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TOPIC:   Without a Doubt, I Got Gout! 

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7/31/12 9:16 A

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Start by keeping hydrated. I realize this might be tricky if you have kidney trouble. Are you on diuretics and/or do you have restrictions from drinking? Perhaps you can consult with your nephrologist and see if something can be adjusted in that area. Also, make sure that what fluid you are getting comes from water only and not beverages that have fructose in them, like juices or sodas. Fructose is known to trigger gout attacks. You may want to also limit your fruit intake and switch to low sugar/low starch veggies (ie. no corn, peas, or potatoes).

Bear in mind that none of us here are doctors, so most of our advice is anecdotal - common stuff that seems to help.


For instance, cherries are usually recommended for acute attacks - but I take it that you've tried that route?

The best thing you can do to beat this in the long run is to lower your body's production of uric acid. Uric acid is an anti-oxidant, just like Vitamin C. Gout sufferers tend to have high levels of uric acid in their blood, which probably means systemic inflammation. That can come from a number of sources, but if you have metabolic syndrome* it is almost assuredly from your usual diet. Much of that is (probably) driven by high insulin levels, and that, in turn, is driven by high levels of sugar in the blood, which, in our society, comes mainly from food made from white flour, white rice, and/or with lots of added sugar and fructose. (High fructose corn syrup has a particularly bad effect, especially on the liver.)

Hope that helps a little!

* A combination of central obesity, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, high triglycerides,and a few other things, depending on which health organization definition you go by

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ROBSHEPHERD15's Photo SparkPoints: (1,484)
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7/31/12 8:43 A

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I was diagnosed with gout about five years ago when I went to the doctor with what I thought was a broken big toe. The doctor was pretty straight forward and told me that I was seriously overweight and that if I didn't do something about it then I was looking at a lifetime of attacks. I was 334 pounds then, I'm now down to 290 and I have about two attacks a year. I don't take any medication just because I have a bad kidney and I can't stand how they make me feel. I'm currently in the middle of an attack that was triggered by some very poor food choices a couple of weekends ago. This has been the worst attack I have ever had. I even missed a couple of days of work. I have tried all the home remedies on this one and nothing seems to be helping. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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