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7/22/10 12:15 A
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Once again, get the bike shorts. Never in my wildest dreams would I think DH would have me riding all over the county wearing spandex. But I do, and it is so much more comfortable. Shop for sales and get a good pair, they are so worth it. I have ridden a gel seat, and prefer a regular seat with the shorts. Also, make sure your bike fits you well.

We have tandems (road and mountain), but they aren't for everyone. I don't have a type A personality and love riding on the back and taking lots of pictures. We both have road and mountain singles as well, but I prefer the tandem. I never arrive first, but I'm never alone on my rides.


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7/21/10 11:37 P

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Go for the bike shorts. I got bike knickers from Terry. They have them in plus sizes, which is what I needed. I liked the knickers because they're capri-length, and seemed to cover better than shorts do. I'm in love with them.

Believe me, I'm plenty lumpy and bumpy in my 3x pants. I don't care. I'm comfortable and I'm riding. (I actually did a blog on this a few days ago.)

I wonder if the style of bike makes a difference in terms of the comfort of the seat. I have a comfort bike, on which I sit fairly upright. There's more weight on my tailbone and "sitting bones." The seat is fairly wide. I've ordered a new one from Terry that looks about as wide, but also looks like it has a recess for the tailbone, which is what has been getting most sore on me.

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7/20/10 3:10 P

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Cycling shorts are better than bigger seats. Seems counter intuitive but bigger seats are not more comfortable the more miles you have under you.

When I started cycling with my husband, many, many years ago, we realized right from the start I was NOT a back seat rider. It takes a certain personality to want to release all control to a captain. Tandems are not for everyone. My husband and I are both type A personalities. We didn't get tandems till we had kids and we both got to be captains. We stopped riding tandems when the kids could ride solo on the long rides.

Since you and your husband have very different levels of cycling experience, he has to be willing to slow down for you without being condescending, by this I mean, he rides ahead and as soon as you catch up he takes off. This can be demoralizing for the less experienced rider and see people do it all time. You have to be willing to push yourself harder than if you were riding solo.

The only other advice I have is ride the same type of bikes (road, mountain bike or hybrid, touring). Each of these has different uses but it is easier to ride together if the bikes are comparable types. Also I would absolutely never ever put the stronger rider on the better bike there is a reason for the price differences in terms of comfort and performance. You will find it more enjoyable if you take steps to minimize the items that keep you both from riding together.

If you both want to make this a joint activity it takes compromise on both sides. I can say when we first started out my husband was a far stronger rider and we are now roughly equal.

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7/19/10 2:21 P

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I've recently retaken up biking too. I am really enjoying it and currently can outpace my husband (which to me is quite an accomplishment as he is 6'3" 185, while I am 5'2" 210 (248 at the beginning of the year)). I am having the same problem as you though and have been suggested bike shorts w/padding. I have yet to find any anywhere that will fit me. Unfortunately, I'm still a bit (quite a bit) over a size 16 which is the largest size I can find. Here's hoping you can find some that will work for you.

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7/18/10 2:31 P

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I found cycle shorts that have a "baggy" shorts overlay. They have all the padding in the inside but look like regular shorts on the outside. They also have nice cargo style velcro pockets to store things in. Only paid about $40 at my local bike shop.
My DD who is very inactive (shes 11) just started biking for the 1st time. We got her a nice hybrid Trek bike for about $330. 1st ride was 4 miles but she loves it! Do what you can, and keep going!

ps: chammois buttr or ho ha cream is a MUST!

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7/5/10 10:15 A

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Just do it!

My husband started biking and I figured it would be something we could do together. He's not a fanatic, although he often bikes an extra day each week and sometimes goes farther than I do, so it's fun. Yesterday I surprised him by suggesting a longer ride. We made it!

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7/1/10 3:51 P

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Good for you wanting to be a part of something he loves, I am so glad to hear this from young couples. Keep trying and it will get easier!!


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6/30/10 10:17 P

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also make sure your seat isnt too high. your boyfriend should be able to look at your postioning when you are on the bike and let you know. too high of a seat can lead to xtra discomfort.
too low can lead to some knee pain. your seat can also be angled up or down and also moved foward or back. there are lots of ways to adjust..

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6/30/10 2:59 P

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Try a tandem! Believe me both of you will get a workout. You will have to communicate and learn techniques from him.

Do what the ladies say regarding the shorts, seat, and naughty bits. Men have their own issues and I'm sore too. Been off the bike for spinal surgery and did 12 miles yesterday for the 1st time. My position had to be changed to accommodate the surgery until I gain flexibility, my sits bones are talking to me too.

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6/30/10 12:20 P

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I agree - get cycling shorts and ditch the towel. You will be more uncomfortable with it. You might also want to get some Chamois Butt'r. It's a lubricant that you put on the chamois part of the shorts and will help with newbie chafing.

I think you can also buy baggy styled shorts (mountain bike clothes) if you don't like the spandex.

Good for you for starting to ride. It's a great exercise to do with someone special.


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6/30/10 11:37 A

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The handtowel might actually make it more sore and you might end up with rubbing in, ahem, a painful spot.

Go for the shorts - agreed that shebeest are a good product and they're alive to women wanting the benefits of bike shorts without having to show all and everyone their lumps and bumps.

Also key is finding a comfortable saddle and making sure your bike is fit to you properly - any local bike shop (LBS) should be able to help you make a few adjustments (usually for free).

But unfortunately, the first few rides will involve some soreness. Best to work up to it slowly like you are and you'll find that after 3 or so rides you won't be as sore.


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6/30/10 11:24 A

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As much as I felt ridiculous wearing them the first time, padded bike shorts work. I've never tried the gel seats though. I also find my butt toughened up after a while anyways. You can buy padded liner shorts you can wear under baggy shorts if you are concerned about the spandex. The bike shorts are really comfy. Try on a few, if you need to.

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6/30/10 11:24 A

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Go get yourself some cycling shorts. I know, the thought of spandex makes you want to run away. Just do it, makes the biggest difference!
Enjoy your rides! Before you know it, you'll be able to ride 30+miles yourself.
I love the shebeest shorts for women...check out your LBS or go try
Best of luck!!

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6/30/10 11:18 A

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My husband is a cyclist. A full-blown, fully-geared up, spandex clad cyclist. I am his chunky wife. I'm sure people are confused by this when they see us. He's been doing 50 miles or so every Sunday. Anywho, 2 years ago I went for a ride with him (the first time I had done it since I was a kid). I was about 30lbs heavier at the time and didn't make it very far before I said I wanted to turn around and go home. So here I am now. I'm a little lighter and gave it another shot on Monday. We went 4 miles. It wasn't very far but I really enjoyed myself. My legs/thighs are my worst part so I know it's the perfect exercise for me. I'm really excited about it. I want to be able to share something with my husband that he is so passionate about. Weather permitting, we're going to ride Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Hopefully I can go a little farther each time. Only problem is... my bottom has recovered from Monday's ride yet. I think I'm going to put a folded hand towel in my pants today! Are those big squishy gel seats better for beginners?

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