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2/24/09 10:34 A

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Hi Brandi,

When I was at my lowest points in my anxiety I experienced the same physical reactions as you. I hold tension in my muscles (for me, the back and shoulders), and it got much worse during that time. On the other hand, another physical reaction to anxiety is an increase in blood flow to your upper arms and thighs - your body is preparing itself to flee! That can cause your arms and legs to feel fatigued. It's an amazing thing, the way anxiety and depression can manifest themselves physically.

I would suggest you speak with a professional to get a handle on whatever it is you are dealing with, especially since this happens several times per day. It took me too long to take my own advice, but once I did, I started to feel better, just because I knew I was starting the healing process. Good luck.

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7/20/08 4:56 P

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Hi Brandi,

Welcome to the group we are glad you are here. I would fully recommend examination with a physician/endochronolygist. I have just recently gone through some blood test with my endo doc. I have been officially diagnosed with auto immune Graves disease/ Hashi- toxicosis and or Auto Immune Thyroid Disease and to my surprise it effects you alot in the same way with severe anxiety and stress. The muscle weakness, dizziness and hot flashes or sensitive to cold. Graves/Hashi both deal with the thyroid and issues with the thyroid can cause severe anxiety and depression and makes you feel depressed some times. It is worth having it at least looked at or tested for. It is an antibody test in the thyroid. Anxiety and depression and stress can cause the same symptoms you talked about. Speaking with a physician and counselor/therapist will be very helpful in both cases. I was diagnosed General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) long before the discovery of my thyroid issues. I believe in ruling other things out. Look up Graves Disease/Hashimoto's and check it out, as well and GAD and OCD website and see where you fit. Good luck and I am proud of you for stepping out and reaching out to others that can give you the support you need.

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7/15/08 3:30 P

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Hi Brandi
I know this is frightening for you, when you don't know what's happening and can't explain WHY. But once you're familiar with panic and anxiety disorder, just KNOWING will help you.
Like Katherine, I'm glad you're here and reaching out for help. Sometimes just talking to other people with the same 'problem' can go a long way to helping you feel better. I know from personal experience that unless the person you're talking to has actually experienced what you're going through, they can NOT grasp just how frightening it actually is.
Hand in hand with anxiety/panic is OCD (obsessive/compulsive disorder) which may account for 'small' things bothering you. There are a lot of ways to help alleviate this condition - medication, exercise, cognitive therapy, diet. A combination is usually the most effective.
The first step is to talk to your doctor, who will help you figure out what approach to take. I promise you it WILL get better, and you're smart to be looking for help, rather than trying to keep it 'secret' and suffering silently.

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7/14/08 9:04 P

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Sounds exactly like many symptoms of anxiety to me. You should check it out with your doctor though and maybe he can give you some advice or some medication to help you if you want it.

Alot of the back pain relates to stress and a tightness due to the irritability and anxiety I think. I get that alot too. I'm always super tight.

Music really helps, exercise helps, particularly if I'm in an irritable mood or just highly anxious about something.

Anyways, I'm really glad you joined and voiced your concerns. Whether or not you are diagnosed with anxiety or not, you're very welcome here as you seem to have many of the symptoms.


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7/14/08 8:10 P

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My name is Brandi and I just joined today. I have been dealing with the same thing for years and I was wondering if it might be related to anxiety.
I am generally a happy person, but once something goes wrong or somebody says something that bothers me I go into this weird mood. This consists of dizziness, irritability, and yelling. I usually get these a few times a day. Along with these, I feel back pain usually the lower back or between my shoulder blades constantly and I my muscles feel over worked when I haven't moved, especially in my arms and legs. I always feel like laying in the dark with the door closed in complete silence or with music. I get agitated about small things like a light that is on that shouldn't be or a small buzzing noise. My family always asks what is wrong and I usually just yell at them to go away or leave me alone.
Please please please help me.

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