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Hi Walle-2: I found some information about that. I hope this can help you.

Q&A: What does vaginal dryness in perimenopause mean?
Vaginal dryness is just one of the symptoms that is widely associated with menopause, the transitional period between reproductive and non-reproductive. It can be extremely uncomfortable for the woman and is likely to cause severe discomfort during intercourse. Over 40% of women will get vaginal dryness during perimenopause, which is the period of time leading up to menopause when women no longer have a menstrual cycle. Perimenopause can last for length of time between one and 10 years, and it is the period when most menopausal symptoms set in. Why does vaginal dryness occur, and what does it mean? Read on and have your questions answered.

What is vaginal dryness?
Vaginal dryness is a troubling symptom of menopause and can be defined as a lack of natural lubrication or moisture in the vaginal area. When a woman becomes sexually aroused, the body is able to lubricate the vaginal walls with a clear fluid, which is excreted through the blood vessels around the wall. It does so because the body is preparing for sexual intercourse. However, during menopause this process is disrupted, causing vaginal dryness, which is characterized by itching, stinging and irritation in the vaginal area, painful intercourse sometimes resulting in light bleeding, and a need to urinate frequently.

Why am I suffering with it?
Vaginal dryness happens because of the hormonal changes that happen in the female body during menopause. It is the sex hormone estrogen that ensures the vagina remains moist and reacts to sexual arousal, but during menopause, there is a diminish in the production of this hormone so the functions donít work as efficiently. This decrease in estrogen levels results in the vaginal tissues becoming thinner, dryer, and less elastic, as well as lessening vaginal secretions, which means there is less natural lubrication.

What does it ultimately mean?
When you suffer with vaginal dryness, you are suffering with a condition that is likely to cause you some discomfort, both internally and externally. However, it really isnít something to be too concerned about because it is treatable and very common. Ultimately, what it means is that sex is likely to be painful and you may encounter some itching in the vaginal area. However, it is never a permanent solution, so it is unlikely to mean much more than that.

Can I treat it?
Yes, you can. Vaginal dryness is one of the simplest menopausal symptoms to seek relief from. Buy an over-the-counter, water based lubrication and apply to the vagina prior to sexual intercourse and during if necessary. This will reduce the friction between the vaginal walls and the penis. Additionally, purchase a vaginal cream which you can apply during the day; this will be effective in treating the external itching and stinging.

To treat the root cause of vaginal dryness you must rebalance the estrogen levels in the body. This can be done by leading a healthy lifestyle, with a well-balanced diet and daily exercise, ensuring you have time to yourself so you can de-stress. Stress can worsen vaginal dryness so should be alleviated from your daily routine.

If you are one of the 60% of women that are suffering with vaginal dryness, then begin by making important lifestyle changes. You should always talk to your doctor if you are concerned about your vaginal dryness or think that there is another reason other than hormonal changes to blame for such a condition; he or she will be able to give you the appropriate advice. Follow this link to read more about vaginal dryness treatments.

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Hi, Ladies.

Hoping to find some answers on what you have experienced and perhaps can learn from you.

My problem is vaginal drynes. I am using vagifem 3x a week, that is a HRT as well as replense and/or KY Jelly to keep myself lubicated. They are only a temporary solution.
Has anyone experienced this and have you found something tthat works permanently.

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Hang in there, my friend. When I entered menopause, I hit the ground running. All at once, I couldn't sleep. For 8 weeks, I slept 1 1/2 hours per night, if at all. My doctor kept saying it was stress-related insomnia, but I didn't think so. I saw a hypnotist, who concluded that it was not stress-related. So, I changed doctors. I asked for HRT and, the first week, I slept 7 hrs straight, for 4 nights. This was a miracle to me. My fear of HRT is not enough to make me want to risk not sleeping again.

My thoughts are with you and I hope you continue to get a lot out of life.

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Hi I am Sandra ,I am 47 soon to be 48 on Wednesday.I am menopausal after having a full hysterectomy in 2008.I am Taking HRT now for for 2 & 1/2 yrs.I had a very difficult time after the surgery metally ,physically ,you name it I had experienced it.My gynecologist sent me home with no hrt.I was full of energy and vitality.I had lost about 100lbs prior to the surgery and has kept it of for about 3yrs.Well the gym was my second home then and I did 3 classes a day 5 times a week.I loved it !!!! Because I had no estrogen in my body it just totally caved in on me. I didn't know what was wrong with me at the time.I lost control of my appetite never slept for 72 hrs,was tired and had no energy or enthusiasim to do anything not even to cook the healthy food like vegetables,protien and ect...I am the only girl in a family of 8, my mom never had to have this procedure done so I didn't know what to expect.Well anyway I went to my family doctor to find out why I was so erotic.I told what was going on with me like memory losss, loss of concentration ect...she asked me if I was taking hrt and I said what's that? She explained along with telling me that was the reason for all of the above mentioned symptoms
She wrote me out a perscription for some hrt. It took a few weeks before I noticed a difference
and it was not much of a difference,Well I called the womens health clinic explained how I was feeling and to them that I needed hrt I needed to see my gynecologist a.s.a.p.I was shocked when she asked how did I find out about HRT.I was so eratic that when she tried to give me an appt for 2 wks time,I insisted that I have to see the Dr.before that.So she was able to schedule me in for the folowing week.

Since I started Hrt it was a lond hall and was several mnths before the full effect of it kicked in.That was a relief but I also had to take an antidepressant because of the effect the hysterectomy had on my nervous system.

I had to work long and hard to dig my way up out of that mess it took me 3yrs to get to where I am today,and I just started recovering last summer and am still recovering today.I still have difficult days they come and go I just have to keep giving myself that push and will continue now that I am feeling much better happier and I can even smile and laugh again.So for you ladies I would like to offer you some advice if you don't mind.If you don't need a full hysterectomy Don't insist on it. Your doctor knows what is best and I would take the advice he /she offers you.And please don't be like me ask losts of questions about how the surgery is going to affect your body ,also ask what sighns to be aware off that will let you know when you need contact him/her.And do plenty of reading about this topic.There is plenty on it here on the internet.I hope my story will benefite you or answer some or even one of your questions.Stay strong hang in there and first and foremost LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES!!!!! God Bless and good luck!!!

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