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Dear Helen C, I have had it up to here with Doctors and specialists as well. They all prescribed steroid pills for my eczema, pills for my IBS, pills for anxiety. None of them ever addressed that the food I'm putting in my body may be to blame for all those symptoms, plus insomnia, irritability, swelling hands & face, and itchiness around my mouth. I had tried a naturopathic doctor and another type of the same, when finally I found someone who could help me. She was a health coach, and was referred to me from a friend. I spoke with her over the phone for 2x/week for 6 months, and it changed my life. I'm a new woman! And she continues to be a support to me. I loved how it gave me freedom from the symptoms so much that I decided to become a health counselor just like her. Some of the things you describe really trigger in my mind that you may consider the possibility of food sensitivity or allergies that are currently hidden to you. I would suggest an elimination diet for 7 days and reintroduce foods one at a time for "testing". Let me know if that sounds like something you'd want to try. I can talk to you more about it then.

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Hello All

Have just been pointed in the direction of this team and am very happy to have found it.

I've suffered from IBS from about the age of 8 - being rushed to hospital several times in my teens with suspected appendicitis that was later diagnosed as IBS. I have IBS-D type - and have been known to go 10 times a day - however, the major problem I always had was trapped gas - which led to extreme bloating and pain. Over the years I've realised that dairy and carbohydrates are triggers - with melted cheese on carbs (eg lasagna or pizza) being the very worst - and as such I didnt eat any gluten or dairy for several years and then slowly re-introduced small amounts.

About 3/4 years ago I spent a year in and out of hospital with a very serious reoccurring skin infection - and was more or less on very strong anti-biotics for over a year. Anyway after that time my symptoms seriously died down - I'm not convinced the antibiotics have anything to do with it - but it seems a big coincidence. Strangly at this time I started to burp - not a big deal to most people - but I never had before - ever - and in turn I no longer got trapped gas.

Ive now been on spark for a month and lost a stone - which I'm very pleased about. However, with the switch to a healthier diet with a lot more fruit and veg - the old problems are back - D, bloating and gas. I very rarely have bread or pasta (maybe once a week) and I dont have any cheese. I think its the increased fibre that's the cause - rather than specific fruit and veg - because anything and everything is setting me off.

Has anyone experienced this or have any advice? There's little point me going to visit my GP as I've tried all the medications available for my type of IBS - and none of them do anything - and they'll just get over excited at all the money they'll make from my weight loss and will insist of weighing and testing me - rather than actually trying to help.

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