer because it takes the body longer to process some foods than others and slower is better in the case of trying to keep your numbers regulated. Hopefully this info helps.

Best wishes finding a new doc that you mesh with better.

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DITA_DSTROIA's Photo Posts: 24
8/4/12 9:03 P

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Thank you for the info! No he did not take an A1C test, thats probably what he'll be doing when I go back in 6 weeks, and I think I will be going to another doctor. Just the fact that he told me that I had diabetes but gave me no info whatsoever is frustrating to say the least. I will be sure to sign up for that group.

I'm hoping to get it under control before I go in for that visit, as it is a very new diagnosis... meaning I am 6 months post-partum and was tested before, during and after my pregnancy and no one noticed that I was diabetic or at least borderline diabetic? If his intention was to scare me, it worked... Holy lifestyle change batman!!!

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8/3/12 1:54 A

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Find out if your doctor took an A1C test. This checks your average Blood sugar over the last 3 months. I hate it when they just don't give you any info at all. And yes you should have been fasting. Perhaps you should consider a new doctor. This is not a disease to fool around with. It can be deadly. Please be sure to sign up on the managing diabetes team also. You will get lots of info and support. There are many wonderful helpful articles on here about diabetes. Click under health conditions and then visit the spark d program page. I would recommend drinking at least the daily recommended amount of water and maybe avoiding the pop. That has helped me tremendously

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GRAMMAJUDY1's Photo Posts: 3,348
8/2/12 11:00 P

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I too am newly diagnosed so I can't answer most of your questions. My doctor did have me take a fasting blood test, and had been doing so for many months. She did not give me a monitor or tell me how to deal with diabetes. She did want to start me on insulin and I declined asking for three months to get my blood sugar back where it should be.

I joined a Spark People group Managing Diabetes Group!. They are all knowledgeable and are helping me to understand what is happening. They were very upset that my doctor didn't give me the monitor or instructions. My granddaughter who has lived with a woman who has diabetes and chooses not to treat it properly, was really upset. Even when I told her I had arranged an appointment with a specialist she thought it wasn't soon enough. So, I will be very careful to get all the information I can.

I am grateful for my Managing Diabetes team. They are helping me a great deal. It would be a very good group for you as well. Come on in.

Love, Judyemoticon

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DITA_DSTROIA's Photo Posts: 24
8/2/12 10:46 P

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Hi all, Im new to this group, and I was diagnosed two days ago...I've always loved and probably abused sugar, but this diagnosis just doesnt sit right with me. I'm taking it seriously, anyway, if nothing else it is the most motivation I've ever had to change my ways, but I'm hoping maybe some of you can help me answer some questions.

My first question is did your doctor do a fasting glucose test before diagnosing you? My doctor didn't. He just looked at my labs from a week earlier said that my sugar was in the 140's and that I'm diabetic (mind you, I had a regular mountain dew as I was walking into the office before the blood test which was for my thyroid). Then he gave me a monitor and told me to take my blood sugar twice a day... didn't tell me what time of day or what the numbers mean. I've had to do a lot of research the last two days, and needless to say I am completely frustrated.

My other question is, is it normal for you be as low as 54 first thing in the morning?

Any advice is completely welcome. Thanks.

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