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7/21/13 7:15 A

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1. I'm ambidextrous
2. I drive a standard
3. I don't have any tattoos, but I am planning to get some
4. I have only been in British Columbia, Saskatchewan (home), and Alberta
5. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats, a turtle, and some fish
6. I was adopted at 3 months old
7. I believe that I have strong psychic abilities
8. I might go back to school for my social work degree
9. I am planning an out-of-country all-inclusive vacation for January
10. January is my worst month for my depression, which I'm currently trying to regulate with vitamins

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4/8/13 8:55 P

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1. I can remember numbers and lots of them - dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc.
2. I love pictures. My house and office are covered.
3. I have been to the Spam museum.
4. Missy Higgins is my all time favorite singer.
5. I have 2 tattoos and can't wait to get more.
6. I've been thinking about getting my doctorate.
7. I am the co-director of a camp for children with autism and their families.
8. Cards are one of my most favorite things. I love finding that perfect card to give to someone almost as much as I love receiving cards.
9. I am totally addicted to my phone.
10. When I get to my goal weight, my reward will be to go ziplining.

I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".
Mary Anne Radmacher

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10/16/12 11:17 P

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01) I can write with my toes. To define that- I can pick the pencil up, hold it semi-proper and then write legibly without the use of my hands. i even mastered cursive!

02) I am a horror movie freak! If it looks remotely scary, I watch it!

03) Metal music is my preference. I love to headbang!

04) I am obsessed with Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus! I twitter creep them like crazy!

05) JJ Watt of the Houston Texans looks like he could have fathered my kids! Lol

06) The color yellow has my heart.

07) I write fanfiction like a true nerd :)

08) I love to dance in my car! If you get lucky, i might even roll down my window and serenade you.

09) I laugh like Peter Griffin

10) The smell of skunk is somewhat pleasent to me.

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5/14/12 4:18 P

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here we go...

1. Am left-handed
2. Know how to play the clarinet
3. Love to cook
4. Love to read
5. Love all animals
6. Enjoy dancing
7. Favorite color is Red
8. Love to go Clothes Shopping
9. Love to go for walk/jogs
10. Enjoy learning new things

Blessings to all....

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2/4/12 2:33 P

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i just joined the group, and even though no one has posted here in quite a few months, i thought it might be a fun way to introduce myself/get to know you :)

here we go...

1) i'm currently working toward my clinical mental health counseling license!
2) i loveLOVElove the pacific northwest, and want to move there within the next 5 years.
3) that being said, i still irrationally love my hometown of cleveland.
4) i have two kittens that are like my children, habibi & falafel.
5) i have one tattoo, but want a few more.
6) kale is one of my favorite foods, and kale chips are my recent addiction.
7) when my things are in rainbow order (books, clothes, even my underwear drawer...) i feel a lot better about life.
8) i have a love for all things vintage and spend my free time looking through thrift stores for fun vintage pieces for my apartment.
9) i work in a day program for adults with disabilities.
10) i love to do craft projects. please send any ideas my way!

i was on sparkpeople back in 2009 while i was in college, but was not committed enough to follow through with it for more than a few months. i'm looking to get involved in some communities so i can have inspiration and drive to follow through with my plan this time! i look forward to getting to know you :)

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9/17/11 12:04 A

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Hello all!

1) I live in a very small town in the middle of nowhere
2) I love animals, I have a dog, snake, fish, and cats
3) I have a few tattoos and some piercings
4) I am currently working towards an AA in accounting
5) I have around 60 lbs to lose
6) I enjoy horseback riding
7) I would love to travel
8) I enjoy drawing
9) I love my car
10) I recently quit smoking

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8/10/11 1:13 A

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Hey Everyone!
I read everyone's posts and we all have lots in common!
Here I go!
1. I'm ambidextrous; I write and eat with my left hand and do everything else with my right!
2. I play the ukelele and I'm learning the banjo. I like to record you tube videos of myself covering indie bands on the uke. :)
3. I'm a professional chef and food blogger.
4. I'm working on developing an Ipad cookbook.
5. I was living in the SF Bay Area for the last 6 years until my friend from back home brought a guy out for me to meet in January. I moved back home to Philadelphia in May and moved in with him!
6. I taught Environmental and Animal Sciences at a zoo for 5 years.
7. My boyfriend's Ipad has reignited my love of reading! I'm currently tearing through all of Neil Gaiman's works!
8. I'm very interested in Human Psychology and would love to study it more.
9. I used to be obsessed with horror movies when I was a kid but now I can't stand them! Especially zombies!
10. I backpacked around Europe by myself for two months in 2009. I love to travel and can't wait to see more of the world!

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8/9/11 10:43 P

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This is awesome!

1. I love to crochet, my grandmother taught me when i was really young
2. I've had over 3 years of operatic voice training ;)
3. I've lived in Texas, Alaska, California, and Maryland
4. I've Visited New York, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington DC, Washington State, Oklahoma... Gosh i know there is more but i just cant think of them all right now lol.
5. I believe I was a seafarer in a past life.
6. I am writing a fictional novel about pirates and slave trading with my best friend.
7. I am co-founder of LASAA (Los Angeles Starving Artist's Association)
8. I was homeschooled my entire life
9. I love to bake
10. I love Spongebob Squarepants!

"Too weird to live... Too rare to die..." H.S. Thompson

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1/25/11 1:02 P

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Hi I am new!!!

1. I am moving back to my favorite city (Vancouver, BC)in June, and I couldnt be happier about that!
2. I have two cats that I absolutely adore.
3. I have a huge family, we all get along and my parents are awesome.
4. I've lived in Calgary, AB for 4 years and I STILL HAVE NO FRIENDS......
5. I have to quit smoking!
6. I love music, and have quite the record collection!
7. I am 20, and i have lived more than most people would in their entire life!!
8. i feel blessed to be so young.
9. I miss my friends like you wouldnt believe.
10. I play bass and guitar, but have never been in a band.... a new goal?

"Don't give up what you want most in life, for something you think you want now."

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11/5/10 2:33 P

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New Here and hoping to find new friends and inspiration - so here goes! 10 Random things about me!

1. I am a GRANDMOTHER!! Love my babies!!!
2. I am a cake decorator outside of my day job
unfortunately "everything's better with buttercream"
3. I love love love TOOL and PERFECT CIRCLE...In my next life, I am marrying Maynard James Keenan - he just doesnt know it yet
4. I have been smoke free for 19 days....feelin ggggggggrrrrrrrreeeeeeeaaaaaaaattttttt! Although I do still crave a smoke once in a while
5. I CANNOT STAND TO BE LIED TO...the worst part about being lied to is knowing that you were not worthy of the truth
6. I have an obsessive fear of dying alone...
7. I love love love my dogs, but uuuughh ! I HATE FLEAS!!!
8. My ex husband says that I have "eyes that could stop a freight train"
9. I love to dance, dance, dance....anytime, anywhere
10. Im a bit OCD...I cannot go to sleep if there is anything on my bedroom floor =0)


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11/1/10 11:26 A

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1. I'm completely and utterly addicted to chocolate (I haven't had it in 3 weeks, and I've had headaches everyday since I decided to stop eating it)
2. I'm a bookworm, my ipad has only made my reading obsession worse.
3. I love to listen to music and dance around the house at the oddest times.
4. I'm from NJ, moved to AZ 2 years ago, now living in FL for the last year, and I still miss my family and friends every single day.
5. I'm tattooed, and while I love my tattoos I hate most of the attention that they get when I go out.
6. I disappeared from SP for a few months ( I still continued eating healthy and working out)..and now I'm back with a vengeance.
7. I'm 24 and I still have no idea what I want to do career wise.
8. I'm terrified of roaches, even though I haven't been around all that many. Ex. I had one in my apartment in AZ. (it was HUGE) I had a complete panic attack and it took me forever just to get close enough to kill it with bug spray. I couldn't even pick it up when it was dead...I lucked out because I spotted a maintenance guy walking just out side of my apt and ran out to have him get it for me. ( I must have completely freaked him out, I came running out of my house with my hair a mess and tears streaming down my
9. I can't run to save my life...I'm not sure what it is, but my form is completely off and I feel awkward when I attempt to run properly.
10. I'm a complete spaz.

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10/22/10 9:22 P

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I'm New.... 10 random things about me

1. I have an irrational fear of moths.... ever since i was 3 or so! I stopped sleeping with a night-light that year at my family's cabin, because of moths that would fly around it all night!
2. I am 20 years old, and still cannot swim unless you count doggy-paddling! This is a result of not liking my head under water, and therefore failing level one swimming 3 times!
3. I leave my clean laundry in the basket for days, so i usually wear wrinkly cloths
4. I LOVE reading, and will read literally anything... I also read very quick!
5. I have the worst sense of direction, ive lived in the area that i got to university in for about 2 years, and still don't know where i'm going!
6. I have never been outside of Western Canada(BC,AB,SK), but i would love to see the world
7. I procrastinate everything
8. I have a fear of spiders... I can't even kill them!
9. I cried when my fish died... but then i cry at everything, i cry really easily
10. I Love the smell of coffee and coffee beans... but hate the taste!

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7/19/10 10:33 A

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1. I laugh ALL of the time, sometimes to myself in public!
2. I admit that I'm a little neurotic about cleanliness and orderliness.
3. I am a complete book nerd! My favorite genre is 19th century classic American literature1
4. Even though I've lost over 40 pounds, sometimes I look in the mirror and I see the same girl. Then I realise that I'm being ridiculous and that I should give myself credit for my progress!
5. I revel in others' awkward natures.
6. I am in no rush to 'grow up.'
7. I live in the moment.
8. I dance anywhere, anytime, and for any reason! That being said, I am an awful dancer, haha!
9. I am the quintessential picky eater (texture, texture, texture!). I'm slowly, but surely, working on it, though!
10. I recognize that my seemingly minuscule acts of kindness have the power to make someone's day, and I LOVE living with that in mind!

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7/13/10 12:18 P

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1. My 4 year old daughter is my life.
2. My favorite color is pink.
3. I am a Rape Crisis Counselor.
4. I love to laugh and usually laugh at myself.
5. I want to write a book (children's book or a
6. I am going to school to be a drug and alcohol
7. I am a procrastinator.
8. I pretend I can sing any tune, I try, but hey...
I can't do it all.
9. I will try anything once and if I like it...
I'll do it again!
10. I hate talking on the phone, but I will text all
day long! emoticon

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7/7/10 4:38 P

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1) I am engaged to my sweetness Jason
2) I am in a band (sing) called Paradise Run. We are just starting out :)
3) Music is a huge part of my life.
4) working out has ALWAYS been fun to me.
5) I tend to not eat or drink enough rather that eating too much.
6) My purpose in life is to become a mother.
7) I have expensive taste because I grew up with NOTHING. For example I'm looking for an apartment and the qualifications is walk in closet, pool, fitness center, washer and dryer in unit. Its probably a downfall but I refuse to live in a craphole.. Are my standards too high (especially for a 20 year old)???
8) I have two cats that I adore completely!!!
9) I wish I could redo high school.
10) I want to own my own business.

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5/26/10 6:01 P

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1)I absolutely love Angelina Jolie.
2)I have a crazy ambition to win an oscar(best original screenplay) one day.
3)I've seen the band, 'brand new," 4 times.
4)I have a unexplainable desire to go to Scotland.
5)The film, 'Magnolia,' made me want to go film school.
6)My favorite alochol is Jack Daniels.
7)My best friend lives in St. Lucia. We pretend to be Katy Perry & Rihanna.
8)One of my guilty pleasures is watching the Real Housewives of..well of all of them.
9)I'm Canadian, Latvian and German.
10)I've seen Pretty Woman at least 25 times.

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4/22/10 11:50 A

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1.I love to make jewelry.

2.I have two great children, a boy and a girl.

3.I live in a beach town and yes, I go to the beach a lot! (Gotta get my bikini body back)

4.Favorite drink is a dirty vodka martini with a lemon twist.

5.I think Iggy Pop is sexy.

6.I took a hip-hop dance class when I was 30..ha ha...complete with recital! Good times :)

7.I love indie music..current favorite bands: Mumford and Sons, The XX, Passion Pit, Bear Hands, Tegan & Sara, oh, there are too many to name. I also love Modest Mouse!

8.I can make excellent vegan chocolate chip cookies, but I'm not daughter is.

9.I can't stop buying shoes online...ugh! help!

10.My hair starting going really gray when I was 19, isn't that sad? But I have a wonderful stylist who keeps me looking young!

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4/19/10 9:49 P

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1. I love swimming in the ocean.

2. I know how to make yogurt.

3. Despite my rotund appearance, I am really flexible.

4. I used to play rugby, and miss it dearly.

5. I go to university and am completing my BA in psychology, in the hopes of going to grad school for clinical psychology.

6. I think humans and the human mind are fascinating.

7. I have a strange obsession with John Cusack.

8. I have strange anxieties -- such as I fear I have wasted too much time, despite the fact I am only 20.

9. So far, I'm the youngest person I've come across on Sparkpeople.

10. I love to read.

"If anyone ever tells you you're not good enough, you're not smart enough, to giive up your foolish dream, if anyone ever tells you to quit - you gotta make 'em wear a diaper on their mouth 'cause man, they're just talking sh1t."
-Shane Koyczan

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4/19/10 1:25 A

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Sara's randoms...

10. My undergrad degree is in Nationalism and Irish History

9. When people ask what I did with that degree I tell them I married an Irish man. emoticon

8. I'm a teacher, on hiatus because I hurt my back.

7. I used to be a toddler teacher but I'd love to move to elementary special education.

6. I've been married for 3 years.

5. I'm the middle of 5 children, my mom called me her "oldest, youngest, only, middle child." We're pretty spread out in ages so I filled almost all of those roles at some stage!

4. My Dad, sister, brother and father-in-law are all named Dan (well Daniel or Danielle)

3. I was bit by a brown recluse spider on the head when I was 10, I still have a little bald spot!

2. I love looking at crafty tutorials online, but my inspiration pile is a LOT bigger than my creations pile.

1. I equate shopping at thrift stores with treasure hunting.

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3/31/10 10:48 P

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10. I'm a vegetarian.

9. I used to be on Weight Watchers, and I hated it! Spark is about a million times more awesome.

8. I blog:

7. I graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in English.

6. I hate marzipan and black licorice.

5. I'm addicted to avocados. Seriously, if I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, that would be it.

4. I'll be 23 in less than a week :)

3. Running and yoga are my favorite activities.

2. I LOVE to cook and am always looking to discover new vegan/vegetarian recipes.

1. I have a chihuahua and she has a better wardrobe than me. I never thought I'd be one of those girls that dresses up their dog, but happened. haha And it's too cute to stop.

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3/15/10 2:33 P

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Hi I'm new!

1) I have a tattoo of Ariel from The Little Mermaid
2) I hate coconut
3) I am fascinated by the pop-up light that comes with snuggies
4) I never had video games as a child, so consequently I'm horrible now
5) My favorite ice cream floavor is Strawberry
6) I work for a non-profit
7) I have never been to Europe
8) I love coffee but I'm not particular about what kind
9) I have two cats, Zeppelin and Alice
10) I like to run

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
-Margaret Mead

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11/13/09 11:39 A

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- I love doing my nails, especially with OPI colors.
- I think a little too seriously about everything.
- I read three fashion blogs on a daily basis (the Sartorialist, Garance Dor, and the Fug Reports).
- I really dislike Crocs.
- I love Rilakkuma, a Japanese cartoon bear.
- Compared to your average American, I'm a food snob; I'm very preoccupied with the nutritional quality and overall deliciousness of my food. For this reason, it's hard to catch me eating fast food.
- I'm a fan of Scandinavian design.
- I've never been to Europe, but I often go to Hong Kong, and I live in Taipei. I've also lived in Beijing and Shanghai.
- I don't know how to drive!
- I love sauerkraut, and most other pickled things.

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11/5/09 12:37 A

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Ten Random Things About Me:

1.I grew up without electricity

2. or running water

3. or phones

4. no I'm not amish

5. I love country music, punk, but I really really love Grunge Rock.

6. I grew up on a ranch in the middle of no where, and I can't wait to get back!

7. I used to be super organize, but since moving I can't seem to manage a hour of my time!

8. On the other hand I used to be very shy and timid, not so much anymore.

9. I love horses, like eat sleep and dream horses, that is number one draw back being married to a marine, I can't to bring one of my horses with me....

10. I love shoes, one of the many perks of being in my pole dancing class is that I get to wear high heels while I work out.

Eating Healthy for Me and my baby!

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11/4/09 2:09 P

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Random Things About Me:

1. I'm an only child.
2. I grew up in a musical family. I've been playing the guitar since I was 13 (I'm 21 now).
3. No Doubt was my favorite band growing up. I still think Gwen Stefani is awesome.
4. I've had a few ugly relationships. It has changed my perspective on men a lot.
5. I would love to go backpacking through Europe someday.
6. I'm almost a senior in college and I still have no idea what I want to do with my life.
7. My best friend lives 36 miles away and I only get to see her on special occasions :(
8. I'm terrified of roller coasters... or any ride that goes super fast.
9. I love cats. Especially the orange ones.
10. I didn't drink on my 21st birthday. I had so much fun I forgot about alcohol.

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8/12/09 2:48 P

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Might as well go for it....

1. I'm a lifetime student. I don't want to "finish"... ever.

2. Caramel lattes call to me

3. I LOVE water. I bring probably around 120 oz. just during the work hours because I love it so much.

4. I don't want to work.... ever

5. I have a short attention span

6. I'll read almost anything that someone lends me.

7. I prefer to drink using straws.

8. I have a competetion with myself about how quickly I can get my next sparkpoints trophy.... and I'm winning. :)

9. I never have anything to say on these message boards.

10. I have to pee now from drinking water while typing all this...

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5/30/09 12:17 P

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These are fun lists!

1-I traveled for 19 months after I had my heart broken. I lived in 11 different places all over the united states and mexico.

2-I believe that you should live life extreme. Live Life HARD, it's your life don't be complacent.

3-I modeled when I was younger....and MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH thinner.

4-I am terrified of the gym, I start to have anxiety attacks everytime I go into one.

5-I love my family more than life.

6-I've learned blond hair gets me dates, brown hair gets me jobs and pink hair is too much fun.

7-I have an ugly habit of leaving people while they are sleeping in the middle of the night (I did to my boyfriend when he broke my heart, then to two other people.)

8-my boyfriend and I have been together as long as me and my exhusband were and I'd go through every bit of heartache I went through to wake up next to my boyfriend now. He IS my heart.

9-I want kids SOMEDAY. My boyfriend wants them now.

10- emoticon

Make Life Sparkle.

I AM committed to myself.

My Blog:

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5/24/09 6:53 A

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Hey girls! I'm new, and thought I would just jump inn here :o)
1: I'm addicted to coffee to the point where I actually get headaches if I don't get my fix(es).
2: I listen to music everywhere, all the time.
3: I'm "challenged" in the geography department. Meaning no sense of direction, can't remember where I walked 5 minutes earlier,etc.
4: I love going to the hairdressers/salon!
5: ... and how, when you step off an airplane in a different country, you can feel the air and atmosphere on your face.
6: My fave cities are Paris and New York.
7: I'm really supposed to be studying for tomorrows exam right now.
8: I'm in a band but have no musical talent whatsoevvvver!
9: Fave sport is volleyball.
10: My biggest body issues are my toes. Their ruined since I used to dance ballet. I equal parts love and hate strappy sandals and gladiator shoes.

So those were some random facts about me. Had a lot of fun reading the other posts :) Back to my studies now... Xo!

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5/13/09 12:02 P

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1. The only foods I've ever liked from my childhood to present are artichokes and mushrooms. They're both favorites of mine, which makes me sound like a healthy eater, even though I'm not.

2. I have a random obsession with Russian History. I don't like history in general, I have no personal ties to Russia and I usually can satisfy my intellectual curiosity with a general knowledge, but this one has gotten kind of out of hand.

3. A few years ago, my roommate and I were extras in an ABC Family Made-for-TV Movie called "Everything You Want".

4. I grew up on an island, and to this day, I feel suffocated without a large body of water in view and absolutely carefree when I'm practically trapped by the ocean.

5. I have severe issues with losing teeth, it's pretty much a phobia. This made that part of my childhood slightly traumatic. I can't even handle little kids wiggling their loose teeth in front of me. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

6. My other big phobia is of spiders. Remember the scarab beetles in The Mummy? I feel like a spider will do that to me if I get anywhere near them. Because of this, I have a hard time killing them because I'm afraid they'll jump me like that . . . and I'm also afraid they'll come back to life and haunt me, or that I will be killed in revenge by their living spider relatives. I only get the courage to kill them when no one else is around to do it for me because the only thing worse than a spider, is a missing spider . . . I know it's completely irrational, but I can't help it.

7. I love logic problems, puzzles and algebra. I'm left brained and every process in my head is a logical, analytical breakdown of thoughts and experiences.

8. I grew up with a very talented mother. Technically our family could have survived a hundred years ago. . . I say technically because we have the capability, maybe just not the work ethic. . . but really, I'm pretty crafty. For example, if you gave me a sheep, I could make you a sweater; I know how to prepare the wool, spin it and dye it, then I could crochet, knit or weave and sew it into something relatively functional.

9. Sometimes I'm psychic, but not when I'm trying to be . . .and for really dumb things, like knowing that the car in front of me is going to turn or predicting who's calling or texting me before I find out.

10. I love reading pretty much anything.

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3/24/09 9:24 P

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About me:

1. I want to be a psychologist.

2. I have found my soul mate! (I know i'm young but it's not a stupid fling.)

3. I don't get along with most of my peers due to their intelligence...or lack thereof.

4. My favorite authors are Neil Gaimen and Edgar Allen poe.

5. I think there is beauty in everything.

6. I love horror movies.

7. I would love to learn to ballroom dance.

8. I want to have identical twin boys one day. (Even though I can't really pick.)

9. I like to talk to myself.

10. I believe that love really does conquer all.

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3/17/09 3:46 P

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Aw it's so much fun to read about people!

About me:

1. When I was 13, I visited Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. When I cam back my parents said they had lost me to traveling forever. I now live in Edinburgh and am originally from California.

2. People describe me as smiley. I also laugh a lot and lose my train of thought often.

3. I recently made a lamp shade out of toilet paper rolls.

4. I'm studying Occupational Therapy which works with people to get them back into their daily activities. This can be things like showering and dressing themselves, to cooking or getting back to work. It's incredibly diverse and we work with lots of different groups of people... which is why I started.

5. I hate the crinkly sound of chip bags and can't manage to sit in a busy theater where people are eating.

6. I have a major soft spot for musicians.

7. LFranta! I too use numbers to remember things. I make different calculations and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember. (so for 1248 I would do... 1x2x4=8)

8. I love charity shops and am quite the bargain shopper.

9. I'm a vegetarian.

10. Smokey Robinson hit me with a golf cart and I once sang 'Gettin Jiggy with it' to Will Smith, needless to say, he wasn't amused.

1st Weight Goal: 150 pounds by Halloween

1st fitness Goal: Running 5 miles by October 3

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3/15/09 3:53 A

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LOL! Sweet NY Lady #1 on your list made me chuckle!

10 Random Things about Kelbo:

1. I am the youngest of 5 kids - 4 girls and 1 boy. My poor brother got stuck right in the middle.
2. My mother is a professional opera singer. She trained at a performing arts school in Vienna, Austria when she was in her twenties. Our whole family is musical and used to sing together at Christmas mass as a family.
3. I love the performing arts. I like to sing, but I will always be a dancer at heart. I grew up taking ballet and jazz from 6-18. I will dance anywhere, any time!In fact, whenever music is playing it is very hard for me to sit still!
4. I love my family and friends so much it makes me cry.
5. I always wanted to travel and see the world, but never had the means/money. Since I met my husband who is British, I have travelled to 8 new countries -Tunisia, England, Bahrain, Dubai U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Malta and Ethiopia. I can't wait to expand my list!
6. I am very sensitive. I cry at movies, TV shows, even commercials! But I laugh just as easily!
7. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV (yes people do actually live there as normal human beings). But I went to college in Seattle and fell in love with the city. I will always consider Seattle my real home.
8. I once met Mario Lopez from Saved by the Bell. I used to watch back to back episodes of that show every day after school! LOL!
9. My great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather was once a King in Ireland until he was defeated by Cromwell. Does that make me a princess?!
10. I despise arrogant people. I think how you treat service workers says a lot about the kind of person you are and I hate when people are condescending. Just remember that everyone has a story and you could well be the one to help them reach a happier ending!


"May all beings, everywhere, be happy and free. And may the thoughts and actions of my own life contribute, in some way, to that happiness and to that freedom for all."
~Ancient Sanskrit Mantra

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3/8/09 5:40 A

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1. In high school I always thought I was fat... looking back I wish I was that "fat" again, lol.
2. I graduated high school and went directly to college and I'm STILL working on my B.A. in Sociology with a minor in Latino Studies.
3. Growing up everyone picked on me because I didn't act "white," my defense was that the way you act isn't based on race at all.
4. I live with my in laws who don't speak much English, and I understand a lot of spainish, but am too afraid to try and speak it.
5. I dated a bad boy for 6 years before I met my husband and was actaully arrested in an armed robbery case (they let me off, thank God). Really stupid of me and cause a lot of hurt to people who believed in me.
6 I've worked for Dunkin Donuts for over 8 years now, and have been a manager for jusst over a year.
7. I can't save money to save my life!
8. I am dying to buy a house but have the worst credit in the world.
9. I'm a cat lover and I want a Savannah kitten (they run from $650 all the way to $2000), but I also love dogs and secretly want a pitbull or rottweiler puppy.
10. When my son was 9 months old people would still ask me when I was due, and I went home and cryed everytime.


1. 135lbs by Halloween
2. Stay commited to my health

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3/7/09 11:39 P

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These are so fun to read! I love getting to know you girls.

..`* .*..

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3/7/09 1:35 P

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Ten random things about Me:

1. I talk to myself all the time.
2. I cry when I drop my dogs off for puppy day-care.
3. I love eating baby cereal.
4. My husband and I are planning to adopt children from other countries.
5. I refuse to listen to voicemails. Anyone who knows me well knows to text.
6. When I work out, I think about going to my 10 year high school reunion (next year!) and making all of the people who treated me badly jealous of my amazing body!
7. I'm writing a book....slowly.
8. Most music makes me cry.
9. I am a bad dancer, but I still dance.
10. I exaggerate when I tell stories.

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3/7/09 11:44 A

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ten things about erin:

1. i've been married for 7 months and i love it!
2. i love to sing and i am determined to audition for american idol this year.
3. i should be graduating from college this april. We had to move to california last minute for cody's internship, therefore all my student teaching plans were derailed. Now we are trying to set up a legal agreement with the local school district so i can finally do my student teaching, and finally be an elementary teacher! but i won't be able to do it till the fall. very frustrating.
4. I was the baritone in a barbershop quartet when i was in high school. We competed and did "gigs" for money.
5. I walk or ride my bike to the library every saturday.
6. I am very religious.
7. my biggest pet pieve is when people walk on the wrong side of the hallway/sidewalk (the left side). It makes me want to yell at people.
8. i'm really afraid of the ocean. I love the beach, but i dont' ever go swimming.
9. my husband and i grew up in completely oposite places. I grew up in the san francisco bay area(and i love it!) and he grew up in probably the smallest town in idaho. It doesn't even have a stoplight!
10. I went to ecuador last winter for three months to volunteer in the orphanages. The organization that i went with is in danger of having to shut down because no one can donate or volunteer any more (because of the recession). very sad.

40 min of cardio a day

mind and body goal:
pass 145 lbs
smaller thighs

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3/6/09 5:34 P

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10 Random Things About Amber!

1. I don't like looking in the mirror in the dark. It creeps me out!

2. I am my happiest when I am snuggling with my "boys" - my sweetie and our pooch.

3. I am allergic to cats. I think it is because they are secretly evil and trying to kill me. lol!

4. I just learned how to drive a stick shift 2 weeks ago! (I didn't roll down the hill on my way downtown today, either).

5. I'd love to be a forensic investigator. There is a forensic engineering company here that I have applied for a few times over the years, and I would love to try out that field!

6. When I was younger, I used to write a lot - poetry, letters (I had 20 penpals from all over the world at one point), stories... I had a poem published when I was 10 years old... I miss writing, but I find my writing is much different now than it used to be.

7. I love rollercoasters!

8. I am a daydreamer. I love to just lay in a hammock and watch clouds pass by. I love to sleep under the stars. I'm going to do that this summer, on the deck in our back yard. :)

9. When I was laid off from my fulltime job in October, I honestly wasn't too upset! It felt like I could finally breathe again.

10. I love to learn and to travel. I haven't had enough time and money to do too much of either for the past few years, though!


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3/6/09 3:16 P

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1. When I picture things in my head, it will always be in cartoon form. I have no control over it. Tell me a story, even if it's about how you flipped off the guy who cut you off in traffic that morning, and it will become a cartoon.
2. I'm also a very visual learner. My voice teacher says things like: "Picture a grapefruit in the middle of your throat to create more space," and that makes sense to me.
3. You will rarely find me NOT wearing a Pashmina scarf. It takes the heat and humidity of summer to keep me out of them. (Yes i was a fan of the "summer scarf" fashion trend last year).
4. I love living in NYC right now, and I plan to stay here for quite some time, but eventually I'd like to settle in London.
5. I lovelovelove to read (like many of you here!). I love commuting by subway because it guarantees me at least 30 minutes of reading time every single work day. In the past 2 weeks I read "Water for Elephants," "The Secret Life of Bees," and am now reading "The Year of Magical Thinking" by Joan Didion. And I'm still pissed off that my childhood schooling didn't take place at Hogwarts.
6. I love the ocean and sailing. My dad's life dream was to own a sailboat. He bought his first (a Hunter 27') when I was 6, and traded it in for a 33' boat when my step-brother and I started getting tall.
7. I'm a total Type A personailty when it comes to finances. I make and re-make budgets for myself at least 3 times/week. Can you say anal-retentive??
8. Singing makes me completely and blissfully happy.
9. I've been told I will make a good yoga instructor because I have a calming presence. I find this very flattering :o)
10. I want a bulldog soooooo badly. My imaginary pet bulldog (who is a cartoon in my head) is named Meatball. If my apt. building did not have strict rules against pets of any kind, and money were no object, I would have a real one within the year....Someday!

"Half of life is showing up!!"

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3/6/09 1:40 P

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Ok ten things about me..
1. I was 8 years old when we moved from mexico to santa maria, CA
2.Eldest of 4.. and first one to go to college from my family
3.Growing up I wanted to be if not in the medicine field than detective.. I did the first one...mostly because of my mom, and love helping people.
4. I didnt want to get merried to my Ex, I just thought it was the right thing to do... so my mom and aunt planed everything I mainly just showed up and got the dress lol.. that is sad hu?
5. I was born with a right ear deformity finally got corrective surgery 5 months ago..
6. I am a kid at heart and can find any excuse to be outdoors and start water fights and snow fights
7. i'm a closet book to read
8. my goal is to travel to different places.. africa, thailand, australia, costa rica, europe
9. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat.. well 2 if you add james cat lol
10. I met James online two years ago :O) ahh good times..

Body: two parts:
1. Drop to 110lbs and maintain.
2. Loose 2 inches from the waist.

Mind: Ensure that I am happy with everything I do.

Soul: Take 1 hour each day to find peace.

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3/5/09 6:17 P

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1. My native language is Spanish.

2. I was born and (kind of raise) in Mexico.

3. I move out of parents house at 17 and never returned now 26 not sure what I was thinking.

4. At 18 I bought a stick shift car that cost me $16,000 and I had to teach myself how to drive it lol.. stupid, but I did it.

5. I hate rach dressing.

6. I hate people that procrastinate.

7. I live in Chicago, Oregon, California and Mexico.

8. I went to 10 different elementary schools.

9. My car almost got towed away on Monday =(

10. Tuesday after only sleeping 3 1/2 hrs. I had a meeting with about 200 parents not sure how I survive


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3/5/09 5:46 P

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Great idea, Jen!! You girls had me laughing all morning.

Jen, my sibs, from oldest to youngest are Julie, Jennifer, Jill, Jamin, Janna, Joanie. I, like you, am a bookworm too. I'm reading "Next" by Michael Crichton and I have "Interview with the Vampire" next in line.

Maam, I hear ya about chickens, only my fear applies to geese. Same story, got attacked by a mean flock of them. Creepy brids!

Eren, I HEAR YA on #6 & 7! My sis is a #7 type. She can't do anything on her own and thinks the world owes her something. I love her dearly, but she drives me NUTS!
I was wondering if you've read any of Anne Rice's books? If not, you should.

LFranta, I totally get the numbers thing. I visualize codes in shapes and rhythms.

That was fun. I want to write ten more things... =)

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3/5/09 4:29 P

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This is so fun- you girls are interesting people! Hee!

Maam- I love that you're "crunchy" so cute!

Joanie- All of my siblings' names start with J too except for Beth- who is the only one with green eyes and the only one left handed! We're Jen, Joel, Beth and Julie! Also I love your one about being a kid at heart!!!!

Eren- Girl, we have LOTS in common. Soul twin here we are! I love your list! Also, I laughed out loud about the stupid people one- I'm such an elitist too!

LFranta- I love all your systems to remember! I did visualize your serious conversations in the mirror- that's a great idea- I need to try that!

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3/5/09 12:28 P

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Lets see...10 random things:

1. I love boating but won't go out on the lake until the water is warm enough so that I don't get hypothermia if our boat sinks. (I also have a fear of drowning)
2. I love scarves but cannot wear them. I have 4 or 5 but I don't like stuff around my neck
3. I used to make myself laugh and I could get myself going so that I really couldn't stop and I'd be doubled over and crying
4. I use numbers to remember stuff, adding them a certain way or arranging them and using that to remember stuff (my sil bd is 123, Jan 23)
5. I still use "I'll be right back" as a trick to remember which handle bar is for the brake on my bike's back tire
6. I love watching Antiques Roadshow on PBS
7. When I have to have a serious conversation I'll have it with myself in the miror first (aloud...imagined replies and all)
8. I once farted in my 5th grade math class and blamed it on the kid next to me
9. I know it's totally wrong to say this out loud but I have a favorite niece (terrible)
10. I had a friend in middle school that used to make up sayings with me

I'm Audi!


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3/5/09 12:11 P

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10 Random Things About Eren:
First of all I think Jen and I are twins - at least maybe we share a soul. haha too funny.
1- I want to be a writer when I grow up - haha. I've always loved writing and extremely passionate about it. If I don't get any writing done during the week, I'm a terrible crank.
2-I absolutely LOVE talking politics - especially with people who don't think the same as me - as long as someone can articulate their beliefs and reasoning, then I'm game!
3-I won't date a guy who is a bad kisser or has small hands - it just creeps me out.
4-I have a huge purse fetish - I LOVE purses. I'm waiting for TJ Maxx to open Sunday so I can go buy a new one! Its been too long!
5-I am a VERY typical oldest child and sometimes have a hard time with authority figures.
6-I have zero tolerance for stupid people - ignorance is not bliss- it's ludacris.
7- I don't like people who are out for pitty either - quit being a negative nancy, get off your ass and make life happen for you.
8-Some of my favorite books are Harry Potter series, Twilight, Shopaholic series ...I loooove books.
9-I'm from Turkey, born there - dads a Turkish douchebag - have since traveled there and Austria, Germany etc - have looooots more places to visit!
10-Until I had four amazing friends in college I didn't like to hug people. I'd just stand there with my arms at my side.They genuinely taught me how to love and let people in!

Just keep running!

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3/5/09 11:25 A

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1. I am a closet Sci-Fi dork (shh!). I have my brother to thank for that.

2. I have eaten off of the same silverware as Houdini, the famous magician. My Aunt Chulita used to perform with him on Broadway (she was a ballerina) and her silver has been passed down to my mother.

3. I like to drink the juice from pickle and peperoncini jars. When no one is looking, of course.

4. I love to learn. I'm fascinated by science. If something interests me I study it until I get a good idea of what it's all about. One of my goals in life is to memorize the periodic table of elements.

5. I am not the typical YOUNGEST of the family, I am bossy, opinionated, and easily irritated by stupidity (haha!). I am also a "fixer," trying to make everyone's lives easier. I have 4 older sisters and one older brother. All of our names start with the letter 'J'.

6. If you haven't noticed, I LOVE to cook. Expermenting with food is a great hobby of mine. Someday I hope to start a catering business.

7. The only other country that I've been to is Cananda. I would love to visit Egypt, Australia, Thailand (for the food!), Iceland, Ireland, all the Nordic countries...the list goes on and on...

8. I'm a kid at heart. When it snows, I'm out playing in it. When it rains, I'm out dancing in it. I try to start water fights, food fights, mud fights, you name it. When I can't get someone to play with me I can usually convince my dog to come to the rescue.

9. My dad only has one arm. That's not really about me, but it's interesting anyway. The arm that he DOES have is completely covered in burn scars from a completely different accident.

10. I'm terrified of ladders and ledges. I get nervous watching people in a precarious situations. But I can climb trees like a champ and flying is no problem.

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3/5/09 11:15 A

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1) I am terrified of chickens. I got attacked by a flock when I was about 2 years old and now just the thought of being near one puts me into a panic attack.

2) I am 23 years old and have 3 kids. I had Cameron when I was 19 and not married.

3) I have an obsesstion with huskys. I would love to have like 10 of them.

4)I have ADHD and OCD, so I have to do things perfectly but don't have the attention span to do it for long. It takes me forever to finish projects.

5)I love being outside, except when it's cold.

6)I am crunchy (cloth diapering, baby wearing, yada yada yada, mama)

7)I was in marching band in high school and played the sax and flute.

8)I love earthfare. It's by far my favorite grocery store.

9)I hate using medication unless it is a last resort. All my stuff is taken care of with herbs.

10) I love spinning class but I haven't been on a real bike since middle school.

current goal : lose 2 pounds a week

SW (1/4/10) -140
1/11/10 - 137

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3/5/09 10:25 A

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10 Random Things about ME- JEN!

1. I am seriously afraid of cotton balls. No, really. I hate the squeaky sounds they make. Not surprisingly I get teased mercilessly by anyone who discovers this information about me.

2. I went through a pathological lying phase in middle school and a punk rock phase in high school- I had purple hair.

3. My engagement ring has a diamond from my great grandmother and it was her prized possession. At times it will sparkle and I think it shows she's thinking about me.

4. I am a typical OLDEST of my family- organized, type A and a little bossy.

5. I read 5-10 books a month and I try to read all the Nobel and Pulitzer prize winning books every year.

6. I have this continuous thought of what song would be playing in the background of my life on different days if my life were a movie.

7. I have a slight, guilty addiction to celebrity gossip and fashion websites. If you don't believe me go to or and you'll be addicted too.

8. I went to school for creative writing at Iowa's writer's workshop and have written dozens of poems and stories- and published a few too. I eventually want to write adolescent fiction.

9. I have an overactive imagination and I can't watch any scary movies because my imagination will make it worse!

10. I believe that now is the happiest I have ever been.

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3/5/09 9:53 A

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This is to get to know our team members and it's inspired by the same sort of thing on Facebook!

Post 10 random things about you! Strange tid bits, fun facts, ANYTHING! emoticon

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