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3/15/12 9:18 P

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So I finally did get some shoes, and was fine spending $120 on them because I thought they would help. (Also, the salesman said I should get a half size bigger than my normal shoe--is this standard for y'all?"?) Then I walked around in them for a couple of days, and my toes started going numb...

Has anyone had that happen? They were perfectly comfortable in the store and for the first day of wearing them...

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2/22/12 8:01 P

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I have (had?) major issues with my knees. I had a foot scan, saw that I pronated... got new shoes and some insoles from my chiropractor... along with some good strength training and some smart running, I'm back to pain-free knees! My chiro is a sports doc who encourages me to keep training smartly.

Get those shoes!!!


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2/22/12 3:49 P

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So glad you went to the Dr and got some resolution!

I definitely suggest getting fitted for shoes... or insoles. I tried on over a dozen pairs of shoes and ran around in them before I found some that worked for me. (I have had knee surgery, so I'm very prone to knee issues - and very conscious of them.) Even with fitting, you may have to try several pairs, but when you're doing something this high impact, it's critical that you have shoes that fit you correctly.

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2/21/12 7:36 P

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Well, I went to the doctor today to see what she said, and she diagnosed me with "patellofemoral syndrome", which she said is very common, especially in women. She gave me some exercises and stretches and a referral to a physical therapist for some more tailored advice. So yay! I haven't irreversibly damaged my poor faithful knees, and all I need to do is dedicate myself to some ST.
I may eventually decide to join a legit class at the gym (you're right, that is way more fun than endless lunges), but for now it's easier exercising when I get home with what I have (exercise ball and resistance band, plus a pilates DVD and the sparkpeople exercise videos).
I asked what she thought about getting fit for shoes, and she says the usefulness of that is a subject of contention in the field, with each side feeling very strongly about their opinion, but with no consensus. Does everyone here get fit for shoes, or do some of you do fine with whatever you find on the shelf of Big 5?
Thank you all for your advice!

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2/20/12 7:44 A

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Hi Everyone,
While I am by no means a sleek runner (think Phoebe from "Friends) I have found that stretching after my run is vital to keep my hips from being cranky. They were the little darlings that forced me to stop running a few years ago.
If you're running 2-3x a week, maybe you could take a yoga or pilates class on the days you are not doing cardio? It's a little less boring than just weight training. Just a few thoughts. Feel strong!

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2/19/12 10:23 P

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Oh yeah, you've GOT to get shoes that are right for you. That's a must must must. Go get them fitted and put them on layaway or something! I had the same complaint when I first started running, and every time my shoes start getting too old. For me, ST for the quads and glutes plus proper shoes did the trick. I felt like I had wings when I got those right shoes!

Best of luck

Peterborough, Ontario

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2/19/12 10:03 P

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I'm pulling for you! My knees give me fits too. I have to strengthen and stretch regularly. We'll be watching to see what happens as you take the sound advise given. Hope to hear a good report!

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2/19/12 6:36 P

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Thanks for your suggestions!
The first time my knees started to hurt, I did begin strength training my legs (squats and various lunges), then stopped when things seemed to get better (because it's kind of boring...).
I never have been fitted for shoes, though it has been on my list of things to look into since this has been going on. Next paycheck!

2/19/12 6:25 P

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That's great you found someone like that--hopefully I can too. I'm afraid sometimes doctors will dismiss any fairly simple question I have because I also have an...autoimmune connective tissue problem (but I swear this isn't from that!) so they think I'm a hypochondriac. Which makes me feel self-conscious about going to see them, because I really don't want to be seen in that light. I've actually had one GP comment on the size of my folder just from me going in to get blood tests at their clinic regularly per doctors orders. But, you know, I can't let them hold me back from living my life.

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2/19/12 4:10 P

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Welcome to the team. HOPE is not lost!

A few things first...

Have you been fitted for running shoes at your local running specialty store?

Are you doing any strength training exercises to build your quad (front on your thigh) and hamstring (back of thigh) strength?

Women tend to be quad dominant, however, because we have a wider Q-angle (the angle from your hip to your knee) because of our gender (wider hips for baby bearing), it isn't unusual for women to have issues with our knees.

Firstly, check with your doc just to make sure you don't have any other underlying medical issues and then if you get a clean bill of health, then we can start working on some other things, like shoes and ST to help turn you into the runner you wanna be.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

2/19/12 2:52 P

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Welcome to the team!!

I'm sorry you've been so frustrated with running. I have ankle and hip issues so I have to be careful. I found a great chiropractor that is an ultramarathoner himself so he really encourages me to run, but to be smart about it. Sometimes that means resting or taking it easy when I really want to go, Go, GO! Good luck!

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2/19/12 1:50 P

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Hello everyone! I haven't really posted much in the past, but I read an article on here saying people who do socialize on SparkPeople do better than people who don't, so I thought I'd stop lurking and say hi =)

Last fall, after the Baltimore marathon came through town, I decided I wanted to aim for running a marathon in the next year or two. I started running more regularly--3x per week instead of just whenever I could get myself out. I was a little aerobically unfit, though I'm not overweight, so was doing the CT5k program just to start on a committed schedule. After a couple of weeks, my knees started hurting, first while running, then even when just walking, so I stopped running to let them heal. Then I started again, only going twice a week, but last month decided I would improve faster if I could go 3x/week. After less than two weeks of that, my knees were hurting again just from walking. I am so frustrated! Yes, yes, I'm going to see a doctor sometime soon, but I'm nearly certain they will say "if it hurts, don't do it"--and I really want to do this! Anyway, this has been making me sad for the last few days...

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