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DRC2205's Photo Posts: 8,845
3/29/10 1:39 P

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I forgot to add that you can't get knowledgeable advice, follow-up services like tune ups, access to biking groups and clubs, etc from big-box stores. You can from your LBS. It is so worth it!

Also, did you join the Multisport team here on Spark? Check my page for my teams, and you'll find it there if you haven't seen it yet. We have some very active members who are duathletes.

DRC2205's Photo Posts: 8,845
3/29/10 1:35 P

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I agree with Kitty that you check check out a few bike shops and see what the have. And that you should test ride a LOT of bikes before you make a decision. But I would not go to Target or Walmart--or any of the big box stores. First of all, the people there who put the bikes together do not know bikes, so they may not be assembled properly. They also do not know fit. On top of that, the bikes are not of the quality that you will want after a ride or two.

I started riding as an adult 11 years ago, on a big-box store bike. And rode twice before I was done. Never wanted to see a bike again. The next season, a friend of mine convinced me to try again, but with help from a local bike store (frequently referred to an LBS). What a difference! Cycling is my favorite part of a traithlon, and I love the sport. I just wish I could have the first season back.

I know sometime cost is an issue. But you can still go to your LBS and asked about used bikes (tons of people upgrade). IMHO, you are better off with a good bike that is a little older than a new Target bike...

KITTY1970's Photo Posts: 5,005
3/28/10 2:39 P

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I would go to a couple different bike shops & see what they say. Then go to super stores a.k.a. Target etc. & see what they have. Good Luck.

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CAROLYN1ALASKA's Photo Posts: 10,698
3/28/10 12:44 A

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I have seen many training programs outlined on for beginning bike racing. I am less familiar with triathlon programs, but I know training programs are available.
You might do an online search for training programs for triathletes and just substitute the swim training for a run or bike program.
Before you buy a bike, you should test ride a lot of them.
There is already an ongoing discussion on this team forum about how and what to pick for an appropriate bike.

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JENNH22's Photo Posts: 21
3/27/10 7:45 P

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Hi, I am interested in training for a duathlon. I am a spinning instructor ready to take my skills outside. What kind of bike should I get, want something no too expensive? What training tips do you have?

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