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9/18/14 10:53 A

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1. I am on a journey of self acceptance
2. I will honor my body where it is today
3. I am trying to let go of things that no longer serve me.
4. I am kind and empathetic
5. I am married to the love of my life
6. I am blessed with two wonderful sons
7. I am trying to be kind to myself
8. I love yoga and want to learn more about the yogic philosophy
9. I love to sing
10. My favorite place to be is at the ocean with my boys

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5/5/14 10:24 A

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1. I must not neglect my own wellness to minister the needs of others.
2. My needs are important and I'm learning to make them a priority.
3. Music is my passion. Singer, songwriter, and performance.
4. I work full time after raising two kids and being a full time homemaker.
5. I can focus very well, I am terrible at multitasking.
6. My husband retired from the Air Force and it took my identity away.
7. It takes time to learn who the other "me" is.
8. I will lose 50 pounds in the next nine months, this is realistic, I have a clear plan.
9. I'm a writer of Christian devotion books, Bible Studies and music.
10. My first love is Jesus Christ, my second is my husband.

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4/21/14 10:46 P

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10 things about me
1. I have a beautiful baby boy
2. I have a wonderful husband
3. I love to read
4. I love to crochet
5. I am an artist
6. I am a dancer
7. I own a web design business
8. I am learning how to become a work at home mom
9. I am learning to play the flute.
10, I'm ready to be healthy.

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3/3/14 3:41 P

1. I turn 40 this year.
2. I have 2 rescue dogs.
3. I love the outdoors, especially kayaking, hiking.
4. I love to read ... Books made of paper emoticon .
5. I have practiced yoga for about 4 years now.
6. A goal of mine is to meditate daily, &
7. I find it difficult to slow down my brain.
8. My favorite beverage is green tea.
9. I want to learn more about peace, nonviolence & how to practice actively.
10. I am inspired by all of you!

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2/25/14 6:38 P

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1) I have 2 grown daughters
2) I am a Yin Yoga Teacher
3) I am a Yoga Nidra Teacher
4) I study Buddhism
5) I am a knitter & a Weaver
6). I practice Yoga & meditate every day
7). I have 2 dogs (they are sisters)
8). My bucket list vacation is Fiji
9). I ride a Harley Davidson
10) I love bubble baths

Anne from Ontario Canada

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10/7/13 8:02 A

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1. I am a mother & wife
2. I am a dog trainer
3. I worry too much about doing things perfectly
4. I am falling in love with yoga!
5. I love being outside in nature
6. I beat myself up...a lot...
7. I am inconsistent with exercise
8. I tend to put the needs of others first
9. I love all living creatures
10. I am hopeful about my future

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9/1/13 8:53 P

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1. I first "discovered" yoga in 1976. I was 11.
2. I'm overweight and out of shape now and would like to re-start a regular practice. I'm interested in the Iyengar tradition.
3. I'm interested in Buddhism and am now reading "A Path with Heart" by Jack Kornfield.
4. I started practicing meditation with Herbert Benson's "Relaxation Response" around 1980, and I've been practicing a more formal vipassana meditation off and on for the last 4 years.
5. I wish I could afford to take classes.
6. I'm still looking for my purpose in life.
7. I love crafting (mostly crochet and loom knitting).
8. I love to read the Tarot.
9. I like to read books and magazines dealing with just about anything.
10. I like that I have a gentle soul, but sometimes I wish I had a thicker skin.

- Patty

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8/28/13 10:24 P

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1. I love to smile, laugh, dance, sing and play the piano.
2. I am getting back to yoga after a sports injury and regaining my flexibility and strength.
3. I am kind and have high moral standards and high sense of justice/fairness. If someone is unjustly treated, I advocate for them, no matter what they look like or which socioeconomic status they are.
4. I have awesome focus and determination.
5. I am creative, smart, personable.
6. I am analytical and logical, and love learning new things and solving problems.
7. I love nature and animals, exploring new places and experiencing different cultures.
8. I have the most handsome and smart dog in the world. He thinks he's human and I call him "His royal majesty..."
9. I live with my BFF.
10. I like beautiful things, and I can find beauty even in asymmetry, chaos, and oddities.


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4/17/13 7:49 A

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1. I have 2 children.
2. I love dogs.
3. I am single.
4.I am Christian.
5.I meditate
6.I love nature.
7.I am happy.
8.I like astronomy.
9.I would like to go on a cruise.
10.I am x military.

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11/21/12 2:35 P

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1. I am learning about integral yoga
2. I love water aerobics, struggle to get myself there consistently
3. I have three children, two dogs and one supportive amazing husband
4. I have a very open mind to new ideas of ways to be healthy and peaceful
5. I have a very big and very open heart.
6. I love acupuncture
7. I meditate twice per day every day
8. I am learning to set achievable goals
9. I have been a Sparkperson for five years on and off
10. I enjoyed a recent retreat to Yogaville Satchidananda Ashram for a weekend...and it was very peaceful and enjoyable.

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9/10/12 11:04 P

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1. I have an adorable 10 months old son
2. I am not married
3. I love the ocean and I scuba dive
4. I used to be blonde (now brunette)
5. San Diego is my home
6. I think bats are cute
7. Im addicted to ice cream
8. Im tall (5'10")
9. I have tattoes
10. II used to be a massage therapist.

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7/5/12 9:53 A

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1. I'm a history geek
2. I'm a student
3. I love to travel
4. I'm from the south
5. I work at starbucks
6.I'm a student
7.I've done yoga for five years
8.I've done theate for 16 years
9.I love animals
10. I don't want to get married

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6/7/12 1:25 P

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Ten things about me:

1. I am a grad student studying to be a physical therapist.
2.I'm really into jogging right now because the weather is so nice... for now
3. I tend to get stressed out with school which is why I like yoga and meditation
4. I really want to get a pet bunny but can't at the moment
5. I love to learn new things and am addicted to being a student
6. I love to read when I get the chance
7. I have a slight obsession with Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Ren Faires, NPR and tea
8. I love my body but I hate my fat (some of it any way-not very sad to see it go)
9. I love to knit
10. I'm a bit neurotic about getting a workout in at least 5 days a week

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I think I can

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5/14/12 4:41 P

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Ten Things about me.

1. I love practicing yoga at home
2. I enjoy cooking, but trying to cook healthy to lose these extra pounds I put on late last year.
3. I am a grandmother of three children: 10, 3 and 1.
4. I love cats and enjoy practicing with them watching (or sleeping).
5. I love to read.
6. I like to sew.
7. I am single and enjoy solitude.
8. I like keeping up with the news.
9. I used to jog but now walk due to knee problems.
10. I enjoy blogging about weight issues.


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5/8/12 11:52 P

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10 things about me

1. My name is Elvira Australia that's why I prefer Elvie
2. I have a website which is about life and misadventures
3. I love to write I am trying to get the courage to write a book.
4. I love to hula hoop
5. I love yoga but, i have my issues with it
6. I love Italy and India once almost went to both but, life got in the way :-)
7. I am a breast cancer survivor
8. I love sushi
9. I am diabetic
10. I am looking forward to make yoga a part of my life
Boy this was hard:-)

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. -Albert Einstein

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5/8/12 3:04 A

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10 Things about Me:

1. I am founder of National Seizure Disorders Foundation
2. I manage a life of unpredictable seizures
3. I love my pets
4. I am managing a marital transformation
5. I am administrator of NSDF Community on FaceBook - a private seizure support group
6. I am Team leader of Positive Seizure management here on SP
7. I am a positive being
8. I am present, caring, engaging, and an inspiration to others
9. I am a mom and grandma
10. I am new to yoga

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4/29/12 2:26 A

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Hi Rachel! Nice to meet you!
I'm Jacque!
10 things to get to know about me.
1. I'm Epileptic, and learning how to deal with it.
2. I'm a new runner
3. I love to knit
4. I'm newly married. :)
5. I love animals.
6. I'm moving it in to my first apartment with my new husband :)
7. We're trying to start a family!
8. We're both going back to school - my husband for engineering, my for my MBA in business. :)
I think I'm out of things to share for now! :) Nice to meet you all!

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4/12/12 1:03 P

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Hi! My name is Rachel =)
1. I have started two businesses, one in the fitness industry, and one for volunteers in Africa...need to make some extra money? Message me =)
2. I LOVE to travel...I've lived in Senegal and Kenya and have been to lots of fun places
3. I played volleyball in college, won the junior olympics, and got to play in Beijing and Italy...I miss it!
4. I had to go halfway across the world to meet my husband...met him while living in Senegal
5. We had our wedding in Marrakech this past May...and we hope to live in Morocco sometime in the future =)
6. I love outdoor adventures...white water rafting down the nile has to be my favorite
7. I love helping others and meeting new people...send me a message!
8. I believe that we are all capable of achieving greatness in our lives--just gotta live and be open to new opportunities!
9. I speak French fluently...and am conversational in Swahili and Wolof
10. I want a Moroccan style house with a roof top terrace....ideally on the beach =)

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4/11/12 8:47 A

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Ten things about me..

1. I love the ocean
2. I like rollercoasters
3. I live in the poconos
4. I used to weigh 140
5 I liked like to get back into running
6. I'm starting college in the fall
7. I have 4 kids (ages 18-8)
8. I love decorating shows/magazines
9. I enjoy cooking & trying new recipes
10. I can't stand clutter

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4/7/12 1:27 P

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1. i want to get back into yoga, after going to massage school with three yoga instructors and seeing how happy and healthy they were
2. i used to do yoga with my mom as part of P.E. class for homeschooling
3. cheese is one of my downfalls
4. i love to sing
5. i have been with my boyfriend for 8 years
6. i live in the suburbs of philly
7. when i do get to a gym, i head straight for the elliptical
8. i have a brand new bike i have never rode, except around the block
9. i like cooking, and i like eating more!
10. i am currently decorating a guest room in my house

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4/7/12 11:52 A

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1. I have had a yoga practice on and off for about 9 years. I like classes but am trying to find a home practice that works for me.
2. I am vegetarian, and always trying to cut back on dairy and eggs.
3. I play the viola; it was my first love. Now we're more "just friends" ;)
4. I have been married for almost nine years
5. I am a professor and am going up for tenure soon. My life balance has been skewed toward work as a result and I am looking forward to a more balanced life afterwards.
6. I am a native Philadelphian transplanted to the Midwest. I love my adopted city but I miss the beach and good baseball around this time of year.
7. My other favorite workout activities are Pilates, weightlifting, and elliptical-ing.
8. I really want to develop some more hobby-like workout certainly, but also running and biking.
9. I love cooking and can't wait for my local farmers market to open next week.
10. I get really obsessed with learning random things. My current obsession is interior design... At least it's practical :)

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4/6/12 12:01 P

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Hello! I'm Tara and I've been practicing yoga for twelve years, but struggle with maintaining a consistent practice.

1. I love to scuba dive (a bit obvious, eh?).
2. I am going back to school to study marine biology.
3, I am newly married
4. I adore pineapple and can eat a whole one all by myself!
5. My hometown is North Pole, Alaska.
6. I spend about 2/3 of my year traveling, either for pleasure or my job (I'm a tour director)
7. I am quite fond of my Kindle!
8. I've been snorkeling with whale sharks.
9. I once bathed an elephant.
10. According to my husband, I make the best brownies in the world, plus they're vegan! emoticon

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3/28/12 8:05 A

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Ten Things About Me:

1. I'm a full time mother of one daughter and wife.
2. I practice yoga every morning right when I get up. I try to get 2 more practices in each day.
3. I have 3 cats and a dog.
4. I love to bake a decorate cakes.
5. I work part time online from home.
6. I am a closet photographer.
7. I love to write short children's stories and poetry.
8. I prefer to live in my bare feet if I am at home.
9. I love to garden, both food and flowers.
10. I am an old soul, wise for may age (31); that's according to the accounts of others.

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3/19/12 11:05 A

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1. I love yoga, but have struggled for 10 years to create a consistent practice.
2. I live in Arizona...but in the mountains...right now I am looking out the window at more than a foot of fresh snow!
3. I have 3 big dogs: a yellow lab, a black lab, and a Dalmatian. They love to hike with me.
4. I own a whitewater rafting company...and LOVE what I do.
5. I have two kids that are the light of my life, the reason I seek balance and health.
6. I am on a journey to eat clean, real food...and doing pretty well.
7. I spend too much time on the computer (pinterest is my nasty habit!)
8. I love to's when I feel most alive.
9. I have been married for 18 years to my college sweetheart. He is my best friend and the love of my life.
10. I take a picture everyday...and journal the details in an album. I have been doing this for 3 years now..and the albums make me so happy!

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3/18/12 9:46 P

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Hi everyone! I am new to SparkTeams - if we have something in common, please friend me!

1. Yoga has been an intermittent part of my life for 10 years. Bhakti brought me in, but I only do Hatha now. I take a class at my university twice a week.
2. I'm married and have two kids. And an Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell mix who thinks he is a kid.
3. I'm in business school and plan to complete my PhD. I'm a tax accountant now, but will be a professor in 5 years or so.
4. I'm a proud West Virginian, although I have also lived in Oregon, Virginia, and Mississippi.
5. I was a vegetarian for a few years and am slowly making my way back to it.
6. I love ethnic food. Curries, sushi, and tropical fruit are my favorites.
7. I worked for a whitewater rafting company for two years. Best time of my life.
8. Thunderheist, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Mars Volta are regulars on my playlists. High energy suits me best.
9. My passions are cultural geography and horticulture.
10. I was an athlete once upon a time - softball, track, basketball, tennis, and swimming.

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3/10/12 12:54 P

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I have never done yoga before
I am a member of Sigma Alpha Iota
I am a Music Education and Sacred Music Major
I have 3 cats and 4 birds and they are the lights of my life
I go to Lebanon Valley College
I am excited to learn yoga
I have tendinitis in my right hand and constant muscle spasms in my back
Today is day one of my weight loss journey and I am feeling a little overwhelmed
I play the clarinet
I hate the cold

Jen D

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2/21/12 7:12 P

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1. I'm fairly new to yoga.
2. I live with three room-mates, and it's good to find the quiet place with yoga practice.
3. I used to be an athlete, but hurt my knees, stopped running and gained a LOT of weight. I'm here to get it OFF!
4. I have two BIG dogs and a cat that I have to kick out of the room when I do yoga, otherwise, it's a madhouse and my Down Dog becomes an Epileptic Puppy as I swat random animals out of my face.
5. I'm in nursing school and work full-time, so I have to pack yoga into an already packed schedule.
6. I've never actually been to a yoga class but use the "20min Yoga Downloads" podcast from iTunes.
7. I try to meditate every day, but it turns out to happen about twice a week.
8. I've been known to fall asleep in Child's Pose after a long day, and wake up not able to move. My roomies think this is hilarious.
9. I can't do a back bend. Yet.
10. One of my major goals is to be able to hold Crane Pose.

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2/17/12 6:13 P

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1) I'm new to this team
2) I consider myself to be a retired artist
3) I am an art teacher who desperately wants to be something else
4) I am considering becoming an ACE certified fitness instructor
5) I was a Vegetarian for 18 years before I discovered I was allergic to soy (Oops!)
6) I love to belly dance
7) I am a former Hoop dancer
8) I have only fire hooped once, but would love to get back into it
9) I have no time for mean people and bullies
10) I want to learn to love yoga

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1/28/12 7:54 A

My SparkPage
1. I live on an island off the coast of Cape Cod
2. I'm totally in love with my puppy named Taj
3. I have OCD
4. I had a daily yoga practice until I stopped. I'm working on getting it back.
5. I used to be a WA State Championship runner
6. I love my job
7. I am committed to getting healthy and doing it in a healthy way.
8. I'm an artist and crafter
9. I love living near the beach
10. My middle name is Rain

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1/27/12 9:13 A

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Hi I am Alicia and I am not new to Yoga (started 1972) but I want to go deeper in my practise.

1. I am taking part in the BLC#18 challenge until the end of March
2. I am Vegan
3. I will be retiring October 1st, 2013
4. I am a Storyteller and Writer of Fairy Tales
5. I have two daughters who are now 31 and 28
6. I work in a elementary school office
7. I live in the capital of Canada
8. I have been married 23 years now to my best friend
9. Being vegan has made me able to go off my blood-pressure meds
10. I love long distance walks

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1/23/12 6:24 P

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Hi, I am Jae and I am also new to Yoga.

1. Soon to be living on my own
2. I love summer weather
3, I have a desire to have a beach front home
4. I love writing in my journals
5. I am writing a book
6. while at SparkPeople I have learned to like drinking water
7. I love animals
8 I love to live my life as simple as possibe
9.I am learning to take care of me instead of everyone else
10.I love my computer

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1/7/12 1:44 P

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Hi! My name is Dee and I am new to no experience!

1) I'm a 48 year old single mom - almost an empty nester!
2) I'm one of those people who is great in a crisis but collapse afterward.
3) I desperately need some balance in my life. I'm one of those all or nothing types but I want to change that.
4) I've been working on my health and weight for several years. I'm down to 150 from 182. (-:
5) My only yoga experience is through exercise DVD's.
6) I'd love to learn to meditate but I can't seem to figure out how to shut off my mind and it's list of "things to do"! Suggestions welcome....
7) I read everything I can get my hands on.
8) I recently joined a beginner's running club. Fun!
9) I take tribal belly dance classes every Sunday. If you haven't tried this, you should! Helps TREMENDOUSLY with body image issues.
10) I'm really excited to meet some new friends here!

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1/4/12 2:26 P

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I am grabbing a second turn, because I must:

1. I have survived a major job shift at work ...
2. My schedule is still packed...
3. I have discovered that the practice of dancing The Five Rhythms, Gabrielle Roth's system of ecstatic dance, has kept me practicing yoga - not that I'd ever approached it due to its faddishness ..
4. It will soon be 5 years of regular yoga practice for me; I've devised my own vinyasa yoga-pilates fusion system, which I call Soft 2 Be Strong, and I've been practicing it at home alone (this practice may have commercial potential after my soul has left this Earth) since November 2008 ... I'd had a regular, lengthy self-practice for over a year before then, but it had not coalesced ..
5. I love watching movies, and learn some of my life lessons from books ..
6. I have had some recent experiences in theatregoing which I now miss, but I can't afford them ... I feel the pulsing vibrations of availability of great theatre, though, living as I do in New York City ...
7. New York City rocks, even for me ... short on time and short on money
8. I feel abundant
9. I now practice yoga also through online downloads ...
10. I need to feel active in some way ... but I don't have the kind of lifestyle that supports it.

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1/4/12 1:24 A

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1. I have practiced yoga for 20 years. My practice fell off and my weight came on after a major car accident
2. I am owned by a bossy cat who also loves yoga
3. I am a scientist
4. I love history and love to go on museum - historic site road trips
5. I enjoy writing
6. I enjoy painting
7. I love to cook
8. I used to practice Vinyasa as well as Iyengar Yoga.
9. I am currently practicing Iyengar Yoga along with Pilates.
10. I am starting to explore Kundalini Yoga


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12/29/11 5:31 P

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1. 29 years old
2. I live alone with my two birds
3. I practice yoga for the physical aspects of it mainly by watching yoga dvds on netflix.
4. I sing and play the flute
5. I have a BA in psychology
6. I like to write stories
7. My favorite author is Nora Roberts, especially when writing under the name J.D. Robb
8. I'm currently applying to gradschool
9. I work in a daycare.
10. I prefer to practice flowing sequences in yoga rather than focusing on particular poses.

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12/26/11 7:26 A

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I'm kunju and new to posting on the board....trying to take one right step every day.
10 things about me
-40yrs old
-Live in the sunny southwest
-Love hatha yoga
-DVDs exposure to yoga
-Goal for 2012- 365days of yoga even if only for 5 -10 minutes
-Scoliosis working on better alignment
-Cooking is blissful
-Echo-friendly lifestyle
-Ayurveda is my way of life
-Book fiend, the library is my 2nd home:)

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12/22/11 10:09 A

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10 Things About Me

1. I'm new to sparkpeople
2. I prefer Bikram (Hot) yoga to other styles of yoga - although I love them all
3. My goal for 2012 is to participate in the 30 day Challenge for Bikram Yoga
4. I'm 27 years old (soon to be 28)
5. I live with my boyfriend and our two cats; Lunchbox and Zoey
6. I have difficulty choosing the healthier option
7. I have my BA in Psychology and work as a Legal Assistant
8. I am going to be starting a new job at a new firm in 2012 and I'm both excited and nervous
9. I like bubble baths
10. I am learning to be more forgiving and to focus on the positives

I'm focusing on 5lbs at a time until I reach my goal!

~Dont' trade what you want most for what you want at this moment~

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11/13/11 4:02 A

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10 things about me

1. I am a yoga instructor
2. I used to be a Scuba instructor
3. I love to travel
4. I am multi cultural
5. I speak 4 languages fluently
6. I am adventurous
7. I am a body builder
8. I have 2 beautiful cats
9. I live on a topical island
10. I lve to be surrounded by nature

"Quando vôce quer alguma coisa, todo Universo conspira que vôce realize seu desejo."

"When you really want something, the entire Universe will conspire to fullfil your desire".
Paulo Coelho

Bumbum booty bootcamp, team (leader) Come work your booty with me!

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9/2/11 8:17 P

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Hi, I'm Pen, here are my 10 things:

1. Married 30 years this year.
2. 4 great children, 2 girls, out of the house, 2 boys still living at home, youngest in HS.
3. Work at the VA.
4. Love to read, audiobooks are great in the car.
5. Have 2 rescue dogs, corgi mix, very cute and loving, brother and sister.
6. Just celebrated my Mother's 90th birthday, she goes to the gym 3 times a week!
7. Have had difficulty finding exercise I enjoy, yoga makes me feel energized, relaxed and peaceful all at the same time.
8. My other hobbies are redecorating my house (drives my Husband crazy) and gardening.
9. I enjoy cooking, and eating too, always looking for healthy, tasty recipes.
10. Time to get back to SP and get busy!

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8/25/11 9:50 A

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Hi everyone!

1. My name is Ally, although I also go by Elphy.
2. I'm new to the group and to yoga.
3. I'm a geek and play a lot of video games, mainly World of Warcraft. (lol)
4. I was to have a better mindset and positive outlook on life.
5. I'm engaged to my best friend, we plan to get married June 2013.
6. I want to be healthier. (Meaning food intake, positive outlook, and toning muscles.)
7. I take my first Yoga class next week, and I'm very excited.
8. I'm 24 years old.
9. I went to college to study theatre but Im now working as a cake decorator at Carvel (temptation everywhere).
10. I have two dogs and a cat that interrupt every single yoga dvd i try to do.

Goals and Rewards:

Complete the c25k program- get a foot analysis and new running shoes [complete]

Complete the Supreme 90 Day dvd set- Pedicure!

Complete the Spartan Sprint- Get a sweet Chicked tank top and/or shorts! [complete]

5 Pullups- Undecided

Finish the Spartan Sprint in under 2 hours- my fiance and I will be getting matching spartan tattoos!

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7/7/11 11:35 P

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1. I'm a writer.
2. I'm always anxious to get from A to B and am working on just enjoying the journey.
3. I love yoga, but sometimes feel to fat to do some of the poses.
4. I loved to read and read about 80 books a year.
5. I graduated college in May.
6. I'm anxious to find a full-time job, since I've always believed that your life doesn't begin until you're completely done with school and making a living for yourself.
7. My boyfriend is overweight too and he's the reason that I'm trying so hard to lose weight.
8. I am currently obsessed with watching Eat, Pray, Love and also enjoyed the book.
9. I'm looking for a SparkBuddy to keep me in line and would love someone from Yoga As A Way of Life to buddy up with me.
10. I've lost 3.5lbs already and feel great.


"I believe that life is a prize, but to live doesn't mean you're alive." - Nicki Minaj

"Choose the long-term, sacrificing the short." - Seth Godin

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7/7/11 12:57 P

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10: I'm 23 years old I have not worked out regularly since high school.
9: I have walked on my toes all my life which makes certain yoga poses difficult and running hurts without the right support.
8: I survived off fast food, little water consumption, and laziness. I worked long days and had lots of school work.
7: I am training in School Psychology and Behavior Analysis.
6: I began meditating at 17 years old.
5: My family is of Puerto Rican and Colombian/Lebanese decent and I do not speak Spanish very well.
4: I just began my yoga practice and have been using it as a motivation and goal for my life. (i.e. maybe even be an instructor one day!)
3: I believe that everything must be in balance (I try to stay away from extremes in all areas of my life)
2: I moved back home for grad school and I love not having to pay bills, cook, or clean too often.
1: I'm new to Spark People

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6/18/11 9:09 P

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10 Things about myself

1: I am new to SparkPeople

2: I am a college senior emoticon
3: I don't eat fast food emoticon , or drink soda emoticon and haven't for years.
4: I love all things small and furry, especially bunnys emoticon , dogs emoticon and cats emoticon
5: I am working to practice yoga on a more regular basis, right now it is sporadic emoticon
6: I have spent some time in both Turkey and Spain, and I want to go to New Zealand emoticon
7: I'm afraid of heights and bees emoticon
8: I try to live as holistic and eco-friendly as possible (minus number 9) emoticon
9: I love taking long showers

10: No matter how hard I try, I am never on time for anything emoticon

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6/13/11 8:50 P

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Hi all! New Spark person and wannabe yogi
1. I just started doing yoga regularly 2 weeks ago.
2. I have a fun dog, a mean cat, and a sweet outside stray cat.
3. I'm really digging these 8hr days at work.
4. I hate the hot weather but live in Texas, go figure?
5. I don't believe in diets after an exaustive trial of all known to man.
6. I hate cleaning house.
7. I enjoy almost all movies, especially really bad ones.
8. Scrubs can be dangerous for body awareness emoticon You know they come with a drawstring.
9. I would have Samantha Brown's job on the travel channel if I could figure out how.
10. I love to cook and food that is good for you can taste awesome!

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5/19/11 12:10 P

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10 Things about me

1. I have two wonderful cats Chestnut and Leela(Leela is in my profile)

2. I have a wonderful husband who went to the same school as me

3. I am very creative, knitting, crocheting, painting and sewing and playing piano

4. I do Zumba twice a week

5. I am adopted

6. I am ADD

7. Love working out in the swimming pool. Love the water

8. Heading to lose 40 pounds

9. I wear GRUMPY shirts ALOT. LOL

10. I do something with my mom once a week

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5/2/11 10:52 P

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emoticon 10 things about me emoticon

emoticon Glad to be apart of The Sparkpeople site.

emoticon I like exercising and finishing my routine.

emoticon I have a small in-home mini gym.

emoticon I like being positive and happy.

emoticon I need to lose 100 pounds, my goal is 130.

emoticon I am scared of stray dogs when walking the track.

emoticon I have no immediate friends interested in losing weight.

emoticon I like shopping at consignment stores.

emoticon I am working on better eating habits and I love a good salad.

emoticon I am looking for friends to share my journey with sparkpeople.


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4/25/11 8:33 P

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Newbie here, hello all!

1. I love to be creative - sewing, painting, knitting, book-binding, etc...
2. I love to travel. My top to places that I want to go are India & Peru.
3. I'm not much of a gardener, but I know the names of lots of flowers.
4. I believe that happiness has to do more with conscious choice that with external factors.
5. I love to shop at thrift stores.
6. Spark has reconnected me with my love of walking & hiking. emoticon
7. Yoga helped me survive the process of getting divorced & be able to smile again.
8. Artichokes are my favorite vegetable.
9. If I could have a super-power, my top choice would be teleportation, but I would also settle for being able to breathe under water. emoticon
10. I'm a perpetual work-in-progress.

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3/21/11 9:36 P

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Here are ten things about me:

* I love to entertain and share great food and conversation with friends in my home.
* I'm married to a man that makes Prince Charming look like a deadbeat!
* I've taught young children for over 20 years.
* I have a children' book collection that would probably rival our public library's.
* I have one daughter - a teenager - enough said:)
* I am new to yoga and am finding myself absolutely enchanted.
* I love to golf.
* I enjoy cross country skiing in the winter and feel blessed to live in an area with beautifully groomed trails.
* I love to travel but have not ventured to far beyond the U.S. bounds - Mexico and Canada are as adventurous as I've been.
*I am most appreciative of the support I find here at SPARK!

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2/18/11 9:36 P

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Hi my name is Heather, I am excited to be a part of this team.

Here are my ten things
1. I am approaching 35 and still cant believe it!!
2. I am a hairstylist and a Redken Artist
3. I am obsessed with Yoga, I have only been practicing about 4 months
4. I love to travel
5. I love music and art
6. I have an amazing family
7. One year ago I decided to "disobey fear" and my life has exploded because of it.
8. I love to kayak
9. I am obsessed with shoes
10. I am truly happy

"Just remember, you can do anything once you have practiced it 200 times."

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2/16/11 12:15 P

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Hi: I am returning to SparkPeople after a year-long hiatus. I am interested in learning about and practicing yoga, and this team looks like it can teach me a lot. Here are some facts about me:
1) I retired in November from a large corporation after 30+ years.
2) My two focus areas for 2011 are my health and my home.
3) I LOVE to travel.
4) My favorite city in the world is Paris.
5) I struggle with self-discipline.
6) I love to read and probably spend too much time doing it, to the detriment of other activities.
7) My long-term goal is to lose 40 pounds, but my first milestone is to lose 15 pounds by April 1.
8) I live about 30 miles outside of New York City, but grew up in the midwest. I really like the northeast.
9) I am too much of a pack rat, and am trying to simplify my life in all ways.
10) I enjoy learning new things.

I look forward to being part of this team.


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.
- Aristotle

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2/9/11 7:53 A

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Welcome MRSTN123 and Peggy!

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2006: 215 lbs at my highest weight
2010: 194 lbs at the start of SP
August 2010: 180 lbs
December 2nd: 190.5 (10 1/2 lb gain)
December 7: 189.6
December 15: 187
January 4th: 190

May every step I take lead me to where I want to be.

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2/8/11 11:19 P

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HI - My name is Peggy.. Ten things about me
1) I am fairly new to SP and am just dabbling in finding support and new friends from Spark Teams
2) I live on a lake in New Hampshire
3) I love yoga and the "mind body" connection it gives to me
4) I enjoy Kirtan and am fortunate to have a person who does it twice a month in my town
5) I am the mother of two adult children- a daughter ( lives in Ma) and a son( lives in Wa state)
6) Partnered to an energetic male who starts every day with 90 minutes of exercise- running , snow shoeing,bicycling or what ever fits the season best
7) I work full time as a nurse in a family health center
8) with any luck I will be retired or semi retired in 7 years and will be healthy enough to continue enjoying the things I love to do ( Hiking,kayaking,biking,walking,swimming.. )
9) I love gardening - have a small vegetable garden and several flower gardens
10) I build awesome rock walls FOR FUN!! I am working on one at my community church.. if the snow ever melts here in NH - I hope to complete it in the spring emoticon

Peggy from New Hampshire

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2/5/11 10:46 P

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My ten things seem to change week to week. But, currently,...
1. I am a baby boomer. Happily married for 36 years.
2. Im an elementary teacher. 2 more years to go.
3. Im mom to college students.Brilliant, funny, and fun.
4. I like to garden, craft, sew, decorate, read.Can't stand modern style-Im cottage.
5. I love Namaste Yoga on Fit TV.(Saving up for the DVD)
6. I love learning about herbs, vitamins, the mind.
7. I like reading the Personal Journal in the WSJ.
8. I can't take criticism.Im all about praise.
9. I want everyone to like me.
10. I don't lke cheesy reality tv shows. But, I love NCIS and Turner Classic Movies. emoticon

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1/27/11 7:02 A

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Hi and welcome Lara!

2006: 215 lbs at my highest weight
2010: 194 lbs at the start of SP
August 2010: 180 lbs
December 2nd: 190.5 (10 1/2 lb gain)
December 7: 189.6
December 15: 187
January 4th: 190

May every step I take lead me to where I want to be.

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1/27/11 5:54 A

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Hi. My name is Lara and I started Vinyasa yoga about 4 months ago. I love it and it helps me to find some balance in my life :) 10 things about me:

1. I grew up in California
2. I now live in Marlow, England
3. I am married and have a lovely little boy
4. I work full time but have a flexi schedule so I can be home when my son has finished school.
5. I am 42
6. I love to write fiction and would love to be a published author some day
7. I love interior design
8. I like being busy and sociable but need to recharge with time on my own
9. I would like to reduce my stress levels as I often feel pulled in a million directions
10. I run a group to support parents of children with very severe allergies

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1/19/11 7:47 A

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2006: 215 lbs at my highest weight
2010: 194 lbs at the start of SP
August 2010: 180 lbs
December 2nd: 190.5 (10 1/2 lb gain)
December 7: 189.6
December 15: 187
January 4th: 190

May every step I take lead me to where I want to be.

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1/18/11 7:26 P

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I am new to sparkpeople and trying to get some friends and find some good active teams. Here are ten other things about me.

1. I am back in college, changing careers and loving it. Will have a PhD in the end.
2. My old career involved living out of my Subaru and traveling from job to job every four to six months studying wildlife. The most accurate title I ever heard for this job was "gypsy scientist"
3. I am (eeek) turning 30 this year
4. I practice yoga and run. I think they are yin and yang.
5. I knit and crochet
6. I have been skiing since I was 3
7. I love being outside in all seasons, esp with my dogs
8. I love to travel and want to do more of it
9. I have a tattoo of a platypus on my arm
10. My favorite city I have ever lived in is Austin Texas. I love mountains too much to stay there permanently though.

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1/17/11 5:26 P

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~ Hari OM! ~

~ I am a long term Integral Yogi who loves finding this group with others who live yoga off the mat too.

~ I am a Reiki Master Practitioner (have not done my teaching level) who self treats every day.

~ I volunteer my Reiki for rescue cats and protected cows.

~ By the time I reach my goal weight, I will have lost half my body weight. I have a spine injury that complicates it, but I am doing it!

~ I am happily married.

~ I recently read The Gargoyle and really enjoyed it, and I'm currently fascinated with Twelve By Twelve: A One-Room Cabin Off the Grid and Beyond the American Dream.

~ I keep a handwritten journal of spiritual quotes.

~ I wear two pendants every day ~ a yoga yantra and a small silver Ganesh.

~ My meditation practice is as necessary to me as breathing.

~ I am a dual U.S./Canadian citizen.

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1/9/11 9:58 A

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Am a wife, happily married for 29 years as of Jan 21st.
Am a mother of three terrific sons!
Am a sister - by birth, by marriage and by heart to many.
Was co-leader (on the home front) of a military family for 26 years, until my husband retired from it three years ago.
Am Canadian and love it.
Love yoga.
Love being a Freelance Writer.
Believe in the energy a rock possesses and that being one with nature can only make my spirit grow.
Meditate to open my mind and heart to the truth within, and to the lessons I need to learn.
Believe in surrounding myself with positive energy to heal and stay healthy, to grow rather than stagnate.

2006: 215 lbs at my highest weight
2010: 194 lbs at the start of SP
August 2010: 180 lbs
December 2nd: 190.5 (10 1/2 lb gain)
December 7: 189.6
December 15: 187
January 4th: 190

May every step I take lead me to where I want to be.

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12/13/10 3:21 P

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Hi everyone! I've been on this team for a while now, but I really want to start being more involved. Here's a few things about me. I hope to get to know all of you in the future.

1. I used to practice yoga nearly every day. There are many reasons why I stopped by I'm ready to continue on my journey now.
2. I was raised in both the DC area and Eastern Kentucky. I feel very fortunate to have both an urban and rural upbringing.
3. I'm an admin at a wastewater facility.
4. I live with my boyfriend and another couple which can make life difficult.
5. Alongside English, I speak Spanish and Hungarian. I'm working on French right now.
6. I fancy myself a creative type although I don't spend nearly enough time creating things.
8. I identify myself as a secular humanist, but I'm very much interested in spirituality and religion for their community and ritual components.
9. I've been with my bf for 6 years now. We come from different cultures and in some ways that makes us stronger. In others, well, it doesn't.
10. I love people, but I need lots of alone time.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!!!

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11/18/10 11:59 A

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Hello! I've just joined this group today, and I look forward to getting to know everyone.

1. I have been developing my hatha yoga practice at home now for about three years.
2. I am happily married with four children.
3. I am vegetarian (lacto-ovo).
4. I am a photographer.
5. I am 6'1" tall (which will be much nicer when I lose weight!) emoticon
6. I love to study the writings of Thich Nhat Hanh.
7. I knit and crochet; I love creativity.
8. I am afraid of aging.
9. I need to improve taking responsibility for my health and happiness.
10. I am a very open person as well as a good listener.


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11/13/10 6:24 A

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1. My name is Chelsea and I was born in Puerto Rico.
2. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida and have for 6.5 years.
3. I am Mormon and Jesus is the light of my life.
4. I have 2 cats, Lucy and Baby, who bring love and fun to my life.
5. Some of my hobbies are reading, music (listening, singing and playing the guitar), walking, photography, going online, being with friends and family, learning new things, creative writing and watching movies.
6. I am single with no living children.
7. I am new to yoga and can't wait to get started.
8. I have had multiple sclerosis for 25 and I am not suppose to be able to walk but I do. emoticon
9. I am a people-person and can't wait to make new friends here.
10. I have been with SP for 3.5 months and just love it! I am learning SO much and making lots of friends.

IMBN_HEALTHY: I read your entry since it is the last one and I think it is great that you have a wonderful family. PLUS, I used to live in Utah and Idaho and I truly miss the beautiful mountains you are talking about.

Have a good day, everyone! emoticon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) (Largo Public Library)
(Guardian ad litem program) Let's stop child abuse.
(Patients Like Me)

LEADER of "Sparking with Multiple Sclerosis"


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10/27/10 11:48 A

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Hello Everyone. Just joined this team today and am looking forward to meeting you all.

1. I am a proud Canadian
2. I am a 54-yr-old mother of 2 (27 and 25)
3. I am happily married to my guy for 31 years
4. My passion is art. I paint in acrylics and soft pastel.
5. I have taken Kundalini, and loved it, but felt I wasn't quite advanced enough for it, so will return to Hatha until I am a bit more fit.
6. I live in the foothills of the Rockies in Alberta - wide open spaces and incredible skies.
7. I believe there is so much more to this life than what we'see'.
8. I now feel that I am on track to a better, healthier life, with much thanks to Sparkpeople!
9. I have studied Classical Feng Shui.
10. I have my Reiki Level 1 and 2.

Nobody trips over mountains. It is the small pebble that causes you to stumble. Pass all the pebbles in your path and you will find you have crossed the mountain. ~Author Unknown

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9/26/10 5:26 P

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Hi everyone! I'm not really new here but haven't been on SP in ages and just recently started doing yoga more often again, so here are my 10 things:

1. I'm a German national but grew up in lots of different countries (Brazil, Japan, Portugal)
2. I have 2 kids, 8 (girl) & 5 (boy) + 2 furry kids (cats)
3. I'm vegetarian due to ethical reasons
4. I quit smoking a few months ago and still miss it sometimes emoticon
5. Love reading (suspense/thriller, paranormal, chick lit)
6. Leslie Sansone is my favorite cardio instructor; next to Ellen Barrett
7. I'm happily married to a US Navy man since 9 years
8. I love nature; especially rolling hills & forrests
9. I recently discovered Kundalini yoga (Ravi Singh & Ana Brett) and love how it makes me feel!
10. I'm somewhat of a loner; loving my own 4 walls and solitude.
Sat Nam! emoticon


My blog

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8/28/10 11:10 P

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1. I love nature
2. I am new to yoga but been practicing a little here and there.
3. love to meditate
4. team leader at daily challenge
5. love learning new things ( share your info, lol)
6. love brain games
7. love animals ( have 2 cats)
8. love turbo kick class at gym and even though I work out on a ragular basis the weight wont move emoticon
9. I can write equally with both hands
10. happily married 16 yrs with one son.

and I quit smoking 9 years ago, hubby quit 8 years ago.

Edited by: HARPERLADY at: 8/28/2010 (23:12)
( only those who risk going to far know how far they can go)

self control is knowing you can and deciding you wont

the only thing you can't do what you dont think you can do!!!!!.
co- leader of "The Secret"

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8/27/10 11:09 A

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1.My name is Faye
2.I was born and raised in the Atlanta, GA Metro area.
3.I love ALL kinds of music
4.I love to sing, primarily with my church and occassionally around the city
5.I finally graduated from Georgia State University in 09 at the ripe old age of 32(lol)
6.I am single with no children. I would love to be married, but not sure I want to have children naturally, BUT I do want to adopt
7.Almost a year ago I cut my hair off to grow it out without chemicals, it's called a BC for Big Chop
8.I love and adore my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and daily srive to live according to His will.
9.I work in the Insurance industry, but am looking to get into the Non-Profit arena
10.I love to read

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8/21/10 11:06 A

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1. My name is Deb
2. I am a financial analyst full time
3. I am a grad student full time
4. I've been married for 13 yrs
5. I'm 39 years old
6. I need to lose 20 pounds
7. I smoke and hate that I smoke
8. I just found yoga and love the peace it brings me
9. I joined SP in July and love the people I've met
10.I enjoy reading

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8/11/10 11:42 P

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Z from Beaverton, OR (PST)

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8/10/10 2:16 P

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Hi, I’ve just joined this team and hope to join in here regularly.
Here are my ten things
1. I’m a 58 years old married male from England UK
2. I love Yoga for the stillness it can bring to my life
3. I joined Sparkpeople in Feb of this year
4. I couldn’t do a single press-up without collapsing back in Feb
5. Today I did 32 press-ups without stopping (done in 45 seconds)
6. I used to practice Yoga and feel it’s time to start again
7. My favourite pose is the shoulder stand which I have always found easy, and I love it for the way it clears my mind.
8. I practiced Yoga Nidra every day for at least six months along time ago, it must have been in the 1980’s (all of a sudden I feel old Haha)
9. My favourite books of all time are Susan Jeffers book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” and Eknath Easwaran’s “Original Goodness” and Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Miracle in The World” because all 3 have changed me for the better.
10. I have a long way still to go and it’s wonderful.

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8/8/10 4:00 A

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10 things:
1. I have a 2 year old American Eskimo dog named Juneau. She is very protective and a very loud barker. I love her but my kids think she is spoiled.
2. I have 6 adult children.
3. I am a Registered Nurse
4. I work mostly night shift (MN-8:30 am)and find it hard to get enough continuous sleep.
5. I have a garden which currently is growing 37 tomato plants (among other things).
6. I am addicted to Fage 2% Greek Yogurt. I MUST have it every day.
7. I try to do a yoga routine when I first wake up (after a trip to the bathroom).
8. I love reading, quilting, knitting and gardening.
9. I also play the piano and drums, self taught, not very well, but love it anyway.
10.I love trees and the moon.

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7/27/10 5:29 A

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Hi my name is Beka and here are my 10 things:

1) I currently live in Shanghai, China.

2) I love to cook have worked in kitchens for over 9 years holding all sorts of positions from dishwasher to executive chef and went to culinary school.

3) Despite the fact that cooking and food are my passions I am currently a Kindergarten English teacher...

4) I love the beach and the ocean and look forward to the day when I can move back toward the shore.

5) I think for whatever reason that I am better suited for this side of the planet (Asia/Australia). I just feel better about things here, even on the rough days.

6) I am really trying to stay motivated to practice yoga often (eventually everyday). It helps keep me sane and stable.

7) I'm trying to learn Mandarin Chinese, although most days its slow going.

8) My favorite color is Blue.

9) I wish I had a dog. And someday when I move to a country I will be in long term I will probably get one.

10) I really want to learn how to surf.

Wow it was harder to come up with 10 things that I thought it would be. But anyway hello out there! If there is anyone else who is also having a hard time staying/getting motivated and wants to connect send me a message and maybe we can help each other out!

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7/27/10 5:11 A

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I swear this isn't just some sort of shameless plug! I also am strapped for cash but like taking yoga classes. I stumbled on a place called its about $10 a month and you have unlimited access to all of their videos. They have a lot of physiology type informational videos on there too. Plus a section of pilates videos. SO for about the cost of 1 new DVD every month you can have access to thousands of classes and tons of information about proper form and the physiology behind the moves. Plus I currently live in China so picking up a new DVD that is in English ... would be a small miracle! And I love that there are thousands of classes on there to stream. I have several yoga DVD's but I never seem to want to do them, this way I can keep my practice fresh or replay workouts I know I liked. Hope you found this helpful!

7/20/10 8:27 P

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Hi Everyone! I'm Kerri and here are my ten things:

1. I love dogs. I love all animals actually, but dogs have a special place in my heart. I am an active rescuer and I have 4 dogs of my own (and a pot bellied pig).
2. I am also a novice runner with plans to run 2 5k's in October and walk a half marathon in November.
3. It is my personal goal to try to get better every day.
4. My favorite colors are deep blue and hot pink, although everyone guesses that it's black.
5. I have three jobs. I work in IT by day, teach for Univ of Phoenix by night and I run a small pet sitting business locally. I don't really enjoy my day job and I am actively seeking alternatives.
6. I love summer fruits.
7. I love herbal teas.
8. I am coming to realize that all of those things that I want to be... I already am.
9. One of my favorite songs is 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You.'
10. I am a sucker for nachos, chili fries and hot fudge sundae's.



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"Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don't have to like it... it's just easier if you do." Byron Katie

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