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TOPIC:   Milk May Be A Problem For Me 

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7/31/13 8:28 A

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So because I have food allergies, I have a temporary lactose intolerance because the intestinal cilia stuff is paralyzed from eating the bad stuff. I am not allergic to dairy. when I am clean of the bad stuff and eat more yogurt, it heals and someday I should be able to eat dairy products again without getting sick. until that is done, I have to avoid lots of foods and go for cheeses that have been aged over a year.
Have you seen a doctor? That's how my doc explained it. Gives me HOPE that I don't have to be uncomfortable!
I am also allergic to most whole grains, veggies, fruit, seafood, latex (includes bananas, nuts, watermelon, avocado), soy, potato, rice. Everything has corn in it. I hate it.
So without allergy shots, my pollen allergies and food allergies gang up on me. I am reduced to feeling like I have the flu and throwing up within 2 hours after I've eaten bad food.

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6/8/13 2:30 P

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I too have lately been seeing an ENT specialist due to inability to sing, extreme hoarseness and a feeling of somewhat strangling my throat almost all the time. Had transnasal endoscopy (no findings), and acid reflux blood tests. To my dismay, I had MANY acid reflux-related food allergies, #! of which was goat's milk (I lost about 30 pounds this past year LARGELY due to plain nonfat Greek yogurt and sugar-free berries...great source of protein and calcium and really satisfying!) OOOH NOOOOO Mr. Bill! Also allergic to bananas and tomatoes and about 10 other things. He has me on a dairy-free diet for 2 weeks to see if things improve. If not, then I cut out other foods. After reading many of your posts, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give up my Greek yogurt, which was my ANSWER to losing weight, and I finally had plenty of calcium in my diet (I'm 60.) I've had acid reflux for years, but only slightly bothersome at night when food would come up into my throat once in awhile. Had no idea dairy and other food allergies could cause this. Easter I had to sing in church and I had to ask my pastor to announce before I sang that I'm not up to par because of severe hoarseness. Any dairy-free recipes or diet plans would be much appreciated! Glad I found you guys, and God bless!

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5/27/13 8:28 A

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All the glory to Jesus, my Saviour!!!

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5/26/13 11:35 A

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Just give up all dairy products. They tend to cause illness in many people.

If it is going to be it is up to me!!!

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5/26/13 11:00 A

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I have always had problems with allergies, but in the last year or so it has gotten increasingly worse. After doing some reading, I found that people with allergies should try staying away from milk/dairy products. The reason for this is that milk/dairy products produce mucus! I recently added a protein drink which added more milk to my daily diet and I am as sick as a dog. I began to think that just maybe it is the milk! Going to cut out milk/dairy products to see how it goes. I do go to an ENT specialist, but I would also like to eliminate the medicines associated with getting sick, but I know that sometimes prescriptions cannot be avoided. Anyway, that is where I am at...for now!

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