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Newly Diagnosed Diabetics

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TOPIC:   Newly diagnosted diabetics 

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Posts: 8
10/8/09 11:54 A

LADYBUG967's SparkPage
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Thanks so much for your reply.I will try your link. I guess I am just now learning that I will have to change my lifestyle. I am not a great breakfast eater. My blood sugar is a little high in the mornings and in range later.
By the way, a big family reunion this Saturday(in Vinton)How do you handle all that rich food everyone brings? Should I eat ahead of time or what.No fun there.

MAMASUE12244's Photo Posts: 804
10/7/09 10:04 A

MAMASUE12244's SparkPage
Welcome to the team. has a great deal of information on diabetes which you can read at

Sorry..I don't know how to make this a link.

The amount of carbs per meal usually runs 45 grams. That gives you a total of 45 x 3 =135 plus a snack of 45 for a total per day of 180grams. Do not use the nutritional menus on Sparks! They are not programed for diabetics. But you can use them as a basis for your meals. That is what I do. Please read all the information on this at the above site.
Also, another good site for diabetes is Just about diabetes I and II. With recipes and charts.
This is scary and seems hard at first. It isn't. I have found that I eat more fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains than I ever did. No more sugar snacks or wasted calories. Just a good normal life plan. can have cake, cookies, carb range. Remember if you want them you give up- most of the time--three other better foods. Make wise choices.

Pay attention to yourselves that your hearts never become weighed down with overeating and heavy drinking and anxieties of life.óLuke 21:34.

Posts: 8
10/6/09 11:36 P

LADYBUG967's SparkPage
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I am very confused about carbs and how much to eat without having to try to look up everything. I thought I was doing everything healthy, then the news came last week that I am diabetic. I have a family history and even a sister that's diabetic. Any help is appreciated.

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