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TOPIC:   starting running, again. A couple of questions. 

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CSTREAM's Photo Posts: 6,048
4/30/12 3:20 P

CSTREAM's SparkPage
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Nancy, run in the rain!! It is fun....well, I like the rain as long as it isn't too cold. If your shoes get wet, stuff newspaper in them and let them dry overnight. They should be dry the next day. Try Champion bras on-line. The stores usually don't (didn't) carry my size so I ordered them on-line.

Life is fragile. Love, laugh and enjoy.

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PLAYSWITHFIRE1's Photo Posts: 231
4/30/12 1:37 P

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Thanks ladies. Goegirl - I sweat a lot too and never thought about being wet from sweat compared to rain. Good point. I'll have to check my running shop for bras I never thought of that. Having the extra pair of shoes is for letting them "recover" properly from runs. The say two pair worn alternately will last longer than two pair worn one at a time.


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GOEGIRL's Photo SparkPoints: (22,463)
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4/30/12 1:22 P

GOEGIRL's SparkPage
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Welcome! I'm so glad you decided to join us!!

Quick tips - when I was pregnant I was particularly *sensitive* to bounce - I routinely wore two sports bras to keep things in place! lol. Others may have ideas about where you might order online. My local running store has really NICE (read - $pendy) bras in a very wide range of sizes, but I've always been able to find a good selection at the local department store. If they don't have your size in stock, ask them about transfer from another store.

Rain? I don't worry about rain (when I can get oustide, that is. sigh). I get wet from sweat anyway so - meh. I've run through hundreds of puddles of water, mud and ice with no apparent ill effects to my shoes (apart from having to shake the rocks out at the end!). I wonder if that's something I just haven't heard of... Never heard about having to have more than one pair at a time either - though having properly fitted shoes and replacing at the right times are important.

Have a great time out there!

Peterborough, Ontario

si matris est non gauisus nemo est gauisus
(translation: if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!)

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DHARMAPHILE's Photo Posts: 180
4/30/12 1:19 P

Hi there,

I use the Enell bra for running. Putting it on can take a bit of getting used to and it wasn't designed to look pretty but it has always been great for stopping any bounce (and I'm 30G so really need a lot of support). In my experience, nothing moves and you can just forget about your chest while you run!

And I've run in the rain plenty of times without any problems. My shoes have never soaked through but I think if they do you're supposed to stuff them with newspaper and allow them to dry at room temperature.

Best of luck getting back into it!

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SUSANNAH's Photo Posts: 2,277
4/30/12 1:11 P

SUSANNAH's SparkPage
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I'm not so big busted that I need to worry THAT much about my jog bra, but I did see an article in the latest Self Magazine with some suggestions that might help, in addition to what other ladies might suggest! I do know to expect to spend $50 or more though.

Running in the rain is fairly avoidable. I usually check the weekly forecast, and plan most of my runs around the weather. I have run in the rain...but only when absolutely necessary. At this point in your running career, I think you should be able to avoid it. Another option is to run close to home, so if it ever gets too much for you, you aren't far from home! Generally a light drizzle doesn't get your feet soaked, just watch for puddles!

Good luck the second time around!! Listen to your body and have fun!

Patience and Fortitude - Mom

There ain't a thing I've faced that's been too much for me - Classified "Inner Ninja"

PLAYSWITHFIRE1's Photo Posts: 231
4/30/12 1:02 P

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I ran about 20 years ago and did not get good running shoes and ended up blowing my knees out. That winter I gained 60 lbs. Since then I've gained and lost and regained many lbs. I used to love running and want to get back into it. I am NOT making the same mistake with my running shoes. There is a very good running shoe store in my area and even though I have one pair of good running shoes I'm planning on getting another. I've been reading alot and for people of my weight they reccommend a couple of pair of good running shoes so that the shoes can recover between workouts.

I have a question for you lady runners. What is a good bra for running? Being our size you can't really find jog bras at a sporting goods store, ie. Dicks etc. I know I need a good one because all that bouncing isn't any fun.

I have started a walk run walk program that I am comfortable with for now - well, as comfortable as my bra will allow. emoticon I'm planning on getting a couch to 5K app for my phone. But another question I have is do you run in the rain? I don't mean a total downpour or thunderstorm, but light drizzle. Is it bad for your shoes? I don't have the option of using a treadmill to run indoors.

Thanks in advance for any help!


 current weight: 243.4 

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