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TOPIC:   Traveling While on MediFast 

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VALERIE1619's Photo Posts: 940
3/13/13 12:17 A

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In addition to what Carolyn's mentioned, I usually bring my quarter-cup measuring cup, along with a shaker bottle (the ones with the round 'whisk' inside). Once I arrive at my destination, I buy bottled water so I don't have to use the hotel's expensive water. I always have a room with a fridge since I'm a diabetic; if you tell a hotel you need to store medication, they'll accommodate you with a fridge.

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SWEET_CAROLYN's Photo Posts: 1,039
3/12/13 1:31 P

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My job at times requires a lot of traveling, and that was one big concern I had when I started the program.

How do you deal with MediFast and Traveling?

Here are my "tips" (probably nothing new, but I've found it helpful for me):

1) If you are flying, avoid packing the premade shakes as they WILL get held back. You will then have to either open the package or submit to a full body/luggage scan. When this happened to me, I was fortunate, as it was nearly meal time and I just drank my opened MF shake. I suppose if you bring tape or some sort of rubbermaid, you might be fine.

2) I estimate how many days I will be away and add at least 1 day just in case something happens and my flight is delayed.

3) I plan out all my meals in advance in individual Ziplock baggies.

4) I stick with the bars, the pretzels, the puffs, and accent with shakes and hot cocoa. If my hotel room has a microwave and/or a refrigerator, I'll include pudding and the brownies/soft bakes.

5) Along with the meals, I include a ceramic mug for the cocoa (but I've found it's better to buy a coffee with room at Starbucks or Peet's or whatever coffee shop you prefer and use that to make your drink, a ceramic bowl for soup and pudding, a wire whisk for pudding and shakes, and a tablespoon for the soft bakes.

Anyone else have any tips or advice?

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