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Psoriasis Support

A Guide to Posting in Your SparkTeam Forum

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TOPIC:   Introductions: Read before Posting. 

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KOKEEF71's Photo Posts: 49
1/1/12 9:02 P

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Hi my name is Kelly and I have PA, diagnosed about a year after after having my daughter, first started with MTX and now on combination therapy with Humaria. Makes life interesting being a single mom! I have steroids to thank for 30 pounds that I have added to my life, but its time to make a change and get rid of that along with the bab weight I've been holding onto for the last 4 years,

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WANNABESKINNYME's Photo Posts: 3,956
11/26/11 12:39 A

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I'm Deanna aka Wannabeskinnyme,
I have decided that the government should figure out how to induce psoriasis on criminals, slightly wet it and not allow them to touch the spots as a form of torture. Just kidding. I do however consider my psoriasis torture. I have it on my scalp and inside my ears. In the summertime, it is mostly about my ears and around the backside of my head. This time of year it is my entire scalp. Occasionally it will creep onto my forehead and into my eyebrows. I find it exceptionally embarrassing, horribly uncomfortable and hate that I am fat and can't wear dark colors (think black). I have tried lotions, shampoos, conditioners, oils and Enbrel. I had success with Enbrel but it caused a blister on my retina and quite honestly, I would rather be horribly uncomfortable and embarrassed than to lose my sight. I do what I can to cope with it but sometimes (particularly now) is it just off the hook awful. I am unwilling to take steroids for this but do have to note that over the spring I was having a bad bout with my asthma and had no choice but to take them. Surprise-they really worked. As soon as I was off, within 2-4 weeks, it was all back. I am really interested in the Barney's treatment and would like to know what anyone else out there uses and has found success. I am very low carb (by product is gluten free)and have not found that to be particularly helpful. I have a belief that allergies, asthma and psoriasis all go hand in hand. I am also willing to suggest that alcohol/carbohydrate addiction are also in that mix. I am not an alcoholic, but I am an adult child of an alcoholic and I have a carbohydrate addiction. From what I have learned, alcoholism and carbs go hand in hand. So, I am looking to you for suggestions and help. Just to help you understand how strongly I feel about this, I was planning to shave my head (because I think that the moisture that is held in the hair can contribute to psoriasis) until I saw someone who has it really bad on his scalp. He shaves his head and it appears to not help one little bit. I also have problems with Keloidal scarring and think that is also part of the psoriasis. Talk to me!

Think twice, speak once.

Remember, it could always be worse.

Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live.

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EILEEN828's Photo Posts: 427
3/5/11 5:55 A

EILEEN828's SparkPage
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Hello all,
I have psoriasis on my palms and soles of feet, and a spot on my scalp. I first had it as a child around 10 years old,but luckily it was only a round spot on both my knees that went away on their own. It wasn't until as an adult I developed it first on my scalp hidden by my hair that I finally got it diagnosed by a doctor. Later it developed on my feet but got that to go away with topicals.
Then after several years it came back and was now on hands and the feet again. This time the topicals weren't working so I happened across a book in the bookstore about healing it naturally. Which is what I'm doing now. It finally gives true insight into the problem and I believe it will work because it has so well, so far. However, this is by no means a quick fix and I expect many more months of applied effort before my body finally heals enough to make the psoriasis symptoms go away for good. Luckily, since this diet I now follow is a lifestyle changer that also works to make you lose weight, I get to kill two birds with one stone.
Now, whenever I lose a pound or two it makes my skin flare again with all the toxins that had been release from my fat stores. Thankfully it is short lived, plus I'm learning ways to keep my body more alkaline and reduce the scope of the flare. When I look at my skin and see it getting so close to being normal, I think I've turned the corner but then the weight loss triggers another round and I know that I 'm going to pay the price of getting out this very slowly. Just like how I got into it.
Psoriasis is caused by weakened intestinal walls allowing toxins to be rerouted through your body instead of being eliminated out of it. The body stores it away for the liver to get to it when it can, and the skin is forced into doing back up for the liver since this toxic state is calling for desperate measures. So why wasn't the liver doing its job? Well actually it has, and still is, but it has been overwhelmed. By what you ask? In my case, I factor in several things: as a child I was a downwinder of the Hanford nuclear reservation back in the day when accidental hushed up releases happened. And I used to pick strawberries for a local farmer who had a huge crew of kids working for them every summer, and of course many a pesticide ridden berry never made it to the berry flat.
As an adult I had two major sources. One was my job, I managed a clothing store that was subsequently determined by the state has having unlawful amounts of formaldehyde and other chemicals laden in the textiles and packaging they were shipped in. I worked there for 14 years. The other main source, to which many of you can probably relate to, is that I drank alcohol and had progressed to the point of drinking several drinks nightly.
When I found out that I would have to stop drinking for this diet, I just sort of tested it to see if it would help. Since it very clearly did help my psoriasis clear, I decided to stick with it for the duration. Since I did go through what I determined after the fact, an alcohol detox I decided to research it on the internet. I found out that the liver considers alcohol to be so heinous a poison that it will put on hold all other normal eliminations until the alcohol is eliminated first. So you can see that drinking nightly caused my body to not be allowed to normally process all its toxins. It was forced to use the above mentioned backups, namely the skin and the fat cells.
So now you see why this is going to take awhile, I have at least a 100 lbs to lose. And it's not going to come off my body without a fight because now I have a weakened digestive system that is going to take a while to heal all the way. The good news is that hallelujah, I found the solution and even if it's going to take awhile I know that it is working and I'm simply going to have to do 'penance' for all my alcoholic 'sins'. There is a good deal more to this diet than just stopping drinking though, and so far the steps I've taken have proved they work.
Also, my husband and I have taken to exercising regularly and he really helps to motivate me to keep at it. So far I've lost about 12 to 13 pounds and lost about six to eight inches all around. We walk, attend the gym, and bike ride. My other big motivator now for losing weight is my psoriasis. Right when I'm about to get lax with what I've got to do, I get reminded what this for, in a very painful and itchy way. I'm going to do this because I want to die of old age, not crash and burn. I want my life to be as fresh and young and healthy as I can make it. Sorry this is such a long introduction, I get caught up in the excitement of retelling it to people. It also helps to remotivate me and put the plan more clearly in my minds eye. I'll get off the podium now, before I start to wax lyrical. Oops, too late. ;)

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Posts: 33
7/14/10 8:45 A

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Hi Kris ~ Welcome and thank you so much for responding. You have already inspired me. I have been on Mtx for 5 weeks now and still no improvement. When did you begin to see mtx finally start to kick in gear? I am so hoping that it works. My right knee is so inflammed that all I did was gently turn my body and I tore my medial meniscus. My psoriasis is totally under control with topicals. Looking forward to hearing from you ! Fondly, Janet


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Posts: 19
7/14/10 2:58 A

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I'm Kris, I just joined Spark People recently to see if it helps me get motivated.

To Janet: I've been on MTX for my PA quite successfully. It didn't do as much for my skin as we'd hoped, but it was so successful for my arthritis with limited side effects that my doctor and I agreed to just stay on it for now, and I use topicals for my skin. (My skin improved some, but didn't clear.)

It does take some time for the MTX to really start working - you've had inflammation in your joints going on for a long time, so it takes some time even once you've started on the MTX for that to settle down, particularly since the normal approach is to start with a relatively low dose of MTX and ramp up gradually while monitoring blood tests.

I have some random tips for managing with methotrexate, so feel free to message me or something so I don't clutter up the intro thread. :)

Posts: 33
6/19/10 1:04 A

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Hi everyone ~ My name is Janet and I was just diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.My right knee is so swollen,stiff and painful. After waiting 6 months to get into my rhumatologist we agreed that I would begin metotrexate and folic acid. It has been 5 days and I have minimal side effects. Let's see what the next 3 weeks bring. I have not seen any improvement in my pain and simply keep praying that this mode of tratment work.I have 50 plus lbs to lose and am motivated to continue to reach this goal. I look forward to meeting you on this SP page. I have had psoriasis for 40 yrs, my dad had psoriasis, asthma and arthritis and so it goes...
Has anyone else used methotrexate??


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MISSSTARLET's Photo Posts: 32
9/10/09 7:57 P

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So what you're saying is that you want anyone and everyone who may happen by this page to see my individual name and picture up there on the message board?

If I don't agree to this revealing of my most disgusting shame to each and every potential visitor, so they can point, laugh and wretch, as they do in real life, I am not welcome to introduce myself and have to live in anonymity in your group?

Thanks but no thanks. It's great to know that a skin condition that I have no control over has once again ruined any attempt I may have made to try to reach out and make a friend or gain support for myself. I may as well have tried going to the freaking useless and totally unsympathetic dermatologist with the normal skin again.

Thank you too, for totally trying to control and advertise a persons very personal health condition.

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TOCREATEFIRE's Photo Posts: 62
4/5/09 9:45 A

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Welcome to the group. To help us with some upcoming challenges and some other ideas I have I am going to ask that everyone post their introduction post in an individual post with your Spark Name as the Topic Title. This will let us get to know everyone and help us down the road.

I look forward to getting to know everyone.


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